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Man battles the heat temperature of his room with his trusty fan, as his eyes was getting a little bit tired, he closed his eyes for a moment. Where he then woke up in an unfamiliar environment. And met a person whom they claimed as God. After a brief talk, the God then gave him a system, and you can already guess where he gets reincarnated to... It's already in the title man. PS: If you're expecting a serious story, then this one ain't for you. Tags: Acting, Adventure, Amnesia?, Angels, Anti-Social, Anti Hero MC, Appearance Changes, Artifacts, Assassin, Average-looking MC, Black Belly, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Carefree Protagonist, Crack FanFic, Cheats, Chuunibyou, Cooking, Cowardly MC, Crafting, Crime, Crossover, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Curious MC, Curses, Dao Comprehension, Delusions, Demi-Humans, Demon Lord, Demonic Cultivation Techniques, Dragons, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Fallen Angels, Familiars, Fanfiction, Fast Cultivation, Gambling, Game Elements, God Protagonist, Goddesses/Gods, Heaven, Heavenly Tribulation, Hell, Hiding True ability/Identity, Indecisive MC, Inheritance, Lazy and Lucky MC, Magic, Maids, Male MC ofc, Misunderstanding, Mythology, Naive and Narcissistic Protagonist, Netori, Overpowered, Parody, R-18, R-Word, Reincarnation, Religions, Second Chance, Secretive MC, Skill Assimilation, Souls, Spirits, Yokai, Honestly if you read the entire tags kudos to you, i just wanted to make this longer. I don't own the things that would be mentioned in this fanfic, as well as the cover.

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Fight me

Vile wakes up in an unfamiliar room.

He started to try to recall what happened to him before he slept. And could only remember

that he passed out while talking to the old man before blacking out.

He tried stretching his arms but he felt stiff before he heard a soft moan beside him.

Vile immediately shifted his gaze to the blanket beside him, which he lifted finding a naked gray-haired woman lying beside him.

'Nani!?!? isn't this the nun that I saw back then?' Seeing her bountiful figure, Vile's little brother started to wake up under the blanket.

The woman started to wake up and spoke. "Hello boy, you were great last night." Said in a seductive tone.

'Last night?!?' Vile thought as he couldn't remember anything. 

"Oh, your thing seems like a little excited." She reached her hands towards his abdomen before caressing it seductively.

Which jolted Vile up.








Vile immediately jolted his eyes, finding Vasco Strada had his hands on his abdomen, he thought that Vasco was about to violate him while he was sleeping.

He then tried to punch the old man before the punch would reach Vasco. Vasco caught the fist towards him, which

surprised him as Vile's strength and speed behind his punch were at least at the level of a middle-class devil.

"Vile boy, this is a misunderstanding." Where he let go Vile's fist.

"Old man, there is no misunderstanding when you touch a sleeping person!" Vile looked at him with a disgusting

expression on his face. Not only that he ruined his fun fun dream with the hot nun.

"I was just checking your potential-" Before Vasco could his sentence.

"Nah nah man, I ain't into dirty old men, that shit creeps me out!" He started to square up, against Vasco.

During this time Vasco chose this time to test Vile's strength, where he put on a defensive stance.

[Added Taijutsu to abilities]

[Added Steel Skin to abilities]

[Added Strong arm to traits]

[Added Unyielding to traits]

Vile quickly learned combat abilities and traits he had received earlier from the system.

Vile started to charge at Vasco at full force, where he took the hit as he was slightly repelled back.

Vasco then throws a weak punch at Vile to not accidentally kill him. As Vile quickly crossed his arms to defend himself from the huge fist coming at him, upon contact his face scrunched and was sent flying towards the wall, He then slowly got back at his feet as he wiped his sweat.

"Your body is tough, you have potential." Vasco praised Vile's constitution.

"Yeah, I trained my body for self-defense." Vile waved his hand to blow the dusty air, before squaring up once again.

He doesn't want to get L's this early in the story, even if the person in front of him should belong later in the story.

Hearing the commotion, some exorcists started to circle Vile, seeing Vasco spoke immediately spoke up as the exorcist might misunderstand his little test.

"Stop. The boy didn't do anything suspicious." The exorcist heard Vasco's words and started to back off.

Vasco walked toward Vile who was still squared up, and told him.

"calm down, no need to be tense I was just testing your strength, your strength is abnormal for an ordinary person and, I apologize if I punched you so hard." Vasco apologized to Vile sincerely.

Vile wanted to use Vasco to increase his new abilities as they increased more stats, as situations like this are a rarity since his opponent doesn't want to kill him.

"Fight me, old man." Hearing that Vile insists on fighting him. Vasco reciprocated to him as he started to walk towards Vile.

Vile charged again at Vasco giving him a frontal assault which Vasco was able to easily block all of punches,

before delivering a light punch at Vile which caused him to cough a little blood, as Vile gripped Vasco's arm tightly

right before grabbing into Vasco's head and giving him a knee kick towards his face.

The exorcist seeing this was surprised that a person who looked no older than 20 was able to withstand Vasco's punch.




Vile and Vasco fought on for 30 minutes straight which garnered even more attention from the exorcists, after seeing

Vile kept coming back up like a cockroach not to mention, they felt like he was improving at a rapid pace.

Vile only uses pure brute strength on his way to become Toji. His body was quivering after getting beaten up.

"Boy, I think you should get a rest." Vasco seeing that Vile's body is about to break showed his concern. To which Vile replied.

"Nah, Don't worry. I'd Win this fight." Vile gritted his teeth while smiling. Vasco hearing his reply, thought that he was one of those people that doesn't want to lose.

"Fine. You win Boy." Vasco eventually gave up.

"See I'd win, Heh." Vile smirked at Vasco seeing that he gave up.

Vile then flops down on his back exhausted. Before Vasco ordered the exorcist to assist Vile to rest, which Vile

immediately agreed.





Vile who was alone in the room, added all the remaining abilities and looked at his status, before looking at the info on the new skills and traits.

[Added Flash Step to abilities]

[Added Lucky E to traits]

[Added Natural Cook to abilities]

[Added Language Comprehension to traits]

[Added Gallery Fake to abilities]

[Added Nuclear Magic to abilities]

[ Name: Vile Kuzu (62)

HP: 4970/4970

MANA: 3080/3080

STR: 164 + 0.3x = 213

END: 497

INT: 308

DEX: 243

LUCK: 42




-Breathing: 10(MAX)

-Shadow Magic

-Cleanse Spell

-Flash Step: 1/10

-Taijutsu: 5/10

-Iron Skin: 5/10

-Natural Cook: 1/10

-Gallery Fake 

-Nuclear Magic


-Background Presence

-Strong Arm


-Lucky E

-Language Comprehension


-110x System Dirt

-Rusty Dagger

-1x Coffin Piece

-Chain of a Thousand Miles

-Casull 454 ]

[Cleanse Spell

Info: A spell that can clean clothes.]


Info: The basic form of martial arts techniques.

Origin: Naruto]

[Strong Arm

Info: A trait that increases strength by 30%]


Info: Gains 'Never giving up magic'.

Origin: Anime]

[Lucky E 

Info: Increased chance of accidentally dodging unseen attacks.

Origin: Azur Lane]

[Natural Cook

Info: We need to now!

Origin: Movie? Anime?]

[Language Comprehension

Info: Understand other languages.]

[Gallery Fake (Divine left hand, Demonic Right Hand)

Info: Touch an object with your left hand, could conjure an exact replica of that object with your right hand.

Origin: Hunter x Hunter]

[Nuclear Magic

Info: A magic that mainly focuses on death, destruction, and annihilation.

Origin: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime]

[Rusty Dagger

Info: A very rusty dagger has a chance to apply tetanus.]

[Coffin Piece

Info: Collect 10 pieces to merge into a special coffin.]

[Chain of a Thousand Miles

Info: A kusari, that can extend endlessly as long as one of the other ends isn't to be seen.

Origin: Jujutsu Kaisen]

[Casull 454

Info: A semiautomatic pistol that fires holy-infused ammo with an explosive property.

Origin: Hellsing]


Vile was a little sad that the nuclear magic that he got was not from Eminence in Shadow.





-Chapter End-