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DxD: Random Reward System


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Man battles the heat temperature of his room with his trusty fan, as his eyes was getting a little bit tired, he closed his eyes for a moment. Where he then woke up in an unfamiliar environment. And met a person whom they claimed as God. After a brief talk, the God then gave him a system, and you can already guess where he gets reincarnated to... It's already in the title man. PS: If you're expecting a serious story, then this one ain't for you. Tags: Acting, Adventure, Amnesia?, Angels, Anti-Social, Anti Hero MC, Appearance Changes, Artifacts, Assassin, Average-looking MC, Black Belly, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Carefree Protagonist, Crack FanFic, Cheats, Chuunibyou, Cooking, Cowardly MC, Crafting, Crime, Crossover, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Curious MC, Curses, Dao Comprehension, Delusions, Demi-Humans, Demon Lord, Demonic Cultivation Techniques, Dragons, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Fallen Angels, Familiars, Fanfiction, Fast Cultivation, Gambling, Game Elements, God Protagonist, Goddesses/Gods, Heaven, Heavenly Tribulation, Hell, Hiding True ability/Identity, Indecisive MC, Inheritance, Lazy and Lucky MC, Magic, Maids, Male MC ofc, Misunderstanding, Mythology, Naive and Narcissistic Protagonist, Netori, Overpowered, Parody, R-18, R-Word, Reincarnation, Religions, Second Chance, Secretive MC, Skill Assimilation, Souls, Spirits, Yokai, Honestly if you read the entire tags kudos to you, i just wanted to make this longer. I don't own the things that would be mentioned in this fanfic, as well as the cover.