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Man battles the heat temperature of his room with his trusty fan, as his eyes was getting a little bit tired, he closed his eyes for a moment. Where he then woke up in an unfamiliar environment. And met a person whom they claimed as God. After a brief talk, the God then gave him a system, and you can already guess where he gets reincarnated to... It's already in the title man. PS: If you're expecting a serious story, then this one ain't for you. Tags: Acting, Adventure, Amnesia?, Angels, Anti-Social, Anti Hero MC, Appearance Changes, Artifacts, Assassin, Average-looking MC, Black Belly, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Carefree Protagonist, Crack FanFic, Cheats, Chuunibyou, Cooking, Cowardly MC, Crafting, Crime, Crossover, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Curious MC, Curses, Dao Comprehension, Delusions, Demi-Humans, Demon Lord, Demonic Cultivation Techniques, Dragons, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Fallen Angels, Familiars, Fanfiction, Fast Cultivation, Gambling, Game Elements, God Protagonist, Goddesses/Gods, Heaven, Heavenly Tribulation, Hell, Hiding True ability/Identity, Indecisive MC, Inheritance, Lazy and Lucky MC, Magic, Maids, Male MC ofc, Misunderstanding, Mythology, Naive and Narcissistic Protagonist, Netori, Overpowered, Parody, R-18, R-Word, Reincarnation, Religions, Second Chance, Secretive MC, Skill Assimilation, Souls, Spirits, Yokai, Honestly if you read the entire tags kudos to you, i just wanted to make this longer. I don't own the things that would be mentioned in this fanfic, as well as the cover.

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Hunt Under The Moon

"I am John Smith, and my business in coming here is... You~."

"You must've known me by now. But you have the guts to say that to me." Artemis spoke in anger and glared at Vile who was still smiling casually at her.

"You must be prepared to be hunted." as she pulled the strings in her bow, the followers did also the same.

"Oh~. playing hard to get. Heh~" Vile spoke, before running towards one of her followers, catching the unprepared one off guard.

Vile gut-punched her and threw her towards Artemis, as she took this a provocation.

"YOU FUCKING MALE!!!" The one with green hair roared at Vile after he threw one of her sisters at her goddess.

Hearing her scream Vile spoke up. "It seems like you gathered a lot of wild women with you~." He used a flash step to evade the incoming arrows.

Vile started to retaliate by shooting one nuclear bullet at the ground near the womens which upon impact exploded and made a large crater in the ground. Artemis was shocked at the gun he was holding as she didn't know any sacred gear that had its appearance.

Vile started to fire a few more nuclear bullets, causing Artemis' followers started to dwindle. Seeing the overwhelming intensity that Vile was showing to her.

"STOP!" She roared firing several arrows at Vile amongst the 5 arrows she fired only 2 hit. Which confused her as the arrows suddenly changed directions.

[Lucky E has activated]

[Lucky E has activated]

[Lucky E has activated]

Vile after getting hit by the arrow thought to himself. 'Damn this trait is overpowered.' showing a 'O' face. before continuing to play with Artemis and her gang.


3 hours passed Artemis and her follower who had green hair, Vile learned her name as Atalanta. Was chasing Vile throughout the woods as he only has little mana left after continuously firing nuclear bullets which consumes a lot of mana.

'Nuclear magic is OP but I'm not ready to use an 'Atomic' move, I don't even have that much mana pool in the first place.' Vile thought to himself while finding a way to defeat the last two persuaders in his tail.

'It's almost day, I'm already at a disadvantage in the first place, and the shadows are the only thing that's keeping me alive...' suddenly an arrow landed at his foot. 'Shit!' he started to stumble.

Atalanta who had hit Vile started screaming. "Now Goddess-sama!"

Artemis who heard her, immediately launched towards Vile who was slowed down, and tried to stab him. What happened next shocked her and Atalanta as a chain suddenly restrained her, she then heard Vile.

"Gotcha, looks like you like me Ms. Goddess-sama~ You're too focused on me." Vile smirked as he wrapped 'Chain of the Thousand Miles' in shadow magic to blend making it slightly indiscernible.

Watching that Atalanta was dazed, Vile took this chance to launch the chain at her, which she dodged after which Vile flash-stepped behind her and knocked her out.

"ATALANTA!" Atemis roared at Vile seeing that the last loyal follower of hers had taken out.

"Hi~ It seems like you have lost in today's hunt~." He fixes his glasses and smirks at her before using cleanse magic on his bloody clothes. As he approached Artemis intending to knock her out.

Watching Vile who was approaching her struggled wildly as she saw the disgusting smile that he was showing. Vile who saw this, was admiring her goddess appearance.

"Oh boy, Your figure is erotic~." He watched her struggling from the chains and started to close in on her.

At the same time, he felt something wrong and hurried.

Before he was about to knock her out the system panel appeared in front.

[Bonus Task: Violation

Description: A goddess who is known as 'The goddess of childbirth', who hasn't even experienced childbirth isn't fit to be called that.

Condition: Fuck her

Reward: 1000 System Points, Unlock merge feature, 1x T5 Gift

Penalty: Get disintegrated by lightning.]

'FUCK YOU SYSTEM!!!!' Vile screamed internally as he just jinxed himself.

'If I copulate with the literal goddess of chastity I'll get lightning fucked by Zeus or worse send me to tartaros, if he finds out that a 'mere' human raped one of his daughters!' Vile cursed at the system, as this wasn't the first time he encountered his situation.

As the first T5 Gift he got was a similar situation, where he oogled a beautiful blonde girl whom he just met and introduced herself as Gabriel. In turn, the system gave him a task to grope her, though the naive girl was so nice that she just shrugged it off as an 'accident' and wanted to be friends with him which he agreed. But that made him guilty.

He may like the shit that took place in a doujinshi, but now that shit is now his real life, He felt shit and disgusted. It's not even cool to do things like that, which made him feel like an ugly bastard in a hentai manga at that point.

'Why system just why.' Vile who has a darkened face seeing that he didn't have a choice.

[Just do it, man. The people that are connected to already thought of you as the 'Mastermind Villain that secretly controls the underworld'.]

Seeing the system's reply, he just scoffed at it and stared at the restained Artemis, which terrified her.

"Look, nothing personal." He said coldly, as he restained her even more tightly.

The Goddess was about to tear up as she knew what the man was about to do to her.


It's been 4 hours since they started copulating. Vile looked at Artemis who was passed out, Vile thought to himself.

'Hmmm, Maybe it isn't that too bad after all...' He justified himself as he remembered after 2 hours of mating she stopped resisting and accepted him.

"Shit..." He realized that there was a chance that she was going to be pregnant after their session.

"Guess I'm going be Toji soon..." He jokingly said.

He then cleaned up and fixed Artemis' attire, after that he used his Gallery Fake to make a copy of his body where he messed up the face until it was unrecognizable before beheading it, where he then threw it off the ground.

"This should do... right? They won't hunt for me as I already cleaned up my traces." Vile spoke before disappearing.


[Task: The hunter becomes the hunted

Objective: Completed]

[Added Color Custom Magic to abilities]

[Obtained MP4 (+Ultra)]

[Received 500 System points]

[Bonus Task: Violation

Condition: Completed]

[Received 1500 System points]

[Unlocked Merge feature]

[Received 1x T5 Gift]

[You have now unlocked the shop system]

"Open." Vile stared at it blankly.

[Received Yamato]

"Info?" Vile hoped that the Yamato he received was what he hoped it to be.

[Color Custom Magic

Info: Change color to magic and user's possession.]

[MP4 (+Ultra)

info: A sound device that creates music that can't be blocked by any barrier unless the user wants it. Has a maximum 200-meter radius.]


Info: A legendary katana, that is sharper than an ordinary blade, and is imbued with tremendous demonic power. And is said to be able to cut through anything, even the very fabric of space itself.

Origin: Devil May Cry V]

"Heheheheheheh" Vile who was back then, started to laugh and forget about the things he had done earlier and went home to prepare for his next journey... Japan.





[Name: Vile Kuzu (99)

HP: 5590/5590

MANA: 3850/3850

STR: 226 + 0.3x = 294

END: 559

INT: 385

DEX: 330

LUCK: 42




-Breathing: 10/10(MAX)

-Shadow Magic

-Cleanse Spell

-Flash step: 10/10(MAX)

-Taijutsu: 10/10(MAX)

-Iron Skin: 10/10(MAX)

-Natural Cook: 8/10

-Gallery Fake 

-Nuclear Magic

-Color Custom Magic


-Background Presence

-Strong Arm


-Lucky E

-Language Comprehension


-110x System Dirt

-Rusty Dagger

-1x Coffin Piece

-Chain of a Thousand Miles

-Casull 454

-MP4 (+Ultra)






-Chapter End-


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