Demonic Rising

Author: Muche Godwin
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What is Demonic Rising

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Kelvin Peterson was an average 17 year old high school student. But that all changed when Kelvin encountered a dreadful and tragic fate - A Demonic Possession. But due to a set of circumstances, the possession didn’t exactly go as planned for the said demon. This left Kelvin with a vile and sinister demon residing within his consciousness. With the threatening and foreshadowing evil caused by demons across the world, Kelvin must fight against his demonic tendencies, and survive the brutal hunt from demon hunters - a group of skilled warriors with mysterious divine powers. Will Kelvin finally give in to his dark demonic impulses, or fight and stop the DEMONIC RISING.

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"Well, I guess this is as far as I've come, I'd like to say I lived well but that would be lying to myself, (sigh) how many regrets, but that's it, it's all over when you die." (or so I thought when I thought I would die). Morgan Bale was a normal boy who was a medical student, he had a good life, a nice girlfriend with whom he had promised to marry, although he grew up as an orphan but he didn't let that stop him from being happy, a really good life, but one day everything changed. On planet earth came the balancers, those in charge of keeping life at bay that spreads through the universe, luckily they do not destroy planets as they want: "May the fittest survive". They selected the best specimen of each planet with intelligent life of a region of the universe, this time the Dreus Raslor sector, and yes, here is the earth (what luck), the subject with the best physical potential and the ability to control one of the source energies of the universe would be selected to fight to the death in the Krimshan, or as we humans call it the tournament of destruction, and yes, I was the chosen one, Morgan Bale (what luck), who would say that a simple medical student who barely exercised would be the human with the best potential on earth. Wait, this already happened 100,000 years ago, and as you can imagine I won the tournament, I saved the earth, I am a hero, a hero killed in battle, I did not achieve my dream of becoming a pediatrician to help children in need, I did not fulfill the promise of marrying the woman I love. Stop right there, don't expect this to be the main story, I'm not going to tell you my tragedies. "Do I regret it?" Of course you do!!! But I can't do anything, I'm already dead. Wait, I'm not dead!!!, what happened? Well, to live again, (lucky me).

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He was an Average Joe, lamenting over the cruel erosion of time. Humans are greedy beings. The more they have, the more they want. Despite living a comfortable life filled with joys and sorrows, he wished for more! A twist of fate—changed his life. Dying, only to find out a new world, a new myth, a new adventure awaiting him. In a world where, the advent of steam and machinery rang the bell of magic, churches, cults, hexes, arcane strength, artifacts, noble power struggle, eldritch horrors, and evil lurking in the darkness, he finds himself in the body of his new self. "I wish to fight against Time! I want to unchain myself! I desire to peer deep into myself!" He looked at the Canvas of Felony — A painting filled with filthiness, with cold calculative eyes while pressing down on his half-top hat and straightening the collars of his tuxedo. The corner of his lips, curved into a lopsided grin. To find what he so desires. He dawdled with the fine line between reality and fantasy — He questioned himself again and again. He kept prying into the unknown realm of mysteries — giving birth to all that is unholy! As the gears of fate churned, he got embroiled in the unending murky bureaucracy. But if that were all, things would've been much more manageable... The underlying madness and horrors of power—brandished its claws—gnawing at his inner self. Will he survive? Will he find the answers to the questions that haunt him? Will he peer deep into his spirit? Will he unfold a utopia—a world that doesn't exist in his wake? Or will he be crushed by responsibilities, destroyed by his enemies, and corrupted by power—losing himself in a dream of desires? ....... This web novel is highly plot-driven. There will be some "cultural" stuff, but it wouldn't appear all the time, after every two chapters. This is for my fellow men of culture who had been looking for a novel where there is no mindless pokemon hunting, but at the same time, has some questionable stuff with a well-thought-out plot. It has both action and "plot". If you come here by accident and are interested, then certainly read till 32 chaps(First arc) to decide whether you want to continue. The early chapters(1-25ish) are very short! (Not to mention, they are all free!) Much love!

AverageJoe · Fantasy
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61 Chs
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Hello, I'm the author of this book, and even though I don't really like to comment on my own work, I just wanted to explain a few things about demonic rising. This book is about a confused and afflicted young man who has a dark side, and he is trying everything to run away from his dark nature. This is my first novel, and I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks 😊


It's a great story for my opinion. although i can't afford coins and haven't read a lot of chapters, i can say that it's one of the best onez that i've read. great pacing of the story, world background and character development. keep writing author!


I can't lie this book got be hooked!🖤first chapter was fire and I will keep following up. Good one,I can't wait for the updates so I can keep reading,started reading it this week and men I got hooked! kudos to the author🖤


Firstly, the synopsis really entranced me, I immediately knew that I was going to love it. Secondly, it has a good plot. At least that's what I've seen so far. It's a great story and I'm definitely going to read more👍


Great story, the beginning is so well done that the reader can easily be drawn into it. I just read the beginning of it and now I want to read more. Keep up the great work.👍👍👍


wow, the blurb gives me chills. try it and do a collection, because it's good to read! the world-building is pretty amazing, the male MC is a good kid but doesn't know what will happen to him next. anyway, I like the idea of demon and hunter 🖤


This is male MC, and the story scares me a bit when i read the blurb. But when i read the first chapter, i am mesmerized by the world building and the character itself.


I really like this story, i like the cover, the character and title. Demon's story always makes me excited to read all the chapters. Keep writing Author


I love male MC novels! The synopsis really drew me into reading the first few chapters. It honestly leaves me wanting for more. I super love it!


Okay what?? This book is so lit The blurb, the writing style, the plot, the description, everything.. I love it and can't wait to continue reading


Cool Bro, cool! You prologue is now already better, and more informative. And, you even got contracted? Wow.... ............................................................. Keep up with your great work, author!


I really like the plot and characters! about demons and demon hunters, also the world building is good, so I get tensed and enjoy the story! keep updating chapters on this amazing novel, author!🥰🫶🏻


Yes!! First to drop a review on this book. Demonic rising is a must read for all demonic power lovers. The plot is thick and beautiful with a very nice storytelling speed. I'll recommend this book a hundred times if I could. Though the mc acts naive at times but he's a really cool character. Mr favorite character will forever remain Carl. Kudos author Godwin.


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