The New Demon Suppressing Bracelet

After the entire floor of the arena was levelled up again, the screen on the hovering cube suddenly changed, and was currently display Captain Oliver, their training instructor.

“I want to personally congratulate the 50 trainees that passed. But this is just the first stage, as the replacement test is not over yet.” Captain Oliver said.

After a quick pause, he continued. “The second stage of the test, will begin next week Friday. And the theme of the test is called the king’s tower. This will be a team based challenge, and you all can bring any weapon of your choice. Now these are the first two teams that will participate in the coming test next week Friday.”

The screen changed again, and was displaying two teams.

// Team A //

[ Ken Wilson ]

[ Nicole Patel ]

[ Gary Mason ]

[ Jim Baxter ]

[ Erza Inyaka ]

// Team B //

[ Leo Richard ]

[ Carl Barrett ]

[ Renata Klein ]

[ Daniel Park ]

[ Julian Kirrin ]