The Night Delivery

After waiting patiently for a while, Kelvin decided to proceed as planned.

He changed his facial appearance to that of the male dorm master. After that, he swiftly and easily jumped down his dorm window.

Walking over to the entrance gate, Kelvin could see the demon hunters stationed there.

“Okay, I just have to act natural. I can do this.” Kelvin said to himself, as he approached them.

“Hey, who are you? And where are you going?” One of the demon hunters asked, as he saw Kelvin.

The facial construct mask could only alter his facial appearance and not his voice. So saying anything would be a huge give away, because his voice was vastly different from that of the male dorm master.

Knowing this, Kelvin decided not to say anything. Instead, he pulled down the hood of his sweater.

“Oh, it’s you dorm master Griff. My apologies.” The demon hunter said, while giving way for Kelvin to pass.