A Midnight Hunt

Controlling the blood blade, Kelvin flew high in the night sky. The refreshing night air was pleasantly cool as it gently brushed against Kelvin’s skin. But he didn’t have the leisure, nor the time to enjoy the night breeze. So he rapidly flew towards the direction of the Greenwood district.

A few minutes later…

Kelvin was approaching the abandoned warehouse, and as he drew closer, he saw Larisa sitting on the roof of the warehouse. He increased the speed of the blood blade, and landed directly beside her on the roof.

Larisa was currently wearing a backpack, and was cladded in a black outfit, which perfectly concealed her feminine body figure. Kelvin couldn’t help but wonder how she perfectly hides her breasts. Though they weren’t really massive, they were also not small either. But as he looked at her chest right now, they were as flat as any guys chest.

“Are you done staring?” Larisa asked, breaking Kelvin’s train of thoughts.