Kabuki Masked Saviour

Kelvin looked down, only to see his hands and feet bound in chains.

“”Shit; this is really bad.’’ Kelvin said, as he looked at the dire situation he was in.

“”Oh, you’re awake. That’s good, because we need to decide your fate.’’ A voice said.

Looking to his side, Kelvin saw a hooded man with a metal bat.

The shady group of people, with hooded cloaks, finished their chant. The hovering lady, who was now unconscious, descend back to the stone altar.

With their strange activity over, the bushy beard man, who seemed to be the leader of this group, walked towards Kelvin.

“”He is awake.’’ The bushy beard man said, as he looked down at Kelvin.

“Yes, he is. What should we do with him? Should we kill him?’ The hooded man with the metal bat asked.

“No, we can’t. Lord Mophran gave a special order. He said to keep an eye on this boy.’ Bushy beard said.

The hooded man with the metal bat was quite shocked when he heard this. Even Kelvin himself was shocked as well.