Deathless humanity (Moved to a new link) Book

Deathless humanity (Moved to a new link)


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This novel has been moved to an other title, "Deathless humanity (bl, qt)" on webnovel with all the future chapters. Thankyou for chiming in. Book link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/deathless-humanity-(bl-qt)_26391293305963605 When Snow, a system, gets an update out of nowhere, Shu XinYi who has been trapped as a connon fodder was finally free. Well he still had to play cannon fodder but this time he could actually do what he wanted. Slap some faces? Sure. Become better then the protagonist? Sure? Make love to that CEO? SURE. Bring salvation to all humans trapped inside these virtual worlds? Well he can try. Shu XinYi was not alone on his journey, a being that was "Unidentifiable" accompanied him in all these worlds trying to combat multiple bosses together. Why these worlds existed? Who was that unidentifiable being? What were the circumstances of his existences? Shu XinYi could only figure out through time. This novel contains gore, trauma, sucide attempts, and mature scenes. Warnings are given at all necessary points so please read accordingly. This is purely a work of fiction, I hope you have good time with it.