Death God's System

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What is Death God's System

Read Death God's System novel written by the author bearateme_ on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, system, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


You do not trust a man who has nothing to lose. Jester, the god of death and misery goes back in time to take revenge against his previous reincarnation. Keiren Astaroth finds himself at death's door, forced to pay for sins he did not commit. The seven races fought for a throne, the highest seat in the universe. Trapped in the future, Keiren must live as Caedes Volkov, someone the 7 races want dead. If that wasn't enough? Keiren Astaroth was the son of Ifrit, the first primordial. He was the rightful heir to what Jester was essentially stripped of. The Forgotten Throne. *** The ML will not just wake up and be oh so the devourer of worlds or anything as such. So please don't expect him to get his powers in the starting chapters. He'll grow, develop, and only then will he realize his purpose in the world. The purpose of Caedes Volkov. Would request the readers to read the first 10 chapters before dropping the book since the main story starts at chapter 8 itself. The first 7 chapters are the prologue and just an overview about the world. [Webnovel Spirity Awards 2024 Entry] 15 Power stones = 1 bonus chapter The cover is not mine, if the owner wants, I'll remove it.

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Not a lot of chapters yet so not a lot to say. I will say that I absolutely adore the MC! He’s a precious lil killing machine lol. I do think the author might need to work through some edits because the dialogue sometimes feels out of place or takes me out of the story at times but other than that, a fun read so far. UPDATE PLEASE I MISS CAEDES ALREADY


Wow! this book had me hooked. the story is so far amazing like it with some noticable great foreshadowing the strongest point this novel has is the world building that's amusing to know it's lore, it deserve more attention, seriously a hidden gem


Let me tell you about Death God's System. It's a book that transports you to a whole new world, where myths are real and action is non-stop. The main character? They're pretty fascinating and the differing perspective adds a lot of depth and makes the read more interesting. But what really impresses me is the world-building – it's like uncovering hidden treasures with every turn of the page. Can't wait to see where the story goes next. Overall, Death God's System is an exciting read that showcases the author's talent and leaves you eagerly anticipating more adventures.


Shameless Author here, I plan to release 5 to 6 chapters weekly, depending on the support I gett. Hope Y'all like my book! Ask me in the comments if anyone has a doubt, opinion or anything that could help me improve the book. Yours Truly, Beer? uhh no, Bearateme-


The story is really well written. Read a little and you will be hooked up!


Story started strong and quickly catch the flow. Good character deigns and excellent plot. So far it's developing well, and shows high potential. Recommend to check out.


good story , charch development, thrill..enjoying this...


A lot of potential in this novel, only wish the author would post more often. From the story pacing, charming mc, and tense moments; it’s a constructed with amazing craftsmanship from the masterful author.


Well a very good and interesting novel ! But there is not much chap too do a proper review yet to read the joke i add ..WILL GIVE A PROPER REVIEW AFTER READING 60 CHAPS ... 1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wandering why you are still reading this 8. You saw that mistake, right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 12. I said "saw you" not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. I'm just wasting your time, but if you were entertained, leave a like and happy reading! 16. This is by no means, copied. It's original. 17. I skipped 13 too.


Not a lot of chapters yet, but Mythology is my Dr.ug and this one hehe, Keep writing author


The story itself has a great and interesting premise, though there's not a lot of chapters out right now, we can expect some great things in the future. I'd say the only thing that irks me is the pacing. If the story moves just a tad bit slower and everything is well explained and foreshadowed, it'd be a richer experience. Grammar wise, it's quite solid, though there's some typo's here and there. I'd say the author is doing a great job, because while reading the story I could definitely see the complexity of the world background. The fight scenes in the beginning also had many elements, but overall I do think it could use some gravitas. Good work though! Hope you continue writing.


What an amazing story written in an expert way. The author is able to weave an almost mythical world, incorporating action and lots of foreshadowing. I was kept at the edge of my seat throughout every chapter. Great work author! This book will definitely blow!


Great books and I'm already loving it, with No harem and the academy tag. I love these kind of books and Caedes has already made me looking for more chaps in this book. Keep up the great work author!


Nice book with a great beginning. The book has great potential though not much chapters, expecting the author to update more. Overall I like the well-developed characters and the pace of the book. Can't wait for more from the author ☺️


Cute wholesome nove.... wait a second! Ugh, ouch, yikes! Writer seems he just starting out, but I hope he will keep spoiling us! There is room for improvement sure, but dont know what to write without spoiling anything!


The synopsis gives the book a punch, look forward to when Caedes stops becoming a pushover and beats PPL upp😵


ehhh, the book is interesting, but the author needs to do more world building...Lets see how the storyy goes


Its a slow paced novel, character development of the story could be faster but aside all that I wanna read moree😭 more updates🫠


I love your story and I am wondering where it rest of the sentences are because I get lost in the stories, but yours I did get lost but came back into realty to quick. I think add more sentence which just make it longer. The plots and characters are awesome and keep up the good work


Was a fun novel to read through. Found it thrilling with a fun MC, great update schedule, and lots of development for the characters even this early on. Pacing is also really good and not rushed with expansive lore and worldbuilding, definitely would recommend this!


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