Clash of Clans: Clash King in Dc.

(A poor synopsis, I think.) Leo got transmigrated in Clash Universe with the Grand Warden's blessing. (TOAA OF Clash Universe) He thought with his cheat and knowledge about game his life would be easy (it will be) but he found that this world is more than what it seems (Tensura Crossover) the Gods are roaming on the mortal plane and he has siblings but he wasn't even born in this world. But what he can do thankfully his big bro who should have brought Ragnarok had really warm heart quite literally.(This is just a reference from a chapter.) After becoming stronger he looked for potential ppaces to bring under his rule. And when he opens the gate to another world he sees female warriors fighting against a wierd muscular man and his army. I am a very inexperienced writer so forgive me. This Fanfiction is for my own sake as I want to explore a lot of possibilities. In the start I will explore potential of Clash Universe mainly Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Then comes the world of Tensura or known as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. Mc will be strong (not overpowered) from the start. Other Worlds will be introduced later when Mc is at least at a State (5-6 cities) Level threat. There would be women from other worlds too in his harem. We will explore all possibilities in Clash Universe and some elements #vilagebuilding? or #kingdombuilding? The cover is original. And Clash of Clans belongs to Supercell and other worlds also belong to their respective owners.

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Chapter 1 Welcome to Clash Universe

(Some parts might be cringe but please forgive me. Mc has some problems in his brain or thinks it is a mechanism of his brain to deal with the trauma of Death.)

(This is a testing chapter to see how will I fare in this.)

"This is a perfect place to start the village," I exclaimed looking at the green plane surrounded by forest from three sides and never-ending water on one side.

(Similar to land how we start the village in Clash of Clans)

My second life is going to begin today, I was killed by my father's enemies when I fucked up their plans to make my father give his years of research on the cure of various diseases for their reasons.

Though my death was a very painful one I was quite content (only for that moment) I mean I took all those bastards with me, I was always a very vengeful person and those bastards were the cause of my death, so I was almost satisfied them by taking them with me but.

I remembered something at that time making my almost satisfied death a very dissatisfied one.

'Oh the fuck I was going to receive fifty thousand gems for being the number one player of the season and there was a town hall seventeen update there. Oh god please choose to pass my legacy to someone worthy.'

At that moment my fading consciousness was pulled in somewhere and the next moment I found myself standing in front of a very similar old man I thought it was an illusion or something that happens before death but anyway I prostrated myself in front of the man and said in a loud but apologetic tone "PLEASE FORGIVE ME GRAND WARDEN I WASN'T ABLE TO UPGRADE YOUR ETERNAL TOME TO MAX LEVEL. AND I DON'T THINK ANYONE WOULD BE ABLE TO UNLESS MY LEGACY IS PASSED TO SOMEONE WORTHY."

"You don't need to apologise Clashier- King Clash or Leo Lionheart. Your legacy will go nowhere it will be with you. I am impressed by your devotion to my world so I am giving you my blessing and making you the champion of Clash of Clans. Show the world what a true clashier can do.

But if you want you can reject-"

"I accept." No way I am going to deny another chance to Clash of Clans though now I thought that was all a dream but decided to give it a try anyway.

Grand Warden immediately appeared next to me shocking me greatly as I didn't know he could teleport but I didn't have time to think as patted or should I say slapped my back and I almost coughed out my internal organs but somehow didn't.

"As expected of you Clashier. So do you have any questions or do you want to request something?" He asked me while stroking his beard.

"Can you tell me where I will reincarnate? And what do I have to do as a Champion?" I asked.

"You will reincarnate in Clash universe and you will also be able to travel to other realities or worlds too. For your second question, you will have to conquer different places, and worlds, make them join your Clan, or make yourself established in front of the world. I know you won't wage meaningless wars and you don't have to you will fight with various Darkforces or Villains if you would like to say and you can form alliances with various countries who acknowledge your power and Village." He said with a smile.

"Thank god, I don't have to fight wars it will ruin all the fun" I sighed in relief then a question came to my mind as I asked him "Would my place still be called a village after I developed it a lot?" At which he laughed and said, "Child, no matter how much you develop there will be someone somewhere who will make your 'Developed City look like a village it is to humble yourself but if you would like you can call it kingdom/city or Country your choice."

I was going to ask more questions but he suddenly said "Looks like my time is over child if you take more time you will become a member of that place which is a boring job trust me. But let me tell you will have to start from scratch my child but don't worry you will have my help and you will also be able to strengthen yourself a king without his strength is just waiting to be thrown out of his kingdom. Don't forget that."

Well, that answered the rest of the questions but I wanted to ask more let's explore the world myself.

And here I am.

[Name- Leo Lionheart]

[Alias- King Clash]

[Age- 18]

[Title - Champion of Clash, Would be Conquerer (More will be added in future)]

[Race- High Human]

[Occupation - Blacksmith(Bloodline Perk locked), Alchemist(Bloodline Perk locked), Wizard(Bloodline Perk locked)]

[Bloodline - Grand Warden's Blessed Bloodline]

[Level- 1]

[Magic- 100]

Skills- None

Assimilated Troops -None

[Inventory -1 X Townhall (Level 1 Champion Card), 1 X Builder Hut (Level 1 Champion Card)]

[Shop (Locked), Achievements (View)]

[Resources - Gold- 500, Elixir- 500, Gems- 500]


(For complete status go to Status Chapter)

I would say individually my strength is very strong but otherwise, I am very poor but it is for only time being.

I immediately took out the Townhall card which had a tint of amethyst showing its status as a Champion level card the rarest and most expensive type of card if I sold it I could at least get 50,000 gems but Champion Cards are not the limit there was also another class above champion and my Bloodline Grand Warden gave me which is truly a cheat a Titan class bloodline.

[Bloodline Abilities-

1. You will be able to use other troops' abilities by augmenting them. (Note can be used only once on each kind of troop)

2. You can learn spells/skills faster than normal and don't need to verbally chant spells. It also gives you a passive boost in Alchemy and Blacksmithing.

3. Allows you to wield any hero's equipment without any problem.

4. Gives passive resistance to Magical attacks by thirty percent can be evolved with practice.

5. Allows you to choose special classes.

6. Gives immortality as long as the Grand Warden exists host can't die permanently but will suffer backlash every time host dies.]

[Note- More abilities will be unlocked in the future when Mc goes to new worlds (Spoiler - DC world kicking some Olympian ass.)]

I immediately broke the Card thinking of the location of the Townhall and it immediately appeared in front of me on the plane land, it was another cheat I will say as I didn't need to level the land and prepare for construction and such it would make the land suitable for building itself it was bad that it can't be applied on air otherwise I would've made a flying village though it would have raised another set of problems.

The moment I set the Townhall a bunch of notifications appeared in front of me.

[Congratulations on establishing the Townhall

Rewards - +10 Xp, 25 gems, Shop unlocked]

[You received the occupation Chief.]

[How can the chief of the village be weak +100 Xp for becoming a chief.]

[All troops, villagers, and people of the village are loyal to you.

They will follow all your commands but note they are also living beings, not machines if treated rudely their affinity towards the Chief will reduce.

You can check the status of anyone as long as they are part of the village.

Gives you a passive two-times boost while in the village.]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


[Level up!]

Congratulations you are now [Level 6]

[+500 to magic]

I instantly felt myself gaining a large amount of magic which was due to my level-up I couldn't help but feel giddy about this feeling while my physical strength was powerful what I needed the most was magical prowess while my village would not be attacked thanks to a transparent barrier covering the whole area I still needed to be prepared.

As the Shop was unlocked I opened it and various items in the form of cards appeared in front of me. However, most of them were locked for now so they are useless to me.

I went to the unlocked section which showed me the buildings available to me.

[Builder Hut- 250 Gems

The house of the Dwarf named Do-right brother of Do-Wrong don't worry unlike his brother he does everything right.]

I shouldn't be worried about this right?

I bought it without thinking much while most buildings are constructed from the start they need to be Upgraded and maintained with time and as every experienced clashier I know that Builders are never enough no matter how many you have, I had my own set of experiences with them although it did hurt seeing my 525 gems turning 225 it was acceptable.

I immediately put the two Builder huts next to the Townhall I don't have to worry about location as I can edit them later when I unlock [Land Editor] at Townhall 3 which I am sure is going to happen soon.

Two stout men with blue eyes, and noses as big as their eyes. They wore a yellow-brown aviator hat (similar to the Wall Breaker's hat) intended to cover their bald heads, brown leathery pants, and orange shoes, they held a stone hammer in their hands.

They came out of their respective huts yawning immediately after seeing me they straightened up and took their caps off gave me a gentlemanly bow and said in unison "Thanks for rescuing us from the Goblins, Chief."

Hearing them I got confused so I checked their Status.

[Name- Do-right

Age- 50

Race- Dwarf

Occupation - Builder

Level -1

Do-right is a builder kidnapped by goblins to make their buildings by taking his brother Do-wrong as a hostage.

He was held in Fort Knobs of *[1]Demonic Goblin Tribe.

Was teleported when the user bought his hut.

He will work under you.

He will work faster when working with his brother.]

[Name- Do-wrong

Age- 50

Race- Dwarf

Occupation - Builder

Level -1

Do-wrong is a builder kidnapped by goblins to make their buildings but he was taken as a hostage so his brother Do-right would make buildings for Goblins.

He was held in Fort Knobs of *[1]Demonic Goblin Tribe.

Was teleported as a card in inventory when the user came to Clash Universe.

He will now work under you.

He will complete upgrades faster while working together with his brother.]

'Now that makes sense. So these were the builders I saw in the campaign map.'

'System this Do-wrong will not mess up while building right?'

[Yes, Do-wrong's curse of doing wrong is cured after becoming your contracted builder.]

'Noice.' I sighed in relief.

I looked at them and said, "It is alright, but as you know I am your Chief so you will now help me build my village right?"

"Yes, chief. But where are the buildings or building plans, Lucy can't contain her excitement about working for the chief." Do-right said vibrating with excitement and swinging his hammer in striking motion.

I got confused about who was Lucy but my eyes fell on his hammer had a name printed on it 'Lucy' with a heart sign.

I rolled my eyes and then looked at Do-wrong who was eating bread who knows from where he pulled out. Seeing me looking at him took out his hammer that was tucked in his belt causing his pants to fall thankfully he wore his underwear, but he didn't realize it and swung his hammer in the same way as his brother, suddenly wind blew felt cold he looked down and immediately pulled up his pants at least he had decency to look embarrassed.

I and Do-right couldn't help but snicker at him but I stopped as we had work to do seeing me stop Do-right also stopped and he patted Do-wrong's back and said "Brother, I will make a good belt for you." Although he said to mock him but looks like Do-wrong took it seriously and in a sincere voice said "Thank you." It was almost heartwarming but we have buildings to make and upgrade.

"Alright that's enough we have work to do." They immediately turned serious as I instructed "First, you can call me either Chief or Leo, I have no problem."

"Yes, chief." They said in unison.

I nodded at them and continued"Second, most of the time you guys will not need to make a building from scratch but you will have to upgrade and maintain them regularly and we will also be making new buildings that you would have never seen in your life." While the first part made them a little depressed the later part turned that into excitement.

About the new buildings, they were modern-day buildings such as network towers and such. But they will be made in the far future, for now, we have to make our village.

"I will be setting up the buildings you guys be ready to upgrade them." They both nodded and didn't ask questions about how buildings would appear, as all the information was already in their mind.

I opened the shop panel went to the army section and bought Barracks and an Army Camp.

[Barracks - Level 1

"The Barracks allow you to train troops to attack your enemies or defend your domain. Upgrade the Barracks to unlock advanced units that can win epic battles."

Upgrading it will unlock more tablets through which you can make various troops for your Army using Elixir.]

Cost-150 Elixir ]

[Army Camp - Level 1

"Your troops are stationed in Army Camps. Build more camps and upgrade them to muster a powerful army."

Your troops train in the Army Camp and upgrade it for more capacity and more features that will help them train for the battle.

Cost- 250 Elixir ]

I bought them without thinking twice and placed them together.

The Barracks were just like how the game described them a square building with a sloped red roof a small window and a door for entryway. The roof is emblazoned with a pair of crossed swords. The building itself resembles a larger Builder's Hut but with differences. The swords on the roof symbolize the Barbarian, unlocked at this level. A small window is carved into the stone wall.

The Army Camp was a large open grassy area with a cooking fire in the center and some training equipment mostly swordsmanship and bodybuilding, I guess that is for Barbarians.

I didn't immediately go to train troops as I only had 100 elixir for now, which was for the next building I wanted to buy but now I was in a dilemma how would Gold Mines draw gold from the ground in the game it was unlimited supply but it is reality.

But another set of notifications appeared in front of me.

[Hidden Quest Completed

A village without an Army is an invitation to enemies.

Build Barrack and Army Camp.

Rewards - +100Xp, 1 X Wooden Chest

Would you like to claim the rewards?]

I guess I would open the chest first.

The animation was similar to that of Clash Royale which was not surprising as Clash Royale was also a part of the Clash Universe.

[You got 250 X Gold, 1 X Barbarian Family Template, Archer Family Template]

[Congratulations you have met the requirements to upgrade the Barrack]

Hmm, I thought it would take Elixir maybe it is because it is real life instead of a game and what are these templates?

I asked my assistant system and it showed.

[ Barbarian Family Template- Common- Upgradable

Current Troops- Barbarian

It is an upgradable magical tool through which you can make Barbarians. It can be upgraded with the required materials for access to the rest of the Barbarian family.

Note- It gives access to other members of the Barbarian family. To upgrade their levels you need to use Laboratory

Some Members of the Barbarian family are Super Barbarian, Raged Barbarian, Elite Barbarian,...]

[Archer Family Template- Common- Upgradable

Current Troops-Archer (Barracks need to be upgraded first)

It is an upgradable magical tool through which you can make Archers. It can be upgraded with the required materials for access to the rest of the Archer family.

Note- It only gives access to other members of the Archer family. For examFor upgrading their levels, you need to use Laboratory.

Some members of the Archer family are Sneaky Archer, Super Archer, and Magic Archer.]

Man, I am going to love it.

I called Do-Right and Do-Wrong who were inspecting the Barrack and Army Camp and gave them the Templates.

Before I could instruct them Do-Right exclaimed "This was what was missing in the Barrack and we can upgrade it to the next level."

Do-Wrong also nodded in agreement.

"You already knew what this thing does?" I asked if it was not the first time they had seen these tablets /templates it would mean that other villages would also have access to these and considering there is no newbie or 'fair' matchmaking I would have very difficulty in making a thriving village.

"Nay, chief it is the first time I have seen this." Said Do-Right.

Seeing my deadpan look Do-Wrong who most of the time was silent said "Chief, it is a unique skill we have that allows us to know the use of the material as long as it can be used to make a building."

"That is such a bullshit ability." That was all I could say.

Then it struck me "Do other villages' builders also have this ability?"

"No chief we both were blessed by Grand Warden when we were contracted to you. And this skill is the result of that blessing."

"Oh thank god." I released a sigh of relief and I could only thank Grand Warden from the bottom of my heart.

But to not be caught off guard in the future and embarrass myself due to a lack of information I used a status check with a bit of my mana.

[Name- Do-right

Age- 50

Race- Dwarf

Occupation - Builder

Level -1

Do-right is a builder kidnapped by goblins to make their buildings by taking his brother Do-wrong as a hostage.

He was held in Fort Knobs of *[1]Demonic Goblin Tribe.

Was teleported when the user bought his hut.

He will work under you.

He will work faster when working with his brother.

Blessed by Grand Warden.

Can form a blueprint by inspecting the building.

Can know the use of the material as long as it can be used to build a building.

When upgrading a building or to upgrade a building the Builder can be as fast as a goblin while walking he will be as fast as a Barbarian.

Their strength is also a baseline Superhuman (to build buildings).]

'Okay, this bullshit.'

"Do-Right and Do-Wrong do you know how to use Swords.";

"What are you talking chief?/What did I do wrong chief." Both Do-Right and Do-Wrong said simultaneously making horrified faces and clutching their stone hammers like a mother to a child.

'Oh, I could I ask such thing to a builder?' I cursed internally.