Clash of Clans: Clash King in Dc.

(A poor synopsis, I think.) Leo got transmigrated in Clash Universe with the Grand Warden's blessing. (TOAA OF Clash Universe) He thought with his cheat and knowledge about game his life would be easy (it will be) but he found that this world is more than what it seems (Tensura Crossover) the Gods are roaming on the mortal plane and he has siblings but he wasn't even born in this world. But what he can do thankfully his big bro who should have brought Ragnarok had really warm heart quite literally.(This is just a reference from a chapter.) After becoming stronger he looked for potential ppaces to bring under his rule. And when he opens the gate to another world he sees female warriors fighting against a wierd muscular man and his army. I am a very inexperienced writer so forgive me. This Fanfiction is for my own sake as I want to explore a lot of possibilities. In the start I will explore potential of Clash Universe mainly Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Then comes the world of Tensura or known as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. Mc will be strong (not overpowered) from the start. Other Worlds will be introduced later when Mc is at least at a State (5-6 cities) Level threat. There would be women from other worlds too in his harem. We will explore all possibilities in Clash Universe and some elements #vilagebuilding? or #kingdombuilding? The cover is original. And Clash of Clans belongs to Supercell and other worlds also belong to their respective owners.

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Leo Lionheart - Chief -Clash King

Artemis Grace - Hero/Queen-Archer Queen

Skadi Scath - Hero/Queen -Archer Queen

George Gruvearbeider- King/Hero- Miner King

Thor Lestir -King/Hero- Barbarian King

Geri Agirni -King/Tyrant - Goblin Lord

Merlin Elixir- Priest/Hero - Grand Warden

the Grand Warden - God/Creator

Do-Right -Chief Builder

Do-Wrong -Assistant Builder

More will be introduced in future.