Clash of Clans: Clash King in Dc.

(A poor synopsis, I think.) Leo got transmigrated in Clash Universe with the Grand Warden's blessing. (TOAA OF Clash Universe) He thought with his cheat and knowledge about game his life would be easy (it will be) but he found that this world is more than what it seems (Tensura Crossover) the Gods are roaming on the mortal plane and he has siblings but he wasn't even born in this world. But what he can do thankfully his big bro who should have brought Ragnarok had really warm heart quite literally.(This is just a reference from a chapter.) After becoming stronger he looked for potential ppaces to bring under his rule. And when he opens the gate to another world he sees female warriors fighting against a wierd muscular man and his army. I am a very inexperienced writer so forgive me. This Fanfiction is for my own sake as I want to explore a lot of possibilities. In the start I will explore potential of Clash Universe mainly Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Then comes the world of Tensura or known as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. Mc will be strong (not overpowered) from the start. Other Worlds will be introduced later when Mc is at least at a State (5-6 cities) Level threat. There would be women from other worlds too in his harem. We will explore all possibilities in Clash Universe and some elements #vilagebuilding? or #kingdombuilding? The cover is original. And Clash of Clans belongs to Supercell and other worlds also belong to their respective owners.

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Chapter 2 Troops and Mining.

Leo was excited to train his troops, but he faced a problem - he didn't have enough elixir. In Clash of Clans, troops didn't need an elixir to be trained, after the update, the same couldn't be said for real life.

While builders were upgrading the buildings, he observed how the barracks worked. He was intrigued by this seemingly magical process, as creating life isn't an easy task, usually considered the work of gods, but this building could do it easily and in large numbers.

Although he didn't find much information, he had his theory. The Barracks use elixir, which can be considered a miracle liquid, more precious than gold, in purple or pink color.

[Elixir - A magical liquid made by Grand Warden using his essence and blood. It can be used for various purposes from creating life, potions, spells, and various other things.]

The tablets have recorded most information about troops from their genetic materials to their desires, powers, abilities, etc. And the Elixir allows all these to form and this all happens inside the barracks.

It can be said that Barracks is a clone factory as long as you provide Elixir it can form an army.

While it may seem overpowered it has its limitations as the clones are also living beings and they need to consume like all living beings and most of the troops consume Elixir which Leo doesn't have in abundance.

Also, they need to be trained in army camps suitable for them with equipment otherwise they will become useless.

And they can't always stay inside Army Camps they will also need shelters which Leo doesn't have currently.

So before training troops, he needs to get his hands on resources which are the most important thing for any developing village.

So he asked his assistant system 'How do I get the resources it is not like there is unlimited access and supply of resources from the ground is it?'

[For the answer host needs to buy the resource buildings.]

"That is fine too." He mutters and directly buys Elixir collector and Gold mine.

[You have bought 1 X Elixir Collector you now get access to Elixir Fields]

[You have bought 1 X Gold Mine you now get access to Gold Fields.]

He was quite shocked by the notifications and his thoughts started running wild he immediately checked what these two places were and the results made him go to cloud nine.

[Elixir Fields- The land that has a nearly unlimited amount of elixir. The concentration of Elixir here is so much that many places have crystallized elixir shards.

Note the Elixir here is extremely corrosive in nature and can harm the body unless you have the Grand Warden's bloodline or blessing.

The Elixir regenerates itself over time but slowly, the speed can be increased by using various means.

It is a separate dimension.

Beware of dangerous beasts found here.]

[Elixir Collector - A machine that helps in extracting elixir and refining it for various uses.

Note- You need miners and builders to connect this building to the fields for use.]

[Gold Fields - The land that has near unlimited amount of Gold. Note the Gold here is extremely corrosive in nature and can harm the body unless you have the Grand Warden's bloodline or blessing other it may directly turn you into the gold structure.

The gold here is so abundant that nature is also golden in color.

The Gold regenerates itself over time but slowly, the speed can be increased by using various means.

It is a separate dimension.

Beware of dangerous beasts found here.]

[Gold Mine- A machine that helps in extracting gold and refining it for various uses.

Note- You need miners and builders to connect this building to the fields for use.]

While it may seem overpowered thing Leo could think of various limitations like the corrosive nature of resources that can be quite lethal for his troops as they don't have Grand Warden's blessing except for builders.

It also shattered his plan of plundering the resources as only collectors and mines could refine them while he would find alternatives for refining them for now he can only use these buildings for now.

But there is another problem he doesn't have miners and if it goes like the game he would need to wait for a long time.

Hoping some miracle to occur he opened the store and certainly, there were miners available though they were on rent only and it wasn't cheap either.

[Miner Company - A group of miners that will help you in setting up buildings of any type.

The miners are from the Village of Mining.

Service available

-Gold Mines- 5 Gems (without builders)

-Elixir Collector- 5 Gems (without builders)


-Dark Elixir Drill - 15 Gems (without builders)

Note -They are immune to the corrosive effects of elixir or gold during the mining it is their special ability.]

While it was expensive he had no choice but the good thing was he had builders due to which the cost should be reduced without giving much thought he rented their services.

Immediately a portal appeared in front of him which looked like someone opened the entrance of some underground cave in front of him.

Through the cave-like portal, a giant miner around 3 meters came out with a giant shovel in his hand that looked like was made out of gems, he looked much different than the miners he saw in the game.


Looking at him Leo grew wary.

The giant miner looked at Leo who was much shorter than him and asked in a loud voice "So, you are the one who asked for our services recently?" After that, he started looking around he looked a bit surprised at seeing Town Hall that Leo missed as he replied "Yes, I assume you would be the one working but where are the others?"

"Oh, young lad, you don't know me, no problem. I am George Gruvearbeider." He said stabbing his shovel into the ground and stooping tall puffing his chest in pride Leo even had an illusion that there was a bright light shining behind him.

He immediately thought of this name but didn't recognize it, he would have used appraisal on him but this guy is a neutral party so he can't use it.

'I will have to upgrade this skill so that I can check anyone's status.' Leo made a mental note and coughed and said "Sorry, Mr. George but I don't know much outside world as my realm is isolated from rest of the world and I have left that place to explore this world. So, may you introduce yourself?" Well, it was something he pulled out of his ass as an excuse in simpler terms he is someone who came from the mountains.

George blinked and the light Leo thought was an illusion turned off revealing a group of miners that had purple shovels in their hands (Like level 8 miners) and they were turning off the torches that were on their helmets.

After realising what Leo said George faked a cough "*Ahem, let me introduce myself again, I am George Gruvearbeider, the king of miners and the ruler of Village of Mining." He paused a bit letting his words sink, Leo stood stunned for a while he didn't know that Clash Universe had Miner King obviously he didn't believe he would know everything about Clash Universe but he didn't expect to meet such a character soon and too a Hero one on that.

(Kings, Queens, Champions, etc. Are heroes most of the time.)


Your is your Majesty coming at my request?" Leo was confused although he was Champion of Clash it didn't mean he could make a Hero do labor for him, nor his village was good heck he doubted he could even call this place a village.

He didn't doubt George's words because the moment George introduced himself the system automatically recognized him as an ally for unknown reasons but Leo didn't think much about it but directly checked George's status.

[Name- George Gruvearbeider

Alias- Miner King

Age- 250 years

Title(s)- King of Village of Mining, Second Best Miner in Clash Universe.

Race- Miner-Hero (I still thinking about it)

Occupation - King, Miner, Owner of Miner Company.

Bloodline - Elixir Hero

Level- 100 (Unawakened state)

The King of Mineris is one of the richest villages/cities/ kingdoms in Clash Universe while they are not the strongest they are nightmares to their enemies. No one would want to find their treasury empty and not know the culprit.

For more information upgrade appraisal skills.]

Hearing his question George said, "It is because the place you want us to mine, the Elixir and Gold Fields needs my expertise for the most efficiency."

Hearing he knew about where I wanted them to mine I was alarmed as I didn't mention it in my request and it was supposed to be my biggest secret as it would put a huge target on my back cause who wouldn't want unlimited resources in their pockets.

(The things Leo has are unique to him but others may attempt to snatch them from him whether they would succeed or not depends upon Leo.)

Seeing Leo tense at the mention George laughed in amusement and said "You don't need to panic. We are not Goblins or Dragons, we are not that greedy, we are miners we mine and your fields will pose a great challenge to us a challenge we are delighted to accept that is why I brought my elite team here. Though I guess you are also curious how I knew about it. It was because of the level of request it showed which was Champion level, so I guessed it and your reaction gave it away." Leo could not detect any lie from him though he loosened his guard a lot as the system had considered the Miner King ally though he made another mental note to improve his poker face.

Though the atmosphere was a bit awkward Leo decided to break it by introducing himself, "It is my honor that your majesty has come to my place. I am Leo Lionheart, I am the chief of this village though I have yet to decide the name for it. Please forgive me as I am unable to welcome you like the king you are."

George just waved his hands he was about to say something but was interrupted by the two builders, also the only residents of his 'village'.

"Is that Shovel of Obstacles? Oh, my Grand." It was Do-Wrong.

"Is that Torch of Destination? Holy builder's ass." And Do-Right too.

But their words got my attention as I looked at the very eye-catching shovel in his hands and a very ordinary yet old-looking torch on his back whose flames lit like no other.

[Shovel of Obstacles - A Legendary artifact of Miners that allows them to remove any obstacle between them and their goal.

Role- Hero Equipment.

For more information upgrade the skill.]

[Torch of Destination- A Legendary artifact of Miners that shows them where to go to their destination without any problems in the most efficient way.

Role- Hero Equipment.

For more information upgrade the skill.]