Campus Player Book

novel - Romance

Campus Player

Jennifer Sucevic

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Trust me when I say that Rowan Michaels fever is alive and well at Western University. Girls fall all over themselves to be with him. They fill the stands at football practice and stalk him at parties and around campus. Don't these girls have any self-respect when it comes to a hot guy? Fine, I'll admit it-he's good looking. If you're into that kind of thing. Which I'm not. I've got school and soccer to keep me busy which is exactly why I avoid him like a clap diagnosis. Too bad that Rowan is my father's star quarterback. He's practically part of the family, attending Wednesday night dinners with us. To make matters worse, we're in the same major and share classes every semester. The one guy I'd like to steer clear of is the very same one I can't seem to get away from. But what if Rowan isn't the player I pegged him to be? What if one little secret has the capability to change everything? Campus Player is created by Jennifer Sucevic, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.