I only wish to Survive The Doomsday Book

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I only wish to Survive The Doomsday


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In the realm of gaming, Shen Congfei, a popular content creator, found himself on the final day of a beta test for a new game, only to unexpectedly traverse into a world strikingly similar to the game's backdrop. However, there was a puzzling discrepancy: Instead of the anticipated wasteland survival and scavenging, he found himself in an urban campus setting. Wait a moment, what's this? Is this just before the onset of doomsday? Does that mean the world hasn't undergone nuclear devastation yet? He gazed up at the sky, only to behold... ... Several years later, clad in interstellar armor, Shen Congfei led a group of players, surrounded by various apocalyptic scenarios in the depths of the universe. Unable to suppress his rueful amusement, he sighed, "I merely wished to eke out a living through full-time gaming amidst the apocalypse, yet why do I find myself gradually becoming humanity's savior?" (PS: This is a story about an ordinary player who, amidst the boundaries of the past and future, virtual and reality, ultimately chooses to save all humanity.)


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