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The King Of Passive Skills

System Notification: Your King of Passivity talent was activated through killing the Elit Demon Clan Warrior. You have automatically received the Critical Strike (Passive) Skill. What? I got another passive skill. I have way too many skills, I can barely see the end of my skills panel. I need to be low-key, low-key. This is the story of a game grinder who used his passive skills to destroy legends.

Six Tubes Buddha · Games
596 Chs

Infinite Survival: I Can Plunder Passive Skills

The Infinite Survival System suddenly appeared on Planet Blue. Those who are chosen are forced to survive in dungeons. The Survivors can continue to grow stronger if they survive the dungeon missions. However, just one failure and it would be their deaths. Every Survivor gets a talent. Some talents can boost the Survivor's agility, and some enhances their luck, while Zhou Chen’s talent was Passive Plunderer. It allows him to plunder the passive skills of the monsters he hunts. With that talent, Zhou Chen slowly gathers a powerful list of passive skills.

8k Dollar · Sci-fi
239 Chs

I Am Stuck In A Beta Test For 1000 Years

Char lived alone in the closed beta test of “Fantasy World” for thousands of years. He had already experienced 177 data wipes. In this span of time, he had already successfully charmed all of the NPC beauties, challenged all of the bosses single-handedly, gathered all of the divine weapons and used hundreds of methods to complete the online game as though it was a replayable console game. Just as he was losing the ability to differentiate whether he was a player or an NPC, the public beta started for “Fantasy World”. As such, a player who was even more terrifying than a boss was born. An official Webnovel translated work licensed by Hangzhou Fantasy Technology Network co., Ltd

A Lu Zai · Games
422 Chs

Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses

It was the year 3090 AD, the virtual reality net game “Swords and Magic” was developed on Earth, and the game would descend upon the world in ten years! In order to survive, the only way was to tame various powerful monsters in the magical world. That’s the only way to make oneself more powerful and take control of the gods’ power! Jiang Bai reincarnated to a time before the game was launched. By relying on his memory, he successfully obtained the Infinite Beast Taming Encyclopedia. Divine Beast Black Dragon Princess! Sacred Beast Dark Night Elf Queen… Jiang Bai asked, “Why is everyone else’s pet beasts animals, but mine is a bunch of gorgeous girls? I’m going to be sucked dry. I need help, quick.”

Whiteday · Games
169 Chs

My Cards Can Be Fused Limitlessly

This is a world of card warriors. Collect materials, strengthen your cards, find the secret blueprints, and fuse cards to form new ones! Zhou Nan spent 69 days completing the hidden achievement in order to change his occupation to the Black Card Emperor. The Black Card Emperor is the only hidden occupation. He doesn’t need the secret blueprint to fuse the cards, and can fuse limitlessly! As such… All sorts of strange cards emerged!

Sword Tower · Games
40 Chs

Shelter: All-Class Survival

Players of the game Apocalypse Shelter were transmigrated to another world where danger was in every corner. Players had to collect resources to strengthen their shelter to survive. When Chen Cheng was also transmigrated, he found out that he had obtained the [All Class Panel] and had activated his first class, Beekeeper. He could use his bees to scan his surroundings for dangers, collect resources, and even attack enemies. His bees continued to grow stronger, to the point where his bees were able to defeat the mutated beasts and produce super honey. The superorganism bees became Chen Cheng's best assistants while he progressively activated his other classes.

Glass Cat · Sci-fi
40 Chs

Everyone Plays Online Games: Starting The Game With Counter Damage

# unconventional This was the era when everyone was playing online games. When everyone entered the game, they could choose their own talents. While everyone was choosing melee classes like warriors, assassins and bowmen, Wu Yan chose the already less favored mage class. He also awakened the most powerful talent - Attribute Looting. [Player “Wu Yan” has killed a hedgehog bug. Please choose the attributes of the monster to be looted.] [Attribute 1: Defense +1 point] [Attribute 2: Life +1 point] [Attribute 3: Counter Damage +1 percent] Wu Yan started the game with counter damage. He upgraded his counter damage to 100% of the incoming damage. Then, he began to build up life points and practice minor healing spells. ... A player exclaimed, “What happened? Why is it that I landed a critical hit with my saber, but I was the one who was instantly killed instead?” Another player warned, “Of all the mages in the world, he is the only one that you shouldn’t get close to!” The other player wondered, “Is he a meat shield? How can he have even more health than my warrior?”

Ten Li Reservoir · Games
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

Training Through The Game

The developers claimed, “Divine Martial Realm is an ordinary virtual game.” Lu Yu was speechless when he read his friend’s warning: there was a high chance of players experiencing brain death in real life when they died in the game. The advertisement claimed, “The producers of Divine Martial Realm are devoted to creating a lifelike gaming world for its players. Each player will get the most authentic experience in the game.” Lu Yu glanced at the iron railing which he accidentally crushed. The game allowed him to experience the effects of cultivation in real life. The fans claimed, “Divine Martial Realm is a thoughtful game that does not have any in-app purchases.” Lu Yu looked at the In-Game Store that only he had and silently made some in-game purchases. A game that could not make any in-game purchases was soulless.

Asking Heaven For Directions · Eastern
40 Chs