Reviews of 10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start


10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start

Li Baijin

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I love Summaries like these but most tend to be Harem. That 'Senior Sister' outdone by her Junior Brother. Sounds cool but harems ruin it for me. If this is just 1 girl I'd love to see this translated!!


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considering that current score is 4.94 for this trash translation, i put 1 star review. novel is ok, but translation is terrible. wrong translations, unfinished sentences, double paragraphs and probably some more mistakes that i havent noticed. overall think that reading MTL may give better reading experience.


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Lets make something clear, i think the author dropped the novel around chapter 88 (when the mc got a Supreme Order token as a reward) then another author picked it up, and that was a disaster during that arc and after it the novel became soo trash it was (meh ~ ok ~ not bad) before but after 88 it became trash tier novel. sad :,,,,(


Alright, this story is kinda bad. First off, the main character has a system that rewards him for doing "ordinary" things. For example, making food, cutting logs, fetching water. Things that a ordinary villager would do. Thats fine and dandy, and theres definitely a way to make this into a novel, however this is not how you do it. Not far into the novel, the main character is fighting people left and right. Literally every other person he meets he ends up assassinating because they have some bad thoughts towards his junior sister who hes protecting. First off, lets start with the story development. The female lead (main character's junior sister) is actually a genius who died, and then regressed back in time. The main character is a reincarnator. So, the female lead constantly gets into trouble, and it's not even funny. Literally every other sect wants to kill her, refine her into a pill, force her into being someones maid, etc. It's actually ridiculous. You see, the longer the story goes on, the more and more the main character is using his parody-level overpowered strength to assassinate people seventeen major realms above him, and it's just not fun to read. The main character literally gets stronger from doing ordinary things, it's fine if the main character occasionally goes out to protect the female lead, but it shouldn't be this much. It ruins the entire point of the main character staying low-key and having parody-level strength. As for the characters? They suck, plain and simple. It's one of those "you dare kill me, young master of blah blah blah" then "you dare kill my son" then repeat endlessly until it's devolved into a massive war. Like what I mentioned previously, it's just endless conflicts in a novel that was originally a slice-of-life-cum-action novel. Now, it's just a action novel. The female lead is beyond stupid, it can't be put into words. Imagine being able to regress, and relive your life, and somehow causing even more problems than you did in your previous life. Female lead says shes going to protect her sect and senior brother, but ends up doing the exact opposite. The main character has to help her out from the shadows over and over again, which causes even more trouble. It's just endlessly repeating fights. The world background is alright, average at best. The main character barely leaves his sect so theres not a whole lot to be told, even with him occasionally leaving to fight someone. Overall, the plot and characters are rather poor, and it very quickly devolves into a endless-combat action novel. Which, believe it or not, isn't that fun to read.




What makes this novel great in my opinions is the relationsship between the senior and junior. She obviously cares so much for him because of the life she lived prior to reincarnating and he's OP now because of the system but I don't know is he is the same person just w/o the system in her memories.


10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start is a story about a senior brother with a system, and a junior sister who went back in time after dying. I have to admit, I really enjoyed this novel at the start. It was a interesting slice of life romance novel, however the story quickly went awry from there. First off, the translation quality is quite poor. The first letter of many sentences are cut off, and sometimes words are entirely. There are countless mistakes throughout, but at the very least it's readable and isn't MTL. (3/5 stars) The story development isn't that great. As previously mentioned, the story is about a senior brother with a system, and a junior sister who regressed. The senior brother's (Jiang Ming) system, allows him to gain various rewards for doing "ordinary" things. The start of the novel is pretty good, it reads like a cultivation slice of life novel with a slow romance. This rapidly changes. The main character constantly kills people in the dark for his junior sister. (After she somehow offends someone or gets too powerful) This, in turn, causes even more people to attack the main character. I am not even joking, but it even causes a war. It's downright silly. At this point, it's devolved into a story about a overpowered Xianxia character fighting anything that moves. Not to mention, the pacing is tremendously awful. Story goes from cute slice of life romance novel to world war 3 in less than 100 chapters, and they are already introducing different worlds. There are also a few plot holes in the novel. For example, the main character obtains a "technique" that allows him to see people's information, and some secrets as well, as long as he knows their name. So, you would expect him to figure out that his junior sister has time traveled, however as of chapter 149, this hasn't happened. (2/5 stars) Moving onto the character design. Main character still feels like a blank canvas to me personally. He hasn't changed from the beginning. He is exceedingly generic, to the point I can't pinpoint any unique personality traits. The junior is sister is generic as well, the only personality trait she has is that she is protective of her senior brother. As for the romance? I'm not sure. They randomly went from a pseudo-sibling relationship, to a romantic/sexual one, and I have zero idea what the turning point was. Most characters are rather one dimensional, but at least this novel has more variety than other cultivation novels. (2/5 stars) World background is below average. World feels exceedingly small when only a few regions are vaguely described. I feel like the universe is more talked about than the planet the main character is on, which is rather weird. (2/5 stars) Overall, novel isn't paced well, and the author seemingly went from slice-of-life to action novel, and it's very obvious when you read the novel. Everything regarding the novel is rather sub-par, more effort was needed in all aspects. I think this novel would've been way better if the author simply kept it as a slice-of-life novel and focused on the romance and world-building, but that's just my opinion.


Hehehe, I love the sypnosis. Unfornately, it seems like I'm only gonna be able to love the sypnosis not the content of the novel itself... Hope it's gonna get picked so I could enjoy it's content and plot.[img=update][img=update][img=exp][img=exp]


Trash story. Save yourself some time and skip this. The first 60 chapters were alright but it all went downhill. We thought that the Mc would be low-key but nope. He just suddenly one day reveal his identity bc he simp for his junior sis and his junior sis doesn't even seem bothered with it bc you know, 2-dimensional characters are all this author can write. Mc seems so strong yet so weak. He learns so many powers but doesn't even use all of them. Garbo novel, dont get baited by this author just bc the beginning was good.


Timeline is all over the place, one moment hes core formation and now hes regressed to foundation establishment. Also, some things are just wholly unexplained, with bad translations on top of that


it time skips to the most interesting points, the mc is a different breed than other mcs, he is op, but he is neither an overbearing young master nor a hermit. he does keep, but he doesn't hesitate to use his power to protect what is important to him. it's similar to a my bestfriend is the mc type, with his junior sister being the mc.


The Synopsis was good i hope the story will to, i can't Wait to read the story. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


So far, it's a good start. The MC is not a battle maniac, which is a plus. He's also not a loner and seem to treasure his relationships. Additionally, the novel is fast-paced despite having some nice slice-of-life pieces. It is SO good!!!


First 70 chapters are great. Story is about the MC farming, getting system rewards, and all around becoming OP. Then, it seems like the author dropped the novel, and got replaced by another. He joins a Supreme chat group, his junior sister finds out about him because he just randomly gives her some Phoenix blood essence but her reaction was simply ‘okay, cool! senior brother got some immortal encounters as a butterfly effect!’. The fights make no sense, the MC has every dao mastered but somehow finds a way to struggle to kill someone with only one Dao partially mastered. Enemies have more plot armor than any MC has ever had, with just about the entire Elderly population popping up out of nowhere screaming ‘junior you dare?!?’ If the novel didn’t drastically change after chapter 70ish, it would of been one of the greats.


good read if you like han jue type of novels. the system is decent with a different approach. the character development is not bad. the only problem is translator being lazy(though its not that bad). so yeah go ahead give it a try.


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