Is that a Wisp?

Author: Suiyan
Eastern Fantasy
Completed · 13.1M Views
  • 1583 Chs
  • 4.6
    663 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Is that a Wisp?

Read ‘Is that a Wisp?’ Online for Free, written by the author Suiyan, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, COMEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Author's Note: The start of the story is very slow and cliche. Give it a chance until the wisp reaches the human cities....


Author's Note: The start of the story is very slow and cliche. Give it a chance until the wisp reaches the human cities. It's at that point that the book's charm shows itself (Around chapter 20, all free!). --- What if a wisp, with zero EQ about human culture and habits, gains the opportunity to finally achieve human form? Now he can enter cities, experience technology, and fight his way to the top, right? In this universe where wisps are seen as nothing more than resources, a wisp stands up to challenge the wisps' destiny! Not without causing a lot of misunderstandings on his way, of course… --- Realms: Qi Condensation; Foundation Establishment; Core Formation; Divine Soul; Soul Forging; Void Breaking; Divine Path; Divine View; Semi Divinity; Divinity. --- Transformation; Mortal Rejection; Godly Fusion; God Foundation; God Core; Nascent God; --- Semi-God Realm; God Trial Realm; Elementary God Realm; Primal God Realm; God Realm. https://discord.gg/mR3pzMN Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/suiyan

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