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Battered Young Miss


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Zhang Mi is in a dire situation. Her boyfriend of over six years cheated on her with his co-worker. Cheating scandal are very hard to overcome. Out of frustration she seeks out her childhood friend Lu Yi. This marks the start of a budding romance, while growing in her role as his lover. ------------- Illustrator: Lukas_x Cover design: Rebecacovers ---- -----EDITING IN PROGRESS------ Battered Young Miss is a fusion of other stories, if you are only interested in the heiress story it's Vol. 1, 2 & 7 ------------------- CEO/Tycoon/Mogul Series: Hiddengem *Battered Young Miss (Book 1) *Chairman Duan's Bride Has Run Away Again! (Book 2) *Evil Husband is a Little Sweet (Book 3) *Shameless Miss Fan (Book 4) *President Yang You Are My One And Only (Book 5) *My Fake Hallyu Star Husband (Book 6) *Held Hostage by the Billionaire Heiress (Book 7) *Premium Tears, My Husband the Wolf (Book 8) *My Wife is too Bold (Book 9) *The Me That Hides From You (Book 10) *Falling In Love With My Cute Mother-in-law (Book 11) *House Husband, Wang Rui (Book 12) *Ms. Chairman (Book 13) *Rebirth of Zhou Ruby (Book 14) *The Death God's Contract Wife (Book 15) *Seducing My Unrequited Love (Book 16) *I Became A Quack So What (Book 17) *Entangled With The Gumiho Prince (Book 18) *Supreme Sadistic System -nepotism, antagonist, strongfl, gl, webnovel, deception, hubby, sweetlove, fl, ml, onenightstand


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