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Journey Towards Greatness

A war veteran and an anime fan as well, he got into anime by watching it with his grandson after his retirement, his grandson loved pokemon and so did he also came to like this world of pokemon where people didn't kill each other and people used to have fun with there pokemon, after watching Pokemon with his grandson and playing with him all day he got back his childhood which he could never experience due to the cruel war, and as of now our MC has turned 82 years old he was very satisfied with his life with no regrets and waiting for death to take him away but will death be is end or will it start a new beginning, a new legend. __________________________ Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/zarakh Discord - https://discord.gg/cvMzC9b

Evil_God_ZARAKH · Anime & Comics

Pokemon: Master of tactics

If Alex ever got the chance to get transmigrated into a world, he would choose Pokemon World. Since it is relatively safe. It is easy to earn money. Not to mention, such an adventurous and intriguing world. But when his wish somehow came true, he regretted it. If you want to see the next chapters earlier or just want to support me, you can do that at https://www.patreon.com/alex02373 (the story has a similar start as Legendary Pokemon Trainer so some people are probably confused. I wanted to say that only the beginning of the story is similar and this story is not a copy.) editor: JoJo_Soni

alex02373 · Anime & Comics

Pokemon Alternate Universe Adventures

A man from an Earth gets the choice to start over in any Universe and chooses an Alternate Pokemon Universe. Let us see if his journey to the top is succesful and the impact he will have on his new world. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. I just use their sandbox for the plot of my MC and my OCs. This will be a "slow" paced story, so please don't expect the MC to directly start his journey in 20 chapters or so, actually multiply that by like 10. A lot is going to happen before that happens. The first 10-20 chapters or so are information heavy, depending on what kind of reader you are. I try to keep my chapter length between 2000 and 3000 words per chapter. My release rate is 5 chapter/week for now. I have a patre*n for those that want to support me with access to some advance chapters as a thank you. patre*n.com/Azrail93 This is an alternate pokemon universe so there will be differences to the games, manga and anime. So if something in the story is different it is most likely on purpose. The original sources are seen as suggestions not laws. Differences can be: Type variants, evolution conditions, strength mechanics, world building and more. If i am at some point asking for reader input i will do so but otherwise i will ignore most suggestions. So please don't spam things like catch this pokemon or do that next. I have my plot planned and external input will be considered when asked for. If i see a suggestion that i believe fit my plot flow i will use it and will credit the commentor. Comments on spelling and grammar mistakes are welcome. I will try to correct said mistakes with time. Constructive criticism will be read and considered. Insult and hate comments will be ignored or deleted depending on severity. Readers naturally can comment their dislike but one worders will be ignored. If the reason for the dislike is explained i will read it. Like previously mentioned pure insults and hate comments will be ignored or deleted.

Azrail93 · Anime & Comics

A Reincarnated Tale : Pokémon

A middle aged white collar worker dies from exhaustion in the modern world and meets ROB. ROB judges the man, only to receive a good karmic value, giving the man a chance to reincarnate. ROB also gives the man the choice to choose a few wishes, but the man declines, not wanting any outside help. Seeing his honesty, ROB decided to let the man choose the world he wanted to go to instead. The man was a bit of a nerd, and grew up watching Pokémon and play its games. He didn't hesitate to choose the World of Pokémon as his new starting point! With his destination decided, ROB still felt bad not giving him any wish he wanted and seeing it was the Pokémon world, ROB decided to give him a Pokémon Egg to start his journey with, as well as a good upbringing so he wouldn't experience the pain of death from being overworked again . A new tale and adventure reliving his childhood awaits him! No harem! No system! No wishes! Romance? Yes! 1 or 2 wives at most. First wife will be Serena, second one decided by you guys! This will be my second fanfic.  This fanfic will not have any relation at all to my first fanfic! It will not impact its release rate either. And for those wondering, my first fanfic will still explore the Pokémon World! I decided not to cut it out! That will be a different story to show! *Cover art is not mine. I do not own Pokémon besides my own OC.

Aht · Anime & Comics

SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS: Welcome to my pokemon world

What would you do if you had the chance to go to a world of your choosing with the perfect start and unlimited possibilities? well, that is what our MC received. This is a story following the birth of the strongest trainer to ever walk the planet. going region by region, league by league, champion by champion in order to chase after his ever-fleeting sense of accomplishment. Fans scream out his name every time he enters the arena, opponents forfeit when they meet his gaze, his combat style, unforgiving to even the smallest of mistakes. Soaring above the sky itself his figure fades from the eyes of all those who he has defeated, never to catch up. Will there ever be anyone equal to him? join the discord https://discord.gg/ZexRV5gqu9 hey guys this is my first ever fanfic and novel in general, I'm not doing this seriously just for fun. i did take inspiration from various works like "journey towards greatness" since I like their way of doing it. Not a Harem!!!!! i don't own any of the characters except OC's and I do not own the cover of the novel

Plug_O_Stien · Anime & Comics

Pokemon: It's Just Way Too Easy!

A man like everyone else was force into the Reincarnation Cycle. And with good fortune, he was send to the Pokemon World. With his only knowledge was as a kid playing Pokemon, will he struggle? Of course not! System? pfft! Protagonist Aura? pfft! Evs? What? High Ivs? What the heck is that? Anyone can be at the top, you don't even need to be smart! just common sense and the basic is enough! .... tis a harem of two

Blur182 · Anime & Comics

Pokemon: The Medieval Era (Hiatus)

Arthur transmigrates into a 10-year-old boy who lives in Unova. He gradually finds out that he is in a completely different era of the Pokemon world and the world itself has rules that never existed in anime or games. Timeline: Thousand years before the main plot, the period during the Kingdom of Vale from the Victini movie Discord: https://discord.gg/PRjEd7rYGS Note: Don't rate the book until you read at least 10 chapters. I am trying something completely new, mainly world-building. I am trying to establish a new world background with certain new rules. Image Credits: It's from the Pokemon Legends game but know that, this is not related to the games itself. Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this Fan-fiction except the OC characters, all belong to Pokemon Company.

Wild_Wine · Anime & Comics

Pokemon: Blood Bonds

Twenty-two years old, a young man named Alan dies but is born in a new world due to his good karma. What world, you may ask? Of course, it's the world of Pokemon. Will he keep his memories? Will he get a system or a cheat like other Mc's? Well, you will have to read to find out. Follow Alan on his journey in the world of pokemon. ***Disclaimer*** I am not knowledgeable about pokemon games and this is how I always imagine myself in the world of pokemon. The story will be slow as I don't want the mc to grow super op in just few chapters. I hope you give my book a chance. I do not own anything related to pokemon except my Oc characters.

Alan_demonic · Anime & Comics