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Pokemon: Aichi Sendou


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Aichi Sendou a guy chosen by the gods not because of his circumstances but because of him meeting the gods so called “requirements". Has now been to the world of Pokemon in the humble area known to him as Twinleaf town. A new adventure for a person given another a chance in life, how will he grasp his fate? Let’s find out! ()()() No harem! Sinnoh Region! Dawn Supremacy! This will have no Update schedule as this is a fanfic I will be typing when I’m bored or when I can’t use my pc to make a Naruto chapter. I can’t write on my other fanfic without using a pc to search stuff up as I don’t want to get stuff wrong. But for a Pokemon fanfic I should be fine as I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was five. ()()()


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