Pokemon: Chronicles of Darkness Book

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Pokemon: Chronicles of Darkness


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For Cain, the promised land of the Pokémon World was not the idyllic paradise he had hoped for. Instead, he found himself cast into the depths of darkness, a captive of the nefarious Team Rocket on the infamous Purgatory Island. But even in the darkest of times, fate is not always so cruel as to deny a glimmer of hope. Through a twist of destiny, Cain finds himself back where everything began. Armed with the knowledge and experiences of his previous life, he now has the opportunity to make the most of his second chance and forge his own path in the exciting world of Pokémon. -------------------------------------------------- Support me and get early access to chapters: www.patreon.com/jeezu -------------------------------------------------- #Transmigration #Regression/Time Travel #Second Chance -------------------------------------------------- Original Author: Hibiscus Hibiscus Website: https://www.uukanshu.com/b/95449