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A Reincarnated Tale : Pokémon


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A middle aged white collar worker dies from exhaustion in the modern world and meets ROB. ROB judges the man, only to receive a good karmic value, giving the man a chance to reincarnate. ROB also gives the man the choice to choose a few wishes, but the man declines, not wanting any outside help. Seeing his honesty, ROB decided to let the man choose the world he wanted to go to instead, along with a healthy body, and a soon-to-be partner he didn't ask for. Is there romance? Yes! This is very much a slice of life journey through the Pokemon World. Current standing, MC works for the Aether Foundation, but has a high enough rank to enjoy his own freedom. Also decides to take the Professor route while going out on a journey with his friends. Current region: Kanto. Future regions remain unexplored. Three love interests. No more, no less. This is my second fanfic. *Cover art is not mine. I do not own Pokémon besides my own OC.


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