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The Rich Daughter Is A Mob Character, But She's Not Keeping In Line

Bei Qingqing was left to fend for herself over eighteen years before the rich Bei Family finally took her back. She found that her identity as a daughter had been replaced by the 'naive and adorable' Bei Bei, who was kept in her family. Affection grows with proximity, and that certainly applied for them — there was just no comparing the affection the Bei Family had towards Bei Bei, to the affection of their biological daughter. They had spoiled Bei Bei for eighteen years. Using Bei Qingqing’s adopted mother’s illness as leverage, the Bei Family forced Bei Qingqing to substitute Bei Bei’s marriage to a comatose man, Chen Jiazhi. It seems that Bei Bei was now all that mattered to them. Even so, Bei Qingqing married Chen Jiazhi, who had been comatose for years and said to have no chance of waking up. By doing so, she earned her two-million-yuan dowry for her adopted mother's hospital bills. Though Bei Qingqing believed that she would be widowed for life, she didn't expect an accidental kiss on their first night to wake Chen Jiazhi! Everyone in the entire Chen Family — from grandparents to uncles — are now indebted to Bei Qingqing. They all spoiled her, especially her now-awake husband Chen Jiazhi. Naturally, the Chen Family also took care of her adopted mother by providing her with better treatment! Bei Bei was left red-eyed in fury! She was supposed to be Chen Jiazhi's fiancee. His enormous wealth and affection were rightfully hers! Moreover, Bei Qingqing had health problems and couldn't get pregnant. Bei Bei will do her best and scheme to replace Bei Qingqing! Unexpectedly, however, Bei Qingqing was having morning sickness just two months after marrying despite rumors of her infertility! As for the Bei family that abandoned her? They were declining at a visible rate, and soon wouldn't even deserve to lick Bei Qingqing's shoes!

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120 Chs

The Billionaire's Pet Bride

"I'll give you five million bucks if you can give me a child." The man's hoarse and sexy voice was like a devil's whisper. In order to get enough money to pay for her grandfather’s medical bill, Maisy Owen got into a strange man's bed. "Good girl." The man gently caressed her face like he was treating an obedient little pet. And then, he suddenly pressed her against the huge thing on his crotch. "If you dare to bite it, you won't get what you want." Choking, Maisy could not help but shed tears, but she still tried her best to play along because she had to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, Jay Hamilton was a very moody man, and he had no intention to let her get pregnant. She was played by him again and again but there was sign of her getting pregnant. She became so anxious that she had to go out of her way to seduce him, letting him take her to pound town regardless of time and place. After putting in an incredible effort, Maisy finally got pregnant with the devil's child. Knowing she was going to be free, she felt she was over the moon. In nine months, she would become the youngest, single, female millionaire. No one would ever know she was prisoned by a man and treated like a puppy. All those days of being pounded by him would go up in smoke. However, she underestimated the desire Jay had for her. After she had been pregnant for three months, he had his way with her again. "You're so thirsty!" The man caressed the swell of her belly and put a ring on her finger overbearingly. "Don't you ever try to run away. You're taken." "No, this is not what I want!" Maisy protested, but was penetrated more intensely. "So do you want this? No hurry, I'll give all of it to you."

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100 Chs

The Female Supporting Character Counterattacks, The Real Rich Daughter Wants A Divorce Everyday

Cheng Qianqian, a prodigy of the medical industry, was suddenly reclaimed by a wealthy family. The fake daughter saw her as an eyesore and imaginative enemy. Every day, she would go against Cheng Qianqian, had their siblings ostracize her, and their parents hate her. She even had Cheng Qianqian take her place in marrying the champion general, Si Yehan, who was known to be brutal and infertile. Before their marriage, the rumors went like this, “Si Yehan may be young, but it seems like he tends to be violent. He’s probably abusive at home.” “Si Yehan may have many victories to his name, but he isn’t interested in women. He must have some sort of problem in that aspect.” “Si Yehan may be rich, but he’s a control freak. Whoever marries him is unfortunate!” After their marriage, new rumors came sweeping in, saying that the legendary general had suddenly changed. From being a resolute and determined outlaw, he became a wife-loving manic who practically worshiped his wife! “My wife is obedient, sweet, and gentle. I must protect her.” “My wife is smart and virtuous. She’s so cute. I miss her every day.” “My wife is insanely rich. How can I transfer all my money to her without her finding out?” Cheng Qianqian was furious. Where was the brutal and infertile man she was promised? He was always around, so how was she to focus on her career? She had to divorce him! She didn’t want to suffer a kidney overdraft at such a young age. Si Yehan pondered before saying, “Then I’ll only do it once every night?” Cheng Qianqian replied, “Why don’t you just torture me to death?!” Si Yehan carried her up and took her away. “Although my heart will ache if I torture you too much, … your wish is my command, my wife.” Cheng Qianqian was dumbstruck. “Not that kind of torture!”

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40 Chs