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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Mo Rao was born into a family of military doctors. Her parents had risked their lives to save Fu Ying’s grandmother, so the latter forced Fu Ying to take Mo Rao in as his wife. Mo Rao always knew that Fu Ying had a dream girl named Qu Ru. This girl failed to marry Fu Ying as she desired because Fu Ying’s grandmother stopped them. After their marriage, Fu Ying was very considerate of Mo Rao. They even had high compatibility especially in bed. Fu Ying would always find himself deeply immersed in Mo Rao’s tenderness. Until one day, Fu Ying said, “Qu Ru has returned. Let’s divorce. I will transfer the property I promised you to your name.” Mo Rao said, “Can we not divorce? What if… I’m pregnant…?” Fu Ying answered heartlessly, “Abort it! I don’t want anymore obstacles to appear between me and Qu Ru. Also, Qu Ru has leukemia, and your bone marrow happens to be compatible with hers. If you’re willing to donate yours, I can promise you anything.” Mo Rao said, “What if my condition is that we don’t divorce?” Fu Ying’s eyes turned cold. “Mo Rao, don’t be too greedy. Even if I promise you for Qu Ru’s sake, you know full well that I don’t love you.” The words ‘I don’t love you’ stabbed at Mo Rao’s heart like a knife. Her smile suddenly became twisted and she was no longer the docile woman she used to be. “Fu Ying, this is the first time you repulse me so. You call me greedy, but aren’t you the same? You want me to divorce you so you can be with Qu Ru? Sure, I’ll agree to that. But you’re even dreaming that I’ll save her? Don’t forget, there’s no such thing as getting the best of both worlds in life, just like you and me.” Then Mo Rao left. Fu Ying actually felt suffocated, and this feeling drove him mad. When Mo Rao appeared once more, she had become a dazzling star. When she appeared before Fu Ying, holding hands with her new beau, Fu Ying couldn’t care less and said, “Baby, didn’t you say you would only love me?” Mo Rao smiled faintly. “Sorry, ex-husband. I was mistaken back then. You were only a replacement. I actually love someone else.”

JQK · Urban
670 Chs

I Refused to Be a Substitute, and Shot to Fame on a Variety Show With My Mother-In-Law

As a top manager, everyone constantly tries to curry favor with Li Xiwu. And due to her identity as Mrs. Pei, the rich and the powerful would always greet her politely. A celebrity instructor, and the wife of a man from a rich family... Is there anyone who would not envy her? However, only Li Xiwu knows that she is a substitute for Mr. Pei's unrequited love, and none of her titles or privileges have anything to do with her.***Losing yourself after being someone else's substitute is a tedious thing. Having gained that epiphany, Li Xiwu began to ponder how she should claim alimony of astronomical proportions from Mr. Pei. However, while she was obsessing over how to get rich from the divorce, her mother-in-law, who had always disliked her, invited her to take part in a variety show, while promising to make her rich. Li Xiwu's lips curled into a grin. "Fortune favors the brave!”At first, her mother-in-law constantly attempted to embarrass her, and netizens were all moaning about how she was the most pitiful rich daughter-in-law! Later, her mother-in-law was inseparable from Li Xiwu, and would keep bragging about her to everyone she met, leaving the netizens cheering: Leave the face-slapping to Mrs. Pei! Li Xiwu did not expect herself to shoot to fame in the variety show either. However, while she was convinced that she could get a smooth divorce afterward, her mother-in-law called her son immediately as soon as the variety show ended.“Divorce my baby, and I will disown you!”Mr. Pei: ???

Unhappy Southern Stream · General
734 Chs

The Substitute Bride and the Cripple

Tang Qiu was a substitute bride–forced to take her half-sister’s place and marry the young master of the Jiang family, a deformed cripple with less than 6 months left to live. “Who would have thought that even a sickly whelp like Jiang Shaocheng would find himself a bride?” “I hear that he’s practically on his deathbed and he’s only marrying the Fengs’ daughter to improve his lifespan.” Tang Qiu ignored the whispers around her and focused on her husband-to-be, who coughed violently in his wheelchair. At the altar, after they had said their vows, she lifted her veil and knelt in front of Jiang Shaocheng, pressing a hesitant kiss to his lips. The marriage contract was signed. No matter his physical deformities, he was now her husband. She wasn’t afraid of the scars that marked his face, nor was she repulsed by him being confined to a wheelchair. Every morning, she made him breakfast, attended to his needs, and thought of little else beyond her duties as a wife. “Young Master Jiang is a cripple who can’t get it up,” her best friend argued. “When he dies, you’ll still be untouched. You should set your sights higher.” “A sickly invalid like Jiang Shaocheng can’t give you happiness,” her ex-boyfriend insisted. “I’ll wait for you.” But Young Master Jiang only scoffed. “I have plenty of time left to be with her.” Later in their marriage, Jiang Shaocheng wanted to enjoy his little wife in all ways–the press of her lips against his, the brush of skin on skin; the way a husband and wife were supposed to. But Tang Qiu refused him, blushing. “No, we can’t. The doctor says you can’t exert yourself.” Jiang Shaocheng’s desire was surging through him, a heat in his core that demanded to be satiated. He cursed, I should have gotten rid of that doctor and the wheelchair long ago. But he yearned to make love to his little wife, and so he revealed his true identity. In the blink of an eye, the deformed cripple transformed into a powerful businessman–tall, dark, and handsome. He quieted Tang Qiu’s protests, his body positioned over hers, his arms caging her as she lay on the bed. His voice was low when he asked, “What about now?”

Night Breeze · Urban
110 Chs

The Rich Daughter Is A Mob Character, But She's Not Keeping In Line

Bei Qingqing was left to fend for herself over eighteen years before the rich Bei Family finally took her back. She found that her identity as a daughter had been replaced by the 'naive and adorable' Bei Bei, who was kept in her family. Affection grows with proximity, and that certainly applied for them — there was just no comparing the affection the Bei Family had towards Bei Bei, to the affection of their biological daughter. They had spoiled Bei Bei for eighteen years. Using Bei Qingqing’s adopted mother’s illness as leverage, the Bei Family forced Bei Qingqing to substitute Bei Bei’s marriage to a comatose man, Chen Jiazhi. It seems that Bei Bei was now all that mattered to them. Even so, Bei Qingqing married Chen Jiazhi, who had been comatose for years and said to have no chance of waking up. By doing so, she earned her two-million-yuan dowry for her adopted mother's hospital bills. Though Bei Qingqing believed that she would be widowed for life, she didn't expect an accidental kiss on their first night to wake Chen Jiazhi! Everyone in the entire Chen Family — from grandparents to uncles — are now indebted to Bei Qingqing. They all spoiled her, especially her now-awake husband Chen Jiazhi. Naturally, the Chen Family also took care of her adopted mother by providing her with better treatment! Bei Bei was left red-eyed in fury! She was supposed to be Chen Jiazhi's fiancee. His enormous wealth and affection were rightfully hers! Moreover, Bei Qingqing had health problems and couldn't get pregnant. Bei Bei will do her best and scheme to replace Bei Qingqing! Unexpectedly, however, Bei Qingqing was having morning sickness just two months after marrying despite rumors of her infertility! As for the Bei family that abandoned her? They were declining at a visible rate, and soon wouldn't even deserve to lick Bei Qingqing's shoes!

Misty · Urban
120 Chs


Jian Yu had always been a perfectionist, maybe he also suffered a bit of OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He liked everything clean and in order. He needed to recheck everything before starting the job.  Guard an Alpha, check. Be a beta, check. Gaining attention from rivalry Alpha family? Cross that out.  Flirted by said Alpha?  "My dear little Yu, please accept my love!"  Gasp!  "No! You are my client's fiancee!!" "Not anymore!" *** In this world, everyone is classified as Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alpha served as the superior, the dominant one, while omega are generally lowest on the hierarchy. Regardless of gender, all omegas have the ability to carry offspring.  Unlike Huang Jian Yu, a beta male, who can do neither. Beta are subordinate to Alpha and have a very low percentage in either giving offspring or carrying one. Even more, Beta can't form a soulbond. The population of Beta isn't even half of the population of Alpha and Omega, so little that no one actually paid attention to Betas.  Jian Yu had believed that he would never find happiness as a Beta. Why search for the happiness you can't achieve?  However, in the unexpected chaos, love bloomed. Jian Yu faces the increasing affection of two men who are inherently different from him: one an Alpha, another an Omega. Who will give the love Jianyu deserves? *** A relationship that couldn't be predicted or guaranteed. Working on it together day by day could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  A story about trusting someone to share your fears with. A story about making each other's lives fuller.

SleepyKola · LGBT+
103 Chs

I Am My Own Substitute Wife

A fire burned Wen Wan to death. Three years later, Jiang Niansheng appeared, wearing Wen Wan's face. Sheng Hanye, who failed to save Wen Wan, married Jiang Niansheng to make her Wen Wan's substitute. This was a turbulent contract marriage. He only married her for her face, and she only married him for his money. He was the aloof, domineering CEO; she was the obedient, passive contract wife. Everything changed when Jiang Niansheng realized she was indeed Wen Wan. Jiang Niansheng escaped from the marriage, determined to make Sheng Hanye pay for everything he had subjected her to during their marriage. Sheng Hanye, "Jiang Niansheng, you're mine. You've signed your autonomy away to me." Sheng Hanye, "Ah Sheng, can you forgive me? I am forever yours..."

Three Parts Sweet · General
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

A Messed Up Fairytale

Syrus was reluctant to Marry the Duke's daughter after knowing about his cunning plans. But despite his resistance, he was married to Myrtle. With no other option, he left the Palace on his wedding night. A year later on his wedding anniversary, he came back with a commoner girl named Annabelle. The Palace went into chaos and the news made many furious except for Myrtle who stood by them and protected Annabelle at every turn. Syrus thought it was one of her new plans on gaining his favor until Myrtle did the unthinkable that made Syrus realize her intentions.

Bubble_GuM · Urban
Not enough ratings
138 Chs

Curing My Comatose Husband On Our Wedding Night

Second Young Master Shen, the richest man in the capital, was a living man in a vegetative state. He had been lying in bed for seven years. Old Master Shen had chanced upon a fortune teller who claimed that the daughter of a widow living in the countryside with the surname Wang could bring Second Young Master Shen good fortune. Maybe he might still have a chance to live. This widow with the surname Wang was Qu Yue's adoptive mother. Her adoptive mother could not bear to part with her precious daughter, so she coerced Qu Yue to marry into the Shen family. "Your younger sister has a good boyfriend and is currently pregnant. If she marries over, the Shen family will not let us off! We've raised you for so many years, and now we're sending you to be the young lady of a wealthy family. What else do you have to be unsatisfied about?" Eventually, Qu Yue became the bride that was supposed to turn the Shen family's misfortune around. She knew that once she was sent to the Shen family, she would become the scapegoat if she could not cure Second Young Master Shen's illness. Everyone was waiting to see this ridiculous superstition fail. Unexpectedly, Second Young Master Shen awakened on the night of their marriage. Even so, there were still people who laughed at how the Second Young Mistress was a country bumpkin. The next day, someone revealed that the Second Young Mistress, Qu Yue, had the face of an angel but the body of a succubus. The public continued to lash out at her. "No matter how good looking she is, she's just a flower vase. Second Young Master Shen would never fall for a woman who came from the countryside like her." Despite the rumors, Shen Ting defended her. "My precious wife is my lucky star. Today, all the lights in the streets light up for you, Yue'er."

Change My Penname After Losing Ten Jins · Urban
Not enough ratings
40 Chs