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A Stern Mistress from the Ancient Past Becomes the Cannon-Fodder in a Wealthy Family

Yuan Shu died on the most glorious day of her life. She came from a family of generals and was the mistress of a wealthy family in the ancient past. She was responsible for a family with several hundred family members. Before she died, the emperor even awarded her the Imperial Mandate Mrs. Yuan title. Her life was full of glamor.However, after waking up one day, she realized she had transmigrated into a book. She became the cannon fodder who used cunning means to get married to the male lead. She was also destined to get a divorce and die young! Moreover, as soon as she transmigrated, she was faced with the problems left behind by the male lead after he disappeared. These included his rumored mistress, who showed up pregnant, his second brother, who often went missing in search of excitement, his third sister, who was an idiot, his fouth brother, who often got into fights and could never hold down a job, and his fifth brother who was a man of duplicity and had a twisted personality. The male lead also had many enemies who were waiting for their next prey.While Yuan Shu wasn't quite bothered by the other stuff, she felt an itch in her hand, which happened to have a whip, while she looked at the male lead's four problematic siblings. Before she transmigrated, all the children in her family were people who contributed to society. She could not tolerate losers like those in front of her.She didn't mind discussing the matter of divorce later. The most important thing before she got a divorce was bringing these four kids back on track! Hence, when the missing male lead returned, he realized everything had changed!His second brother, who had just won the best actor award and stood on stage while receiving his award, said, "I would like to thank my sister-in-law. Without her, I wouldn't be standing here today."His third sister got into a prestigious university in the country. "I would like to thank my sister-in-law..."His fourth brother stood on stage at a diplomatic event. "I would like to thank my sister-in-law..."His fifth brother brought glory to the country. "I would like to thank my sister-in-law..."Even his past enemies openly showed their admiration for his wife.'What happened to this world?' Shi Xiao thought to himself. He went missing, but he didn't die. So why was everyone waiting in line to marry his wife?

Mountain Springs · General
360 Chs

I Have a Shop of Infinite Resources

Because she was obsessed with survival games, Tang Su was forewarned in her dream. She hoarded resources like crazy before she transmigrated into a survival romance game, becoming the gold-digger female support character. She would end up tormented by the female lead, and her family, who used to spoil her, were destroyed as well. As for the female lead? Six big shots with different personalities spoiled her as she rose to the top. However, Tang Su had a shop with billions of resources, so she did not care. Outdoors, she could destroy monsters and build bases; indoors, she could make gourmet food and build squads, leading her family as they traveled across the world where dangers lurked everywhere. She made her three brothers the champions of the world and took in the lonesome final boss, living such a great life that the female lead was jealous. The final boss was handsome, aloof, and ruthless, though he was more than that in private. While he kept everyone at arm's length, he was more than affectionate towards Tang Su, restraining his cruelty just to get her. He carefully disguised himself as a minion and willingly revealed his fatal weakness to her, giving her all his tenderness. Unable to resist him, Tang Su obediently submitted to him. After all, everyone's heart would race when they saw the final boss spoiling his wife! However, what was wrong with those six big shots? Why were they saying that they didn't mind another comrade? Big shots: Tang Su, we can warm your bed for you...Shen Zhiting: Haha! Dream on!

Qiao Zhiyi · General
453 Chs

The Number One Big Shot in History: When a Witch Turns Into a Young Lady

Qi Ying, a young lady from a rich family, went missing for 19 years. Everyone made a bet that having grown up in the countryside, she would be ugly and impolite. There was no way she could compare to the fake young lady who was raised by rich folks and had already become famous. Little did they know, Qi Ying was a genius witch who transmigrated from another realm. She could end someone's life with a single phrase. On top of that, she was gorgeous and had a great personality that was rare in this world. Those who did not know the truth waited for the opportunity to laugh at her. Qi Ying's biological parents prioritized benefits and wanted to marry her off to Yan Huai, a comatose man who would soon die, in the fake young lady's place! Qi Ying's parents thought they would need to try very hard to persuade her, but she was here precisely for this man! The two of them had terrible fates. One was destined to live a short life because of his ridiculous luck, while the other was destined to die young because of her special abilities. However, when the two of them got together, they would have a chance to turn their lives around! Qi Ying had come precisely for this opportunity. However, her idea of saving someone and being rescued in return ended up bringing a clingy man into her life. On the night of a dinner party, Qi Ying showed up in a red dress that made her look stunningly beautiful. Due to her special abilities, countless big shots succumbed to her charm. Yan Huai, who was the man of many famous women's dreams, chuckled and stepped forward. "There's no way I can ever repay you. Why don't I offer you my body instead, honey?"

JQK · General
40 Chs

The Real Rich Daughter's Brothers are Crying after Her True Identity was Revealed

Ning Xiang is the daughter of a wealthy family but was sent to live in a backwater village for twenty years because of a laughable prediction. Still, she was hopeful when she finally returned to her family, only to find out that they had adopted a daughter they spoiled rotten after sending her away—there was no place for her already! In fact, her own brothers and parents considered her vulgar, scorned her, and insulted her, comparing her to the adopted daughter in every way. Despondent, Ning Xiang went to a bar to get drunk with her bestie and accidentally slept with the man whom the adopted daughter nursed unrequited affection for many years. While Ning Xiang thought it would be a one-night stand, the man came knocking on her door, intent on marrying her!"Marriage is a serious matter. Let me think about it." "What, so you're going the pump-and-dump route? I am a loyal man, and you will take responsibility. We will get married, and that's final—10 am tomorrow!"With that, Ning Xiang had a flash marriage with the most powerful man of Country H! At the same time, the so-called gentle, kind, and cultured adopted daughter became corrupted! As she bared her fangs, the Ning family was almost destroyed. In contrast, Ning Xiang, whom they had always scorned, revealed her multiple identities: hacker, genius investor, queen of financial institutions, and a miracle doctor... Leaving the Ning family regretting their actions! Her four brothers were kneeling by her feet, begging for forgiveness, while that overbearing man scooped her up in his arms and left the Ning family, crying and begging while he snapped impatiently, "Leave! Don't be an eyesore for my wife!"

Ideal Belly · General
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

The Female Supporting Character Counterattacks, The Real Rich Daughter Wants A Divorce Everyday

Cheng Qianqian, a prodigy of the medical industry, was suddenly reclaimed by a wealthy family. The fake daughter saw her as an eyesore and imaginative enemy. Every day, she would go against Cheng Qianqian, had their siblings ostracize her, and their parents hate her. She even had Cheng Qianqian take her place in marrying the champion general, Si Yehan, who was known to be brutal and infertile. Before their marriage, the rumors went like this, “Si Yehan may be young, but it seems like he tends to be violent. He’s probably abusive at home.” “Si Yehan may have many victories to his name, but he isn’t interested in women. He must have some sort of problem in that aspect.” “Si Yehan may be rich, but he’s a control freak. Whoever marries him is unfortunate!” After their marriage, new rumors came sweeping in, saying that the legendary general had suddenly changed. From being a resolute and determined outlaw, he became a wife-loving manic who practically worshiped his wife! “My wife is obedient, sweet, and gentle. I must protect her.” “My wife is smart and virtuous. She’s so cute. I miss her every day.” “My wife is insanely rich. How can I transfer all my money to her without her finding out?” Cheng Qianqian was furious. Where was the brutal and infertile man she was promised? He was always around, so how was she to focus on her career? She had to divorce him! She didn’t want to suffer a kidney overdraft at such a young age. Si Yehan pondered before saying, “Then I’ll only do it once every night?” Cheng Qianqian replied, “Why don’t you just torture me to death?!” Si Yehan carried her up and took her away. “Although my heart will ache if I torture you too much, … your wish is my command, my wife.” Cheng Qianqian was dumbstruck. “Not that kind of torture!”

Mist · Urban
40 Chs

Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl

Shu Yu transmigrated to become a mob character, exiled into oblivion after appearing twice after helping the female side character who kept trying to dig a deeper hole for herself. Realizing she couldn't change the outcome, Shu Yu decided to just goof off. But even before the exile came, she was suddenly told that she was not a daughter of the Shu family. She was born to a farmer's family, who were so poor they couldn't afford to repair their leaking house. Having decided to eliminate the tarnishing of their good name, Shu Yu's adopted family decided to murder her. Shu Yu: Come on, see who dies. Returning to her biological family, the sight of a plate of salted vegetables, a barely-full bowl of rice, and her real parents' nervous looks, she finally sighed. No more goofing off, or she's going to starve to death.

Three Dates · Urban
580 Chs

After Mastering Fate, I Reshaped Life With My Son

Song Yao had a dream. She dreamed that she was the mother of a major villain in a novel. The novel happened to encapsulate the world she lived in! In the novel, Song Yao was a side character whose background was briefly touched upon by the author. However, those lines aptly described her miserable life. She also managed to 'see' her short life through the words written in the novel. In the novel, her son was the villain hated by everyone. He came between the female lead and male lead, and his life was ended by a single bullet from the male lead during the war. This all started because of Song Yao's husband. When their son was six months old, Song Yao's husband secretly gave him away to his comrade. The reason for this was that he had caused an injury to his comrade that made him lose the ability to procreate. After being given away, their son ended up becoming the victim of human trafficking. He managed to escape and began his life of wandering. In the worst moments of his life, he bumped into the female lead. She was the only guiding light in his life. In order to become worthy of the female lead, he committed many crimes. He eventually fell into an abyss. Meanwhile, Song Yao also went through many ordeals after her son was taken away. She suffered from a miscarriage, infertility, her husband's betrayal, and another woman taking over her place in the family. She never even got the chance to see her son for the last time. After waking up from her dream, Song Yao only had one thought on her mind. She was going to rescue herself and her son by nipping things in the bud! She wanted to leave the jerk, who would eventually abandon her and their son, to create a brand-new life that belonged to her alone!

JQK · Urban
270 Chs