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Global Dungeon: My Support Is Too Strong

# DUNGEON On a certain day, dungeons from another dimension suddenly appeared on Earth and monsters started to invade human civilization. Humans were forced to form hunting parties to conquer dungeons. Hunters can be separated into different jobs, including Knights, Warriors, Archers, Magicians, Assassins, and Supporters. Each job had its own responsibility when they fought together. When Lu Benwei was transmigrated to this world, he got the weakest job and became a Supporter. Fortunately, he received the One-click Support System. Resource Support: Click to receive 10x experience, 10x item drop, 10x money drop. Walk Through Wall Support: Click to increase speed and unlock the ability to walk through walls. There’s no place that you can’t go in the dungeons. X-Ray Vision Support: Click to clear the fog and locate every hidden chest and mission. Health Lock Support: Click to lock your health. You’ll be immune to any damage for a set amount of time. Storage Support: Click to expand your storage. You can store as many items, pets, and runes as you want. “He can walk through walls, has X-ray vision, and invincibility? You call that a support system? He’s basically hacking!” “I’m not hacking!” Lu Benwei replied.

dogecoin · Magical Realism

Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

# SSS # COPY This was the apocalypse. Humanity was at the brink of extinction, all resources were exhausted, and the entire world was in ruins. Just then, enormous, mysterious black towers appeared in various locations across the globe. Inside the towers, there were huge amounts of resources. The greater the number of floors of the towers, the more resources it contained. However, corresponding to that, there were also more powerful beasts protecting them. The only way for one to obtain what he desires is to become stronger and defeat them. As such, at the demand of the Global Federal Government, teenagers who are of age have to go to the towers to awaken their talents. Liu yan, who had transmigrated here, awakened the SSS-rank talent: “God-tier Extraction.” Extract the impurities, and increase the power level of his equipment. Extract the beasts, and obtain resources to level up. Until one day, he realized that he could extract the stats and talents of other people… This marked the beginning of Liu yan's journey of endless harvesting.

Light Tower Ascension · Fantasy

Global Tamer: My Tamed Beasts Are All Humanoids

"When Su Xing woke up, he realized he had been transmigrated to a world of beast tamers. Wild beasts rampaged outside cities, while evil societies were experimenting on genetic modification. As the gods began to wake, the world was only thrown into even more chaos. Only the beast tamers with extraordinary powers could take care of these problems. When he got to this world, Su Xing received an SSS-grade talent, the Humanoid Contract. The first thing he had tamed was an egg and he became a laughing stock until something extraordinary happened. [Holy Angel] SSS-grade Light Beast. Proficient in cleansing and healing. [Seven Sins Demon] SSS-grade Dark Beast. Proficient in stunning and debuffing. [Wind Spirit] SSS-grade Wind Beast. Proficient in crowd controls. [Nine-tailed Fox Girl] SSS-grade Fire Beast. Proficient in single-target attacks. [Guardian Valkyrie] SSS-grade Earth Beast. Proficient in absolute defense. Su Xing’s eyes were thrown wide open when he looked at these gorgeous and hot beasts and gulped."

Coil Tower · Magical Realism

How Many Dragons Are Too Many for A Dragon Tamer

Everyone in the city got a job. Some became warriors who were courageous while others became intelligent magicians. Wei Can was able to awaken an SSSSS-grade unique job, the Dragon Tamer. However, dragons were so hard to find that they almost only existed in legends. Fortunately, he also received a system and was rewarded with the Dragon Radar Technique. With that, he was able to learn that Xu Yaoyue, the prettiest girl in school, had awakened the Frost Divine Dragon job and was able to tame her. “Umm… To be honest, the Divine Dragon job is actually our family’s heritage. My twin sister is the Flame Divine Dragon, my cousin is the Dark Divine Dragon, and my best friend is the Light Divine Dragon. Do you want to try and form contracts with them as well?” When Wei Can looked at his divine dragons clearing the paths for him, he said, “As a dragon tamer, it’s okay for me to have more than a few dragons, right?”

dragonball · Fantasy

Global Farming: Starting With A Full-leveled Farm

In the Year 2050, everyone from the blue planet was transmigrated into a game known as Global Farmer Online. In the world, everyone had to build their own farm to fight unknown enemies. Su Luo was one of the top 10 players. When he was challenging the final boss, he lost his life because of an unknown bug. However, he opened his eyes and realized that he had returned back to 10 years ago just before the game had started. Because of that bug, his full-leveled farm was retained. [Farm LV99]: Able to plant all spirit plants. Growth rate x100. Harvest x100. Spirit plant’s effect x100. [Pasture LV99]: Able to raise all spirit beasts. Incubators fully occupied. Incubation speed x100. [Mine LV99]: Chance of obtaining highest-grade ore x100. [Smithy LV99]: Able to craft all equipment. Success rate 100%. All crafted equipment will come with at least one random special effect.

Emminence Of Shadow · Video Games