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The Sinners' Queen

It's a simple but complicated story of how a girl buried in debt obtained the Immoral System and how this same girl evolved from a pure and weak girl into someone entirely different. Join the exciting ride. Be warned though. Once again, be warned. It's all about .... ................. EDIT: Can't say for sure but I'll probably go the seven deadly sins route. Thanks for all the support! Of course, more support will still be and will always be appreciated. Come, VOTE YOUR POWER STONES! XD ................ PS: Pic's not mine. All credits go to its rightful owner. ..................... HEAVY REMINDER: NO ONE AGED 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED (in case the parental restriction is not showing below). KIDS AND THOSE SENSITIVE TO DARK ISSUES, I'M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE DON'T EXPLORE THIS IMMORAL STORY, THANK YOU!!! Another Reminder: MC's growth is kind of slow. #ImmoralSystem #Romance #Mystery/Gore #FemaleProtagonist #BadassML #Fantasy #Modern/Contemporary #SystemWithPersonality #Weak-To-Strong-Protagonist .................... Last one. XD Please try to visit my other novel too. Title: Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess Link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/12925525506052005/Quick-Transmigration%3A-Saving-The-Crazy-Villainess ... Violent reactions or inquiries? Reach out to me through Discord: Ifallforblue#5480

FallenBlue · Magical Realism

we met online

Anya is an 18 year old girl that had a drama free and quiet life. Until she met her 1st love online, her life went in shambles. a rom-come/drama that will make us travel through an ocean of emotions, love, treason, friendship, pain ... and learning to heal and trust again. #romance #youngadult #femaleprotagonist #handsomemale #lovetriangle #drama #comedy

coldcaffeine · Romance

Masako's Life In An Abandoned World

This story revolves around Masako, a failed artificial human project. Without any form of consciousness or will it was left withering away while the world fell unto chaos... With a miracle of obtaining free will, they awoken only to be left on an abandoned world where any signs of intelligence were extinguished. Follow through Masako's life in an abandoned world. ° ° ° This is my first time writing so I really appreciate it if there are any constructive criticism. It would be a great help for me to know what aspects I need to improve. ° ° ° Tags: #dark #darkfantasy #femaleprotagonist #genderbend #genderbender #horror #loli #original #reincarnation #science-fantasy #sliceoflife #tragedy

Masaiya_Ako · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Space Patroller Miya

In the year 2025, Earth was conquered by an alien race known as the Ya’Valt: Humanoid extraterrestrials that are savage and have a neverending bloodlust. The humans they decided not to kill were molested, imprisoned, and tortured. Years later, the females whose offspring were part Ya’valt due to sexual abuse were given a choice of death or joining the Space Patrol. The story follows 16-yr-old Miya Yuna, a newly inducted Space Patroller who tries to go on about life despite her spontaneous crew and tragic mishaps. Chapters are posted weekly on Mondays and Fridays. For Book Updates and Meaningful Chats, Join Our Discord: My7k4vsV4a Interested in Advanced Chapters and Art? Check out my Patreon: @WinterTimeCrime Tags: #mature #action #adventure #horror #mature #psychological #sci-fi #seinen #tragedy #ArtificialIntelligence #Cold-Protagonist #Corruption #Cosmic-Wars #Cruel-Characters #Cyberpunk #Dark #Depictions-of-Cruelty #Disfigurement #Drugs #Dystopia #FemaleProtagonist #Firearms #FuturisticSetting #Gore #Gunfighters #Introverted-Protagonist #Murders #OuterSpace #PastTrauma #Post-apocalyptic #Psychopaths #Ruthless-Protagonist #WorldTravel #Spaceship #Space #Educational #LightNovel

WinterTimeCrime · Sci-fi


Synopsis "Let's get out of here." ... Between the circle of rich people, there was a tradition held for centuries. By generation, each family have to take turns to offer someone from their lineage, for their wealth to not be taken away from them. The younger generations knew nothing of it, and would just wonder when one of them is missing. But they would just be told he/she went abroad to continue his/her studies. Tags: #cn #YourFavVillainess #sacrifice #practice #wronged #femaleprotagonist #strongcharacter #handsomemalelead #drama #apocalypse

YourFavVillainess · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Villain’s Bodyguard

Meng Yin, a shut in, dies of a broken heart when the author of a novel kills off her favorite character. She wakes up as a mob character of that very same novel called Ru Gu Meng. Realizing that she had transmigrated in the same novel of the character who gave life to her horrible world, she swears to make sure that this time he won’t be the one that dies. Reborn as a princess of a lowly kingdom, Meng has to dig herself up through political turmoil and murderous sect’s to protect the only light she has left. Follow Ru Gu Meng into a mystical world of cultivation, demons, and magic. Where she uses her intellect, power, and instinct to carve a way for the person she will always protect. No matter the cost, those who harm the one’s she protects will die! ——————————————————————— *Main character is not sane at all at the first part of the story due to extreme child abuse. Therefore while reading the story please keep that in mind if she accidentally or meaningfully murders some people or acts wildly. *The main character does not start out smart as she is literally a shut in who has only been outside a few times in her entire life. *Release: Book is being edited. *Picture does not belong to me. *Tags: [Femaleprotagonist] [Reincarnation] [Yandere] [AntiHero]

Sleepwrite · Romance

The Demon in a Beauty

Sid ZouMing, a pretty, sweet, charming girl who withholds the title of 'Fearsome beauty', changing to a demoness. ZouMi full of intelligent, sharpness, beauty with a tragic past and a single aim REVENGE, from everyone. After a downfall, she took years to comeback like a Queen, ruling the world, her brothers by her side, with unimaginable union and abilities. On the other hand, Gu Huan, a famous actor, musician, and many hidden talents, secretes with in him. Their paths would collide, and it was written thousand years ago, with an element called... Love. What will happen, when these, two pole apart humans, falls in love? 'The journey of life isn't that easy, as it seems.' -No prolonged misunderstandings, no heartbreaks. -Story involves six couples, including the main. -Don't know the copyright holder of the cover, if said, it will be removed. -Updates: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Discord: qunin_e#2529 Instragram- @Qunin_e Tags: #romance #love #femaleprotagonist #mysteries #friendship #revenge

Qunin_e · Sci-fi

Endless one

Being treated differently compared to her brother by her mother, was a heart-burn. She took all the faults and blames. And arguments were always only focussed on her. Elayne couldn't take her forever growing jealousy so she decide to runaway. Her plans of a runaway test to see just how much her family cared for her turned into her worst nightmare. She meets what would become the start of her tragic story..…. HER STALKER. A delusional yet somewhat deadly psychopath falls in love and will do anything to make his woman happy. Those who tried to harm her were destined to meet their doom... only if Elayne pleaded with a consequence. *****This is the story of Elayne and her Stalker, Sherman, who also goes through thick and thin with everything just to make Elayne his. And HIS ONLY!!!!!!!!***** #femaleprotagonist #lovestory #forcedmarriage #arrogance #toxic

sowan · Romance
Not enough ratings