The Demon in a Beauty Book

novel - Sci-fi

The Demon in a Beauty


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Sid ZouMing, a pretty, sweet, charming girl who withholds the title of 'Fearsome beauty', changing to a demoness. ZouMi full of intelligent, sharpness, beauty with a tragic past and a single aim REVENGE, from everyone. After a downfall, she took years to comeback like a Queen, ruling the world, her brothers by her side, with unimaginable union and abilities. On the other hand, Gu Huan, a famous actor, musician, and many hidden talents, secretes with in him. Their paths would collide, and it was written thousand years ago, with an element called... Love. What will happen, when these, two pole apart humans, falls in love? 'The journey of life isn't that easy, as it seems.' -No prolonged misunderstandings, no heartbreaks. -Story involves six couples, including the main. -Don't know the copyright holder of the cover, if said, it will be removed. -Updates: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Discord: qunin_e#2529 Instragram- @Qunin_e Tags: #romance #love #femaleprotagonist #mysteries #friendship #revenge