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Endless one


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Being treated differently compared to her brother by her mother, was a heart-burn. She took all the faults and blames. And arguments were always only focussed on her. Elayne couldn't take her forever growing jealousy so she decide to runaway. Her plans of a runaway test to see just how much her family cared for her turned into her worst nightmare. She meets what would become the start of her tragic story..…. HER STALKER. A delusional yet somewhat deadly psychopath falls in love and will do anything to make his woman happy. Those who tried to harm her were destined to meet their doom... only if Elayne pleaded with a consequence. *****This is the story of Elayne and her Stalker, Sherman, who also goes through thick and thin with everything just to make Elayne his. And HIS ONLY!!!!!!!!***** #femaleprotagonist #lovestory #forcedmarriage #arrogance #toxic