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My Rich Wife

"Three years into Qin Yu's marriage, his wife and in-laws all hated him. On a fateful day, he found out that his wife was cheating on him, and she chased him out of their house. Just as Qin Yu was completely devastated, the daughter of the prestigious Yan Family of Jing City came to him. She handed him his father's will and a contract of his and her marriage. Years later, whenever people talked of Qin Yu, he was either the Holy Healer, Master of Martial, the Apex Cultivator, and more. Qin Yu had become the strongest legend that had ever existed. However, Qin Yu denied all the praises, saying that he was a man that loved his wife a lot."

Taibai And A Qin · Urban
2754 Chs

My Wife is a Psychic

Jiang Xi, the warden of a mental asylum, transmigrated one day and became a girl from a farming village who had three engagements annulled and hanged herself three times. Jiang Xi: That's ridiculous!Jiang Xi was a psychic who could make predictions come true just by talking. If she claimed that someone's house would collapse, it would collapse the next day, even if it was structurally sound. In her previous life, her predictions were a little too real for her family. They were spooked by her abilities and left her at that asylum. She was unconcerned and adapted to life there like a duck to water. Though she managed to get promoted to warden after much difficulty, she suddenly transmigrated, and everything was suddenly the way it was before. She studied her leaking house and sighed to herself. Whatever. She would live life one day at a time, then.When her mother clumsily ruined the family's crops, Jiang Xi assured her: They would be fine tomorrow.Her mother wiped her tears and woke up the following day to check on the crops... only to find that the ruined sprouts were budding! During the dry season, Jiang Xi's father stared dolefully at the crops that looked like they were going to wither and die. Jiang Xi simply pursed her lips and said: There will be a downpour soon.Jiang Xi's father doubted her words. But three days later, a downpour came, and he looked just like a happy child.Everyone in the village began to call Jiang Xi a lucky star, and the village head was willing to yield his position to her so that she would lead the village to riches. Bachelors proposed to her and came to her house with generous gifts even though they used to scorn her, but a tanned, muscular man with rough facial features stood in their way before they could reach the Jiangs' house.Zhao Xiping pointed at Jiang Xi and declared loudly: My wife! Mine!

Mountain Spring · General
370 Chs

My Ex Wants Me So Badly After Divorce

# WIFE-CHASING Su Wan had loved Jing Chen for ten years, and she was married to him for two years. Jing Chen had always been the husband, no matter when they were alone or in public. He remembered their anniversary and would prepare gifts for her on every special occasion. She was the apple of his eye, and he treated her like a precious treasure. He liked her body to the point that it could be said that he was obsessed with it. However, only Su Wan knew that Jing Chen was just acting like a perfect husband because he was a man of his words. She would never forget what he told her when they got married, "I can marry you, but I already have someone I love. Our marriage will last for three years. Three years later, you’ll be the one to propose the divorce to Grandpa." So, on their second anniversary, when Jing Chen took the divorce papers out and put it in front of her, Su Wan was not surprised. She secretly put her pregnancy test away. "Although it's not yet three years as promised, Bai Lian is back. I can make it up to you," said Jing Chen. Su Wan nodded calmly, "Okay." "You will be the one that asks Grandpa for a divorce. Tell him that you already have someone you like. Even if Grandpa doesn’t want to agree, he won't reject you," Jing Chen said. Su Wan nodded, "Got it, but... is it a must to divorce? What if I say we have a baby?" Jing Chen replied, "Su Wan, there are no ifs in my world. I had always taken contraceptive measures. Even if there's really an accident, I'll make sure that it disappears. I won’t leave this risk behind." On his wedding day, Su Wan's baby was born prematurely. Su Wan was involved in a car accident, and the scene was filled with blood. Laying in a pool of gore, Su Wan hugged her stomach tightly, desperate to protect it. Later, there were rumors that said that Jing Chen abandoned his bride that day. He held his ex-wife's cold body for a whole week, not allowing it to be buried. Jing Chen was driven over the edge. Until one day, Su Wan brushed past him with two adorable babies...

JQK · Urban
570 Chs

Mi esposa es millonaria

Incluso luego de tres años de estar casado, todos odian a Qin Yu, incluidos su esposa y su familia política. Un fatídico día, descubrió que su mujer lo engañaba. Pero ella terminó echándolo de la casa, dejándolo desolado. Pero en su peor momento, la hija de la prestigiosa familia Yan de la ciudad de Jing se acercó a él. Le moestró el testamento de su padre y le pidió matrimonio. Años más tarde, todos alababan a Qin Yu. Se había convertido en un Curandero Sagrado, el mejor luchador marcial un cultivador del más alto nivel, y mucho más. Ahora, era una leyenda viviente, la más impresionante que había existido. Sin embargo, él siempre negaba todas las alabanzas, diciendo que era un simple un hombre que amaba a su esposa.

Taibai And A Qin · Urban
40 Chs

The Divine Healer Gets a Divorce after Reincarnating!

Before her death, Xia Wan has seen her own family being set up and killed, her beloved recognizing the wrong person as his savior, and their engagement party! Even her upperclassman had run a blade through her chest, snarling spitefully, "Xia Bing will have everything with your death! It was Xia Bing again! She stole all of Xia Wan's accomplishments and her lover's, but wanted her dead as well! And yet, Xia Wan could not say a word against her! However, when she thought that her death was inevitable, Xia Wan was reincarnated to a day 18 years ago, when her whole family was still alive and before all tragedy began! This time, she swore that she will have her family stay safe, healthy and happy. Insincere skanks trying to stop her? She slapped them until they cry! Scumbags wanting to date her? Xia Wan: Sorry, you're too ugly. After chasing off everyone and finally earning some peace, Xia Wan was going to sleep when someone knocked on her door. She opened it to find her beloved from the last life!"Do I happen to fit your type?" The sight of his white shirt and slightly bared chest left Xia Wan clutching her bleeding nose. Xia Wan: Men are too sexy in a white shirt! This is against the rules! A certain man: That doesn't matter. Bringing my wife home is more important!

Dream Coffee · General
610 Chs

After Getting a Divorce, I Continued Being a Miracle Doctor

Three years ago, Miracle Doctor Jian, who could heal practically any disease and was capable of saving the doomed, suddenly went missing. Nobody knew that Jian Xing'er got married. After years of being alone, she finally found a man she could settle down with. She secretly moved to Hai City and helped the downtrodden Hou family and Hou Junlai, the man she loved. Hou Junlai's career began to soar because of her. At a very young age, he became a renowned individual in Hai City. Little did Jian Xing'er know, her peaceful days wouldn't last more than three years. She was suddenly served with a divorce agreement. Hou Junlai abandoned Jian Xing'er just like that. After signing the divorce agreement, Jian Xing'er picked up her luggage and decided to leave Hai City, the place that hurt her very soul. Right then, a patient seeking help barged in and messed up her plan. "Master Jian is the best doctor in the world. Does anyone disagree with me? Whoever goes against Master Jian goes against the entire Zhuge family!" A mysterious person said."Xing'er, marry me. I will give you everything you want. Even if you want the moon in the sky, I will try to get it for you!" A local tycoon said. "Xing'er, you saved me. I'm indebted to you for the rest of my life. You can't ignore me! I want to be with you every day. We'll eat together, sleep together, and have children together. I'm never letting you go!" A young master in the capital city said.

Chrysanthemum Bean · General
170 Chs

My Ex-wife Is Beautiful After Divorce

The night she decided to divorce Qi Yu, Song Nian was no longer the same demure person that she used to be—she tossed and turned like a feisty wild cat in his embrace. Between the sheets, Qi Yu asked Song Nian why in a raspy voice. With a hint of redness that tinged the curves of her eyes, Song Nian unleashed her every facet in front of him. "This is the last time. Of course, we should have fun." The next morning, Song Nian left behind a divorce agreement and left with a flick of her sleeves. She could not win Qi Yu's heart after five years of marriage. Song Nian was tired of that kind of life. She had money, looks, and a good figure. Why must she limit herself to hanging on this crooked tree called Qi Yu forever? One month into their divorce, Young Master Qi, who had always been cold and restrained, got drunk. When his friend carried him home from the bar, his friend grumbled, "If you don't want a divorce, don't get a divorce. What's the point of getting drunk every day?" Qi Yu narrowed his eyes and sneered. "Who doesn't want a divorce? I'm very happy to get a divorce!" The news of Song Nian's marriage with the Lu family spread like wildfire. On the day of the engagement, Young Master Qi destroyed the engagement venue and lifted Song Nian on his shoulder in front of everyone. In the remote forest villa, Qi Yu pinned Song Nian under him, displaying her stunning figure clad in her fishtail wedding dress. His eyes were cold and arrogant. "You want to marry someone else? Dream on!"

Intruding Wind · Urban
40 Chs

I Got Divorced as Soon as I Transmigrated Into a Book!

# PRETENDTOBEAFOOL Even though Bai Yun’s parents died when she was young, her grandfather was a retired special forces soldier and her grandmother was from a cultural art troupe. Both of them loved her a lot. One taught her how to defend herself with martial arts, while the other taught her all she needed to know about life. Bai Yun worked hard too, and at twenty-three years old, she won her first international actress award. However, on the happiest day of her life, she transmigrated into an extremely melodramatic novel. She became a lowly female cannon fodder who was written off in less than three chapters. In the book, Bai Yun had lived in a repressed environment since she was young, which made her cowardly as well as lacking in opinion and love. That made her an easy target for bad guys. Her only friend regarded her as a tool and wanted to sell Bai Yun to pave a way for herself. Bai Yun’s husband also decided to leave her because she filed for divorce three times a day, and he fell for someone else. Before her career in the entertainment industry took off, she was cursed and scolded on public platforms for her poor acting and her continuous blunders. Bai Yun, who had just transmigrated, didn’t even have time to adjust to her new identity when divorce papers were thrown at her. Bai Yun: “Can we stay together?” Chu Jiang: “It’s too late.” “Okay.”Since their marriage couldn’t be saved, Bai Yun decisively signed the papers and proactively went about saving her acting career that was on the verge of collapsing at any time. When netizens first saw Bai Yun appearing on the screen: “She’s yesterday’s news already, yet she’s still trying to turn things around? If she can do it, I’ll stand upside down and wash my hair.”Later, in an online drama, she was devastatingly beautiful and her dancing charmed everyone’s hearts. On variety shows, she relied on her attitude and strength to turn the tables and become the national goddess. A brand that was about to go bankrupt asked Bai Yun to be their spokesperson. People clamored for the goods, and the crisis was successfully overcome! As Bai Yun’s worth and brilliance spread further, many more people and fans couldn’t help but worry about their idol’s marriage. Just when the fans were matchmaking Bai Yun with the men in the entertainment industry, a certain man couldn’t sit still any longer.“Darling, I was wrong. Can we remarry?”

Mountain Spring · General
40 Chs