Mr. Fu Regrets After Divorce Book

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Mr. Fu Regrets After Divorce

Mountain Spring

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She had been married to Fu Ting for six years now, and her mother—in—law had been scolding her behind her back, calling her a chicken that cannot lay an egg. Yet little did she know that Fu Ting had never really fulfilled his role as a husband with her. She always knew that there was someone else in Fu Ting's heart— Miao Man. Mu Ran had been in love with Fu Ting for over ten odd years. It was until six years ago when she rescued Miao Man that Fu Ting allowed her a request. So, Mu Ran mustered her courage and mentioned that she wanted to marry Fu Ting. That was the thought she had when she first met him in high school. When the doctor initially diagnosed that Miao Man had no possibility of ever waking up again, Fu Ting followed on his promise and married Mu Ran. It was until that one day when Fu Ting came home with a cold look in his eyes. Manman is coming home, and you move out tomorrow. Mustering the last of her courage, Mu Ran spat. "And if I say no?" "Get lost." Fu Ting said succinctly. She could see the disgust and hatred in his eyes. So, it turned out that in their six years of marriage, all of the things she suffered and gave, they held no water compared to the long—lost moonlight of his heart. Taking off her oily apron, Mu Ran changed into a white dress, and when they met again, she was happy in the arms of another man. Yet, Fu Ting's expression was extremely cold. "You're already looking for another man so quickly after our divorce?" "That is my own matter, and has nothing to do with you, Mr. Fu, no?" She said with a smile.


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