Let’s Divorce!

Author: Mountain Springs
Ongoing · 362.6K Views
  • 40 Chs
  • 2.4
    22 ratings
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What is Let’s Divorce!

Read ‘Let’s Divorce!’ Online for Free, written by the author Mountain Springs, This book is a Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, RICHFAMILY Light Novel, MARYSUE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: “You’re pregnant. The baby looks to be six weeks old and is healthy. Congratulations!” Xia Ran was uncontrollably happy...


“You’re pregnant. The baby looks to be six weeks old and is healthy. Congratulations!” Xia Ran was uncontrollably happy at the doctor's words. Mu Hua had always wanted a child with her, and now she could finally fulfill his wish to become a father. However, her happiness only lasted until she arrived home. There was an unfamiliar woman in her and Mu Hua’s home, and her beloved husband was speaking cruel words to her in his deep voice. “After she gives birth, I’ll divorce her.” Mu Hua, a professor at S Univerisity and CEO of Mu Group, was elegant and noble, and was also Xia Ran’s patron. He was the only ray of light in Xia Ran’s life. So, when Mu Hua proposed to have a fake marriage with her, she didn't refuse. When he brought up having a child with her, she didn’t refuse either. She thought that their fake marriage would naturally become real once they had children, and that she could really be happy with the light of her life. But now, it seemed that her dream was about to shatter? Xia Ran refused to accept this so easily. She tried her best to save her marriage, but was instead hurt over and over…Finally, Xia Ran gave up. She handed over the divorce agreement and left the place that held so many sad memories for her. However, that heartless man was now looking for her like a crazed man!

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In the quiet town of Hollowbrook, nestled at the edge of a dense, ancient forest, stood an old, dilapidated building known as the Hollowbrook Orphanage. It was a place of mystery and whispers, shrouded in an eerie atmosphere that sent shivers down the spines of anyone who passed by. Rumors of hauntings and strange occurrences had plagued the orphanage for generations. Seven children, each with their own tragic pasts, found themselves under the care of the orphanage's enigmatic caretaker, Mrs. Wraithmore. She was a tall, gaunt woman with hollow eyes and a grim demeanor, rumored to possess a connection to the supernatural world. As the nights grew longer and colder, the children began to experience unsettling events. Whispering voices echoed through the hallways, and chilling drafts seemed to follow them, even in the warmest rooms. Every so often, the children would catch glimpses of shadowy figures out of the corner of their eyes, only to have them vanish when they turned to look. One by one, the children started having disturbing dreams that seemed to merge with reality. They saw glimpses of a ghostly figure wandering the halls, dressed in tattered clothing and crying out for help. Desperate to unravel the mystery, the children decided to investigate. With flashlights in hand, they ventured into the heart of the orphanage one fateful night. The air grew colder and the darkness thicker as they made their way through the labyrinthine corridors. The whispers grew louder, and the sound of footsteps echoed in the distance. Suddenly, the group stumbled upon a hidden door leading to a forgotten basement. Descending into the depths, they discovered a hidden chamber filled with dusty old books and arcane artifacts. Among the books, they found the diary of a former orphan who had vanished without a trace many years ago. The diary revealed that the orphanage had once been a place of dark rituals and forbidden experiments, conducted by a group of cultists who sought to tap into the power of the supernatural. As the children pieced together the chilling history, the ghostly figure they had seen appeared before them. It introduced itself as Amelia, the lost orphan who had become trapped in a liminal state between the living and the afterlife due to the sinister experiments performed on her. Amelia pleaded with the children to help her find closure so she could finally move on. The children, determined to free her from her torment, embarked on a mission to uncover the truth and put an end to the malevolent forces that had plagued the orphanage for generations. But as they delved deeper into the mysteries of the past, they found themselves pitted against not only the malevolent spirits but also Mrs. Wraithmore, who was revealed to be the leader of the long-forgotten cult. With the help of the diary's knowledge and their newfound camaraderie, the children confronted Mrs. Wraithmore and the restless spirits, forcing them to confront their own darkest fears. In a climactic battle between the forces of light and darkness, the children managed to break the curse that bound Amelia to the orphanage. The building trembled and shook as the spirits were banished, and the children escaped just as the orphanage collapsed into ruins. With the nightmare finally over, the seven children found themselves forever changed by their shared experiences. They had faced unimaginable horrors and emerged as a tightly-knit group of friends, bonded by their bravery and determination. The town of Hollowbrook was left with the remnants of a haunted past, a reminder of the darkness that had once consumed the orphanage, and the courage it took to overcome it.

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"Goku en Monster High: La Leyenda del Ozaru Dorado"

Después de sacrificar su vida en la Batalla Final, Goku se encuentra reencarnado en un mundo completamente nuevo: el extraño y misterioso mundo de Monster High. Renacido como el poderoso Ozaru Dorado, Goku conserva todos sus recuerdos y habilidades, y se encuentra en una misión para proteger a los estudiantes de cualquier amenaza que pueda surgir en la escuela. Con su capacidad especial para ver a través de las paredes, Goku se convierte en el guardián y héroe de Monster High. A medida que explora su nuevo entorno, se encuentra con un grupo de chicas fascinantes y hermosas, cada una con su propia personalidad y encanto. Poco a poco, Goku se da cuenta de que está rodeado de un harem de chicas, y juntos se embarcarán en emocionantes aventuras llenas de romance, acción y peligros ocultos. En su camino, Goku deberá enfrentar desafíos sobrenaturales, criaturas monstruosas y enemigos poderosos que amenazan la paz en Monster High. Con su valentía, nobleza y fuerza sin igual, Goku protegerá a sus compañeras y demostrará que la amistad y el amor pueden superar cualquier obstáculo. A medida que la historia se desarrolla, Goku y su harem deberán unirse y confiar en su poder colectivo para enfrentar la mayor amenaza que ha enfrentado Monster High. Enfrentándose a sus propios demonios internos y a un destino incierto, Goku y sus compañeras descubrirán el verdadero significado de la amistad, el amor y la valentía en un mundo lleno de magia y monstruos. "Goku en Monster High: La Leyenda del Ozaru Dorado" es una emocionante historia llena de romance, aventura, reencarnación y echhi. Sumérgete en este mundo único donde la fuerza de Goku y el encanto de Monster High se unen en una historia inolvidable llena de emociones, sorpresas y batallas épicas. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Los personajes de dragon ball y Monster high no me pertenecen , créditos a sus respectivos creadores

redfiles · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

The Lies You Told

Lexi thought she had everything under control, until she realized the truth. She had been sold to her worst enemy like priceless merchandise. There was something in her life that was holding her back from obtaining happiness. Cliché? She knew that. Could there be a way she could use to get away from everything everyone thought as "perfect"? Luca had everyone under his thumb. He went around being the playboy he hadn't been when he was younger. He had women flocking to him in waves, but somehow he never ended up in the tabloids? He was paid to marry Lexi by both her biological father and step-father. he was never satisfied with her, so he just did what he had always been good at. Asher had had enough of being told he couldn't have anything he wanted. After losing Lexi to Luca and being left with their child, he rejoined the mafia for good. It wasn't as dangerous as it was when he was younger, but he still had a lot to learn. He was still hated by Lexi's family, pushing him further from her. Even if he's not able to get the happy ending he's always wanted, Asher knew he still had something no one else had. Cameron was the most careful man in the mix. He still knew secrets no one else knew. Working alongside his cousin, he's able to know the secrets of the government. He figures out how corrupt and un-loyal it could be. When very important pieces of information is stolen from him, he has to figure out how to protect the mafia from the thief and keep the information from moving hands. He's even helping a friend he has yet to meet again. --Book 1 of the Lies series-- Copyright 2020 Author-nim

Serena_4444 · Urban
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Title: THE ANCIENT In the year 2050, in the post-apocalyptic city of Veridium, an enigmatic and ancient curse grips the land. "The Ancient," a legend whispered among the desperate survivors, tells the haunting tale of a powerful werewolf who possesses the ability to shape-shift at will. This curse has haunted the city for centuries, leaving behind a trail of destruction and despair. Enter Amelia Drake, a fearless young woman with a troubled past and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. As an archaeologist and scientist, Amelia becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the legend of The Ancient. Determined to lift the curse that plagues her world, she embarks on a perilous journey into the heart of Veridium's darkest secrets. Amelia's search leads her to a hidden chamber beneath the decaying ruins of Veridium's once-glorious cathedral. There, she discovers an ancient book written in a long-forgotten language. With the help of a mysterious translator named Alexei, Amelia deciphers the text, revealing a ritual that promises to break the curse. As Amelia delves deeper into the ritual, she finds herself confronted by a clandestine organization known as the Lunar Brotherhood. Led by a charismatic and manipulative leader, the Brotherhood is hell-bent on preventing anyone from uncovering the truth about The Ancient. They believe that harnessing its power will grant them immeasurable control over the remnants of society. Caught in a web of intrigue and danger, Amelia's life takes an unexpected turn when she realizes that she has a personal connection to The Ancient. In a shocking twist, she discovers that she is the descendant of a long lineage of werewolves, each cursed with the same abilities as The Ancient itself. As Amelia's powers awaken, she becomes torn between embracing her newfound identity and using her abilities to save Veridium from the malevolent clutches of the Lunar Brotherhood. With each passing day, the city descends further into chaos, its fate hanging in the balance. In "The Ancient," Amelia must navigate treacherous alliances, unexpected betrayals, and her own inner demons to uncover the truth behind her heritage and break the curse that has plagued Veridium for centuries. Will she succumb to the darkness within or rise above it to become the savior her city desperately needs? The story combines elements of sci-fi, mystery, and supernatural lore, immersing readers in a world where ancient legends and futuristic technology collide. As the suspense builds and plot twists unravel, readers will be captivated by the thrilling journey of Amelia Drake and the secrets that lie within "The Ancient."

Lucy_chioma_Arinze · Sci-fi
51 Chs


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no offence but there are so many stories on this topic abusive love then divorce, then get back together, I seriously hope there will be new stories with different concept


very repetitive and trash concept. . .. .. . .. . there's already a lot of content on similar concept. .so such stories are very illogical


I'm over it. I am completely over it. can we as a collective group of readers all agree to not support books where the male lead treats the female lead like a garbage, abuses her, neglects her, or plots against her repeatedly only to wind up divorced and for some reason the author decides that since they have a baby together regardless of what the female lead thinks or her traumatic experiences she must absolutely be with the male lead and shenanigans ensue in which the male lead forces himself on her and then suddenly she's in love and forgets every horrible thing he ever did against her.


Just another cliche novel. With no originality what so ever. Same stupid plot. Just different names. Read if you want to waste time and be disappointed


I ssly don't understand out of so many options why do people write this kind of genre where the FL suddenly gets the courage to breakfree and later she becomes dumb n acept him like tat courage and self respect was just a momentary illusion and it never appears again...And why does WN keep selecting the same genre like there are soo many good stories but every time the same old annoying plot that I am tired of... There was a time when you people used to have some really good books in the trial ...but nowadays it's the same old plot with just the change in names then you select a book also after a few updates you drop it or even if it's selected in trails it never makes it to the release...I really DK wats happening behind the scenes but this attitude is making me slowly lose my interest in this stuff😑😑


So a crybaby girl is obviously able to tell he doesn’t care much about her yet she keeps crying and throwing fits as he goes to the women he decided to marry and the fact that I’m 1000% sure that all he will have to do is tell her he loves her in the future and she’ll come crawling back when she should be either revenge focused or leaving to another city after school to have a life with her child


Do not raise your blood pressure on this novel. The intro is a lie. Shes very stupid i cant even take kt honestly. why is this even on here for the love of goodness throw this novel away.


The fl is stupid and cry baby. Ha, the ml is powerful but dumb and useless. Repetitive plot. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😐😐😐😐😐😐😐☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


its good but i want raw link anyon pls hlp me raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw


Please let this novel not get picked. I have nothing againist couples getting back together, but the treatment of the FL is digusting. I won't be reading this one more.


story is repetitive but good for tome pass anyone have raw link ? [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Hi! Does anyone know the raw of this one? Thank you


[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] I want to find out what happens next!!!!!


l don't like this kind of bloody novel , if l read this am become bald😑 for sure🤣🤣🤣,this kind of ML is so tiring and boring,[img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


The FL was really annoyingly clingy. The ML kept excusing her behavior by saying she is "young" but she's already an adult but the way she acts is worse than a 5 year old with her crying, whining and temper tantrums. I don't think I'll be continuing this story. I need to at least like one of the main characters but in this case, there's no one that has any redeeming qualities.


Reveal spoiler


These stupid plots are so overrated these days... there's nothing to look forward to anymore, I've only read one book in which the FL never went back to ML, the thing is that even in plots with no child the author still finds away to bring FL and ML back together it's purely torture reading novels with cliche sadist plots. I do hope that someday these authors do transmigrate into their own novels and experience the sequel of each sickening plot[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=faceslap]


does anyone has raw....i just want to check if it has any progress in future...need the update n also the character growth of the fl .she is really at the bottom now


OMG!!!! Why the FL too weak& keep crying non-stop.. I just read a few chapters & skip it because the story too nonsense.. It so depressing & tired my mind..


Too tired to read this novel. The FL is too idiot, the ml is too trash. So lazy to read this kind of book. .......,...........................


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