My Fake Yandere Husband Gets Clingy after My Amnesia Book

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My Fake Yandere Husband Gets Clingy after My Amnesia


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Chu Xi and He Yu were contract spouses in showbiz before she lost her memory. However, although there were those eagerly waiting for their divorce, Chu Xi lost her memory, and He Yu was suddenly a yandere and charming husband, bewitching her every night. In her amnesiac state, Chu Xi now thought that her marriage was a fulfilling one! They had to go on variety shows to flaunt their love, slapping antis in the face and showing them true love! Hence, they took part in the show, where Mr. He would cling to his wife 24/7 or lose his mind otherwise. He would leave the house with his wife or deliberately dirty her favorite white shoes... There were also many other things: sneaking kisses, sniffing her, enjoying her scoldings... and so forth. The antis were falling apart: The star actor was lovesick! Whoever said that there was going to be a divorce? He would die before agreeing to it! Chu Xi instant tweet: Help! How do you stop your husband from being clingy?! I'm online and waiting for answers! After the variety show, Chu Xi said: I want a baby. Delighted, He Yu tore their divorce papers into pieces and replied: No divorce then. I thought you didn't love me anymore before, so I was going to say yes if you asked. Chu Xi: Weren't you the one who suggested it? Let's get divorced! He Yu's eyes turned red, and he clung tightly around her waist: Kicking me to the curb after you bewitched me? Dream on!


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