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Death Korp of Krieg (WH40K) | Justice League (DC-Comics)

When the 107th Siege Regiment, of the Death Korps of Krieg - was enlisted the tasks of handling the Ruinous Power that has taken root within a backwater planet. The 107th Death Korps Regiment head on with haste to the planet; Jules, and to its defenses, regardless of being on their own without additional support from other Astra Militarum Regiments - such as the Tallarn Desert Raider Regiment - who has been delayed to accompany the Death Korps Regiment to Jules. However as the Death Korps stood alone and unwavering as their front lines collapsed, a Watchmaster leads her squadron of Grenadiers to execute an issued order. Until there met on the field of littered corpse and the stenches of death - was a Chaos Psyker.

Jim_Odette_D · Video Games
Not enough ratings
54 Chs

Marvel's Earth 200,000

*MALE TO FEMALE* *Please see tags before reading* *There will be romance and it'll be a slow burn F-F* *If you decide to continue reading thank you for spending your time reading my story* Immerse yourself in the multifaceted realm of Marvel's "Earth 200,000", a novel universe birthed by an omnipotent entity. Within the limitless dimensions of Marvel's cosmos, countless versions of Earth have bloomed and perished, each unique in its trajectory. Now, an extraordinary force has conceived an unprecedented experiment - a world born from the amalgamation of all its predecessors, a crucible of diverse realities. Our protagonist, a young man confined to the deathbed by an unrelenting illness, teeters on the brink of oblivion. His world dims and the inevitable darkness encroaches. Just as he prepares to surrender to the void, he awakens in an ethereal expanse of white - an interlude between his mortal life and something far beyond human comprehension. As Marvel's "Earth 200,000" materializes from the celestial chaos, our young hero embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Navigating this remarkable world, he becomes an integral part of a realm where conventional reality bends and transcendent marvels abound. Join this exciting journey into the heart of the new Earth - an odyssey filled with wondrous explorations, daunting challenges, and unforgettable encounters. Witness as this brave new world evolves, and as our hero grapples with the incredible and the impossible

Tomlish · Movies
147 Chs

Avatar: A Tale of Fire and Steel

The year was 100AG, and the Hundred Year War had finally come to an end. Half the world stood in ruins, but a new era was looming on the horizon. This is a tale of a defeated and broken princess, of a farseeing yet conflicted Fire Lord, and an Avatar struggling with the death of his people and the birth of a new world. This is a tale of life and death, loyalty and betrayal, war and peace; but most importantly, it is a tale of a brother and sister.

Clarke_SM · TV
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64 Chs

Temptation {Jungkook x Reader}

You and Jungkook were in relationship but you left him on the anniversary. But did you left him because you didn't love him? no it was because of the message you receive from other girl, who call herself Jungkook fiance. while on the other hand Jungkook felt confused at your sudden disappearance. he search for you but to his vain. he felt betrayed. after five years you both met each other. But everything changed. will you solve the misunderstanding and get together or will the fate bring change.

parkchristian138 · Celebrities
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66 Chs

Broken [A Dramione story]

"Are we really broken... without hope?" Draco asked while looking at the mark on his forearm. "I don't know..." she whispered, looking down at her own scar. * A few years after the Battle of Hogwarts everybody is trying hard to recover from their losses and survive with the memories. What happens when Narcissa Malfoy decides that Hermione Granger is the best chance Draco has to get better? * "Why did you choose this job? You could have been anything. You're a war heroine..." "I thought that if I helped others get back to their lives, I would be able to pull myself together as well." ~~~ I do not own any of the characters (except for a bad guy or two), only the plot. The characters belong to our beloved JK Rowling.

Raksha1 · Book&Literature
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56 Chs

Aliens and Women

Smuts stories on my AO3 Account about female humans getting intimate with male aliens.

Captain_Valkyrie · Others
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9 Chs

Marvel: l am the Mother of Existence.

The being known as the Mother of Existence is the creator of the Marvel and universe. There is no being greater than she, and her powers seem limitless. She is known as the Mother to her children, of which there are more than there are numbers, but she is neither male or female. In fact, she often appears as female's if the situation suits her. She has appeared as many forms throughout the ages and can appear differently to different people simultaneously. Of her countless children, her two greatest disappointments were entrusted with the planet Earth. These two beings, whom we know as the Hera and Xuanwu, have squabbled and fought for ages. Their incessant bickering developed into complete hatred for one another and eventually all out war. Ordinary, the Mother of Existence would have allowed them to continue fighting as they saw fit as she rarely gets involved with the affairs of her children, however, despite their never ending feud managed to create something beautiful and wholly in the universe- mankind.

KelseyImpicciche · Anime & Comics
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14 Chs

Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel)

A angel from heaven fell down to hell as it had fought in heaven. The angel when having fallen turned to a small boy who ran away. Reaching a hotel the boy met many people he already saw and a demon which he seems to know from somewhere in the past the radio demon alastor. Author Note: This is a fan ficiton like you could have guessed. This story will have multiple perspective from different characters and won't be fixated of one character only. I'm not a experienced writer so I would be happy to take critic and know what I could imrpove of myself While I will use canon character I may add non canon things which I will try not to make too in logical and not fitting. I added only 1 oc that is my own oc I had created for the story. Once again many non canon things may appear while I will still try and follow as much canon as I can. (Art not mine)

Author_Author · Others
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29 Chs