Broken [A Dramione story] Book

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Broken [A Dramione story]


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"Are we really broken... without hope?" Draco asked while looking at the mark on his forearm. "I don't know..." she whispered, looking down at her own scar. * A few years after the Battle of Hogwarts everybody is trying hard to recover from their losses and survive with the memories. What happens when Narcissa Malfoy decides that Hermione Granger is the best chance Draco has to get better? * "Why did you choose this job? You could have been anything. You're a war heroine..." "I thought that if I helped others get back to their lives, I would be able to pull myself together as well." ~~~ I do not own any of the characters (except for a bad guy or two), only the plot. The characters belong to our beloved JK Rowling.