Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel) Book

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Memories of the past (Hazbin hotel)


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A angel from heaven fell down to hell as it had fought in heaven. The angel when having fallen turned to a small boy who ran away. Reaching a hotel the boy met many people he already saw and a demon which he seems to know from somewhere in the past the radio demon alastor. Author Note: This is a fan ficiton like you could have guessed. This story will have multiple perspective from different characters and won't be fixated of one character only. I'm not a experienced writer so I would be happy to take critic and know what I could imrpove of myself While I will use canon character I may add non canon things which I will try not to make too in logical and not fitting. I added only 1 oc that is my own oc I had created for the story. Once again many non canon things may appear while I will still try and follow as much canon as I can. (Art not mine)


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