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Her Humann Mate

..whip whip whip' I wake up from nightmare more like a memory ,where my father was hitting me with a hot long steel on my back. I felt suffocated as i ran to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. As i come back i checked my clock to find that its 3am and i slept for atleast 3 hours..., My name is Luca Georgie Devias, turned 18 last month. I go to Midwood High school. I'm staying with my alcoholic father in New York, Brooklyn and my mother died while giving birth to me...so you can imagine i messed up my life is right now . ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "So this is the famous Midwood High am sure i will enjoy my stay", i smirked as i told my Beta Thomas AKA my best closest male friend ''I heard she killed her parents'' ''I heard she fought a lion that is why she has a scar on her cheek'' 'Shes a badass' ''I heard she burnt her parents alive'' I close my eyes to control angry wolf inside my head as i hear some whispers and thoughts( yes i said thoughts) ''Shes so hot , I'd smack that'' 'She must be the new girl Tyler told me about while i was absent ,If only i had her aura and personality, i wouldn't want to disappear from this world' I opened my eyes as i heard that , looking for the owner of that thought. And i met with brown eyes that were so mesmerizing, you would see them as normal but to me i saw galaxies. "Mate" ,Alia said to me. I was now shocked because he was human... My name is Rosa Mukiey Bellissimo, will be turning 18 next month. An alpha of Cristal Green Pack. I used to stay at Greenwich Village and i moved to Brooklyn recently due to not having a mate A strong Alpha of alpha is mated to a human, A fragile boy meets a every emotionless girl, what will happen? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!

Britney_Bianca · Realistic
Not enough ratings
23 Chs

Let It Sleep: Awakening

In the heart of the remote jungles of China, an archaeologist receives an enigmatic summons that sets in motion a series of chilling events. As they venture deeper into the lush wilderness, an undiscovered pyramid emerges from the shadows. Excitement pulses through the air as the archaeologist and their team embark on a journey of discovery, unearthing secrets that lay dormant for centuries. Unveiling the pyramid's hidden chambers, the archaeologist and their team unearth an ancient sarcophagus, triggering an awe-inspiring sense of wonder. Transporting the sacred artifact to the Chinese National Museum, they peel away the layers of time to reveal a mummy adorned in gleaming silver armor. Its cryptic aura and enigmatic appearance captivate the archaeologist's curiosity. A captivating blue gemstone embedded within the mummy's armor ignites an insatiable fascination within the archaeologist's heart. Ignoring a sense of unease, they remove the gemstone, unwittingly setting a chain of malevolent events into motion. With nightfall, the museum descends into eerie silence, shrouded in an unsettling atmosphere that foretells a sinister fate. Dawn brings a gruesome revelation—the museum guards lie slaughtered, their bodies cruelly torn apart. Panic ensues as the mummy's sarcophagus stands ominously empty, the ancient force within nowhere to be found. Within the sarcophagus, an inscription emerges, cryptic yet haunting: "Let It Sleep." The tranquility of neighboring towns shatters as darkness descends, and a wave of unexplainable murders grips the region. Panic spreads as whispers of a malevolent creature running rampant fill the air. An inescapable pattern emerges—a deadly force following the path to the archaeologist's home. Faced with the horrifying realization that an awakened darkness is now targeting them, the archaeologist braces for an inevitable confrontation. As night falls once more, the mummy's presence looms, drawing closer with each passing moment. The archaeologist's desperate struggle to protect themselves leads to a final, desperate showdown. In a climactic battle of wills, the ancient force clashes with the archaeologist's determination. The boundary between human and supernatural blurs, as shadows and steel clash in a fight for survival. As dawn breaks, the authorities arrive, uncovering a tableau of horror—lifeless bodies, a blood-smeared mummy, and an inscription left as a chilling reminder. "Let It Sleep" is a tale of an archaeologist's journey from curiosity to confrontation, where the boundaries between life and death, past and present, blur into a nightmarish crescendo.

EKhalidUy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

Shadows Stirred by Love

In the sprawling metropolis of modern-day Shanghai, Liu Wei, the young and charismatic leader of the Liu triad, finds himself drawn to Zhang Wei, a brilliant hacker with a mysterious past. Despite the dangers that lurk in the shadows of their criminal world, Liu Wei and Zhang Wei embark on a forbidden romance, their love igniting a spark of hope in the darkness. But as their relationship deepens, so too does the threat of betrayal. Rumors swirl of a traitor in their midst, threatening to unravel the fragile peace that Liu Wei has worked so hard to maintain. When a cryptic message reveals the identity of the traitor as Liu Wei's own brother, Chen Wei, their world is thrown into chaos. Determined to uncover the truth and bring the traitor to justice, Liu Wei and Zhang Wei embark on a perilous quest through the underworld, where danger lurks around every corner and betrayal awaits them at every turn. With their love as their only guide, they must navigate the treacherous waters of deception and loyalty, knowing that their bond may be the only thing strong enough to withstand the shadows that threaten to consume them. In a city where power is the ultimate currency and alliances are forged and broken with the flick of a switchblade, Liu Wei and Zhang Wei must confront their deepest fears and insecurities as they fight to protect each other and reclaim their rightful place in the shadows. But as they soon discover, the path to redemption is fraught with danger, and the price of love may be higher than they ever imagined. "Shadows of Desire" is a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and redemption set against the backdrop of modern-day organized crime, where the bonds of loyalty are tested and the shadows hold secrets that can shatter even the strongest of hearts.

DaoistTB0ENJ · Urban
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4 Chs