Her Humann Mate Book

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Her Humann Mate


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..whip whip whip' I wake up from nightmare more like a memory ,where my father was hitting me with a hot long steel on my back. I felt suffocated as i ran to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. As i come back i checked my clock to find that its 3am and i slept for atleast 3 hours..., My name is Luca Georgie Devias, turned 18 last month. I go to Midwood High school. I'm staying with my alcoholic father in New York, Brooklyn and my mother died while giving birth to me...so you can imagine i messed up my life is right now . ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "So this is the famous Midwood High am sure i will enjoy my stay", i smirked as i told my Beta Thomas AKA my best closest male friend ''I heard she killed her parents'' ''I heard she fought a lion that is why she has a scar on her cheek'' 'Shes a badass' ''I heard she burnt her parents alive'' I close my eyes to control angry wolf inside my head as i hear some whispers and thoughts( yes i said thoughts) ''Shes so hot , I'd smack that'' 'She must be the new girl Tyler told me about while i was absent ,If only i had her aura and personality, i wouldn't want to disappear from this world' I opened my eyes as i heard that , looking for the owner of that thought. And i met with brown eyes that were so mesmerizing, you would see them as normal but to me i saw galaxies. "Mate" ,Alia said to me. I was now shocked because he was human... My name is Rosa Mukiey Bellissimo, will be turning 18 next month. An alpha of Cristal Green Pack. I used to stay at Greenwich Village and i moved to Brooklyn recently due to not having a mate A strong Alpha of alpha is mated to a human, A fragile boy meets a every emotionless girl, what will happen? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!