A demon in the form of an angel-this is my story...

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What is A demon in the form of an angel-this is my story...

Read A demon in the form of an angel-this is my story... novel written by the author Lucas_Albert_9370 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, romance, system, yaoi, blood+. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When you are born as a side character in the anime Banana Fish, know that you will be in the events-Satou is reborn in an anime he's never heard of....But he saw that the main character would die...so in this case Simon Sato too?No, he lived ...And he couldn't change the events and prevent Ash's death...but he has a much worse life than Ash...so what will he do? - sato story -

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"Oh! Thank you for catching that little troublemaker. Please give her back to us," said one of the guards while panting for air. Not knowing what to do, I frantically held the man's hand and pleaded, "Please save me! They are going to hurt me! I don't want to go back!" The man first looked at me for a couple of seconds, then at the guards. "Go," he said to the guards grimly. Surprisingly, he was on my side. I was counting on my lucky stars to ask for help from him and I was fortunate enough to earn it. "What?" asked the guards, confused by the man's words. "I said go... before I kill you," he threatened. I was hiding behind the man's back and couldn't see his face, but my guts told me that he meant his words. The guards looked surprised by his words but quickly recovered from them and, instead, started to challenge the man, "We won't go before you hand us that girl." The man sighed and said, "I warned you." After that, the man let go of my hand and turned my body around. "Don't look," he said, before starting to walk towards the guards. Every step he took exuded confidence, and he was not the least scared of the guards who were armed with swords when he himself had nothing but his bare hands. I closed my eyes even with my back towards them and heard one of the guards scream trying to attack the man. No longer after that, the only sound that I could hear was something like... bones breaking. A few moments later, it was completely silent. Is he done? The silence was soon broken by footsteps that I assumed were getting closer to where I was. Is this the footsteps of the man or the guards? That was the question that popped up in my mind. I was ready to run, but before I could proceed to do that, two strong arms gripped both of my shoulders, turning my body around. I nervously opened my eyes to find a pair of red eyes staring softly at me. "Are you okay?" ... The story revolves around a girl who was tortured and the leader of werewolves. (A slow burn book) ... ***CAUTION*** Updates are irregular, as it will depend on Author's availability. [The art cover fully belongs to me. Art commission by the amazing Instagram artist @heytheathea]

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