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What a fate


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DROPPED -‐--------- description: This story is about a regular guy that got reincarnated as a cat-slug creature and must try to survive the harsh world around him and protect his family. And to do that, he has to become stronger. what to expect: horror, gore, survival, a magic/mana system with which creatures can become stronger(also think about reinforcing the body to become stronger so not just magic) what not to expect: harem haven't decided on the romance part yet but will defenitely be a single female lead. ‐--‐------ Hi! This is my first time writing anything and english isn't my first language, but I try to make it as grammatically correct as I can. So please do point out any mistakes you notice. And critisism is welcome to improve my story. also, I based the idea on my most beloved game, Rain World, so do check it out if you like my story. thanks for reading.