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    Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning

    # virtualreality # priest Lin Bei reentered the “Second World” and awakened an SSS-grade talent, the Unlimited Buff. [Unlimited Buff: SSS-grade. The duration of the buffs that the player has received will not expire.] With that, Lin Bei embarked on a path of god-sealing. When he used a health potion, his health would permanently recover by 100 points every second. When he used the Earth Escape Technique, he permanently gained the effect of Earth Escape. When he used the Stealth Technique, he permanently gained the ability to stealthily move around. When he used the Speed Scroll, his speed was permanently increased by 25%. When he used the Berserk Spell, his critical rate increased by 30%, and his critical damage increased by 100% permanently. “Hah! With this talent, the world is mine!”

    Random Pork Stew · Video Games
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    I Became The Strongest In The Multiverse

    "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Oh, how the truth would beg to differ. Humanity was forced to acknowledge that they were the lowest among the countless civilizations existing in the universe. For years, they kept fighting an uphill battle against far more advanced intergalactic civilizations in virtually stimulated arenas... with real world consequences. And they kept fighting on, all while depending on the teenage pilots of the giant guardian mechs dubbed Regalia to win their war. Amidst all that, stood Arnold Tilgen, who had no interest in joining the war, let alone saving humanity. To him, both the enemies and the humans were worthless. Yet, the cycle of fate pulled him into the chaos, thrusting him into the madness of the virtual war. He was thrown into the fray with a powerful system that forced him to become involved despite his will. And thus, his quest began. To break away from his unforgiving destiny, to become the strongest in the multiverse. ... [Current Featured Character In Cover: Arnold Tilgen] [Around 70% of the lore is explained in between Chapter 90 to 99, with the actual system appearing in chapter 101. If anyone is confused or wants to be spoiled, you can read those first.] [Slow and confusing beginning, so please be patient.] Tags: #virtualreality #zombies #apocalypse #overpowered protagonist #romance #beautiful female lead #strategy #inventions #action #mystery #aliens #war #alternative universe #MC strong from the start #space #level-up #tragedy

    TahsinHossain · Sci-fi
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    Energy Cube Enhancer

    This is a story where MC comes from future dimension due to accident in his research project for molecule separation system which alters the dimensional separation membrane and hole is created which goes berserk his underground lab gets wiped and he ends in alternet dimension. he has fresh start and strives to become improved version of himself. #rebirth #sci-fi #intergalactic #virtualreality #mildecchi authors pen name - dreamer101 same on discord - dreamer101's server

    Vikvasking123 · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
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    Most people view Jiàn Shen as a quiet and sickly boy. However, this cherry boy was quite the monster in his past life. His sword, bloodied from the hundreds of thousands he once slew. This time, he's reborn as a new person in a futuristic society. How will he cope in this new life with his memories still intact?

    Arty_Tent · Video Games
    Not enough ratings
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    A Slife of Life Tale in Leonn

    When the world populations reach 10 billions. Resources around the world is dwindling into a critical level. Fresh waters, foods and oils become scarce. Nations across the world on the brink of an all out war with each other in securing their own survivability. Fortunately, a solution has been found by a group of dedicated scientist. The answer to this problems is by having at least half of the world populations fell into a cryogenic sleeps and allowing nature a space for her to recovered. To make the sleep appealing, attractive, and without violence reactions from the mass, they create an another world. A world of wonders, magical, beautiful and full of adventures. However, the new world is so appealing, by the second years, the five billion benchmark already come to pass. People choose to going 'PERMA' by million each week. A term derive from an old LitRPG novel from Russian literature. In order to avoid social unrest and civil collapse, governments around the world agree on sending their populations went PERMA in stages and batches. Because of his work is deems essential, Jack's Perma sleep is being push back each year. Now, in the fifth years, Jack's name finally has been selected. Come hell or high water, Jack's Perma sleep will be done. Now it is time for his new life to start. A life void of stress, dateline, late-night or working hard his bone off to diagnose error in auto-worker androids programming. It is time for jack leisure and simple life. Maybe even finding his other half if fate permits.

    kingasas33 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    level up

    Ada Remag is a normal 15-year-old girl in the 22nd century. Her sister, Leyla, is in a coma, and her time is running out. When Ada tries to find a way to raise money to pay for her dying sister's medical bills, she finds herself in a whole new world. Literally. Can Ada find her way back home in time? {First book in a trilogy. Synopsis will be rewritten. Might get new cover. New chapters come out a couple of times a week. Also, I'm new to this platform, so can somebody please inform me on how to add this story to the webnovel spirity awards? I tried, but it said that my story did not match the writing contest. What does that mean? Is it the word count? Please help if you know} [action] [adventure] [sciencefiction] [technology] [scifi] [virtualreality]

    Aye_M_Awsum · Sci-fi Romance
    Not enough ratings
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