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I Can Edit Skills

The lowest grade skill, Spiritual Gathering Arts? I'll add cultivation booster and body strengthening into the skill's description and raise its rank to the highest Red-grade. … Congratulations on obtaining the highest grade skill, the Spiritual Strengthening Scripture of Wind and Lightning. I don't have an attacking skill? Then I'll have to change the description of Minor Wind Spell. I'll alter the damage weakening effect to increase damage by 100%. I'll also change the speed weakening effect to increase speed by 100%. ... Congratulations on obtaining the highest grade skill, Methods of the Wind of Xun. Fate had toyed with Zhou Ji. It transmigrated him into a world of cultivation with a Skill Editing System. Not only that, fate even gave Zhou Ji a blind daughter. Then, fate even let the interstellar expedition team find the milky way that was a few hundred light-years away. In order to complete his Return Home Plan V. 10.0, Zhou Ji, who used to be a nobody, started the path of cultivation with his daughter.

Jian Zhujian · Magical Realism

This Simplification Is Too Outrageous

# SPIRITUALENERGY Spirit Beasts had appeared along with the spiritual energy. Qiao Yuan grabbed the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber from his shelf. [Simplifying System initializing] [Lion’s Roar has been detected] [Simplifying…] [Simplified successful… Lion’s Roar has become Loud Roar] Qiao Yuan simply opened his mouth to yawn. [Lion’s Roar Mastery + 1] As a Level 7 Spirit Beast slowly approached, it let out a roar. Qiao Yuan opened his eyes and stared at the beast. “Shut the hell up! What the hell are you roaring for?” The beast sensed danger and it started to tremble and whine. “Well, I do have to thank you because all four seasons are warm due to you…”

Making Money For Instant Noodle First · Magical Realism

I Built An Empire And You're Telling Me That I Wasn't Transmigrated?

# LORD # SPIRITENERGY # DECISIVE Great Desolation Year 5 June 6 marked the fifth year since Yang Xu arrived at the Ancient Desolated Land. He ruled over the land and established the Great Xu Empire. With his cheat, he summoned 9,000 civilians, 3,000 each from the Greenhill Fox Tribe, East Ocean Mermen, and the Emerald Bird Clan. The Fox Tribe excelled in illusions, the Mermen could breathe underwater, and the Emerald Birds soared in the open sky. Not long after the kingdom was built, the Mermen found a liferaft in the ocean northeast of the empire. After capturing the six survivors, they said they were from America. Yang Xu was completely confused. “Wait! You’re telling me that after going through all that to build my own empire, I wasn’t transmigrated and I’m still on Earth?”

Mortal World Wanderer · Eastern Fantasy

Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons

# RELAXED Young Kane looked at the Book of Adventure in front of him. The moment he opened it, he realized it was a gaming system. That was the moment he knew his life was going to change. He became an unlikely explorer, embarking on quests in search of treasure and relics hidden in the fantasy world of dungeons. In each quest, he had to battle, explore, gather magical power, and level up in experience. Wealth, power, and authority could be obtained through exploring these endless dungeons. But lives, relationships, and even freedom were the price for entering them. And things could go dangerously awry when he ran afoul of deadly monsters.

Drink Coke? · Video Games
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