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Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Crossing over to the alien world, he became a fallen noble lord. But with the help of the proficiency panel, he started to gain EXP through his family's Knight Breath Technique and followed the footsteps of an ancient and mysterious sorcerer step by step. Thus began a mysterious journey.

Tian Li · Eastern
805 Chs

Reborn As A Fish, I Feed On Sea Monsters!

As torrential rainstorms and natural disasters struck, the world's oceans became more volatile, and spiritual energy revived. Countless deep-sea behemoths invaded human cities... Amidst everyone's worries about survival, Zhang Beili suddenly found himself reincarnated as a golden carp that could evolve by devouring other creatures!!! First stage: Golden Light Carp! Second stage: Deep Sea Overlord Fish! Third stage: Sky-Devouring Dreadfish! One month later, in the now submerged Janden City, a kilometer-long golden carp shot up into the sky, swallowing countless terrifying deep-sea monsters that had instilled fear in people!

Xi Wan · Urban
40 Chs