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  • Marvel: Tech System

    For one individual, the boundary between science fiction and reality blurs when they are unexpectedly transmigrated into the Marvel universe, a place where the technological wonders of their dreams are tangible. Equipped with a system that promises growth and evolution, they begin as an underdog in a world of heroes and villains. Drawing inspiration from the movies, comics, and even cartoons, this alternate universe (AU) tale weaves a narrative that, while familiar, brings its own unique twists and turns. As our protagonist navigates this new life, they will encounter romance, face challenges, and harness the power of advanced technology to rise to the heights of power within the Marvel Patreon Unknown_To_All The upload schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

    Unknown_To_All · Anime & Comics
  • Transmigrated With A Movie Tech System

    Zeke travels through the parallel worlds and activates the Marvel Technology System! He builds an Iron Man at the start! Develop Super Soldier Serum in one month! He invented the Pym Particle in half a year! With the Marvel Technology System, Zekes' Technology has been directly ahead of the world for hundreds of years! Follow Zeke and his creations dominate the parallel world! --------- Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. ---------- Author: DREAMCATHER Translator: NanashiHonda ----------- Raw souce on Auxiliary. ............ ....... .... . [Tl/n: Support us on our Patreon if you want to read more chapters. [Patre0n.com/LazySeeker]] We're recruiting! We're looking for talented individuals to join our team to help us pump out high-quality chapters and pick up new series! Our current open positions are: > *Translators* > - 1$ per chapter > - Must be fluent in English, no previous translation experience is required so long as you pass our test. If you have any questions or want to submit the test, dm me on my discord: MyYandereWife#6736 Ps: There are still two open spots.

    Novelette_Seeker · Movies
  • Tech king in another world

    Nerón traveled to another world and became the king of a small country, but at the very beginning, he was in danger of destroying the country. Nerón, who holds the Industrial Revolution system in his hand, said he was not panicking at all. The giant dragon soaring in the sky screamed and was shot down, and the Quinjet fighter jets escorted the huge space carrier sailing in the sky. The proud knight was crushed by the steel body of the apocalypse tank and roared impotently. The noble magician fled in the sky in a panic, and a V3 rocket roared past behind him. Technology crushes another world! Our journey is the sea of ​​stars! "Do you choose the left or the right?" Facing the gods of another world, Nerón smiled, with a two-way foil in his left hand and an anti-matter annihilation cannon in his right. ~I am not the owner I only translate:) Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated patreon.com/Elreycoronado18112

    ElReyCoronado18112 · Anime & Comics
  • In Pacific Rim with the Ultimate Tech Resources System

    In Pacific Rim with the Ultimate Tech Resources System. *** Dr.Emery, a tech genius and a polymath, suddenly finds himself in a dangerous world, a fictional reality, dominated by Kaiju Monsters. Stemming from a world that was constrained by the damnable laws of physics, how will he manage to survive in a world that didn't follow the norm by outrightly giving zero fuck about something like Square cube laws. Watch him bring his ingenuity to play and with the Ultimate Tech Resources System, he will dominate the Kaijus and Jaegers and eventually, the universe beyond. *** Tags - [MonsterVerse] [Pacific Rim] *** If you wish to support me, check out my Patreon for 15 advanced chapters: Patreon.com/MisterMushroom *** I own only the OCs. I don't own the image. All rights of production go to its creator. I found it at Pinterest. Here's the link - https://pin.it/72ngXAR I will be additionally posting my story on only Royalroad and ScribbleHub.

    OneArmedImmortal · Movies
  • Mustafu Hyper Tech Internet Cafe

    Welcome to Origin, the hottest new Mustafu Gaming Cafe. With Tech so advanced you'll feel like you're there as you game. Gaining skills and strength as you level up but remember it's pricy. Run by a small boy with a green bush for a head but be wary he maybe hiding a plethora of secrets. Littered with rumors and good times people rave on how magical the cafe is and the owner's lightning quirk.

    FrozenCog · Anime & Comics
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  • A tech maniac in FALLOUT

    Basically someone who likes science fiction reincarnates in fallout with some advantages.

    Bruscar · Video Games
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  • Tech Priest and Immortal

    Fan fiction is currently continued on royal road due to problems..... here's the link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/41161/tech-priest-and-immortal

    Explorer_Avalon · Video Games
    Not enough ratings
  • One Piece: Tech Genius

    A journey to the Pirate world. Lawliet finds himself in the famous world of One Piece. And with a gift of Knowledge of diverse Technology in different known and unknown Universe. Watch him as he lived his second life full of mysteries and dreams. ========== Author's note: —I don't own One Piece neither does anything in this fan-fic except for the MC. —This is my first time writing, and I'm not a native English speaker so I'm not sure if my grammars are correct. —I'm writing just for fun, and to practice my English, so don't excpect a daily update, and please notice me if there's something wrong in my writing. That's it. Credits to Oda and to the owner of the picture I use above.

    Lord_Sleepless · Anime & Comics
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  • I’m Extracting Movie Tech at Marvel

    Ethan McAvery traveled to the Marvel world. At this time, Tony was still a playboy and a weapons dealer. The captain is still sleeping in the glacier, the black widow is also working in full swing at S.H.I.E.L.D., and the little spider is still a primary school student, Thor… Everything seems to have not started yet. This year, “Real Steel” was released and won praise from the market. A city was built at an unknown time on an empty island, known as the Tech Island. Fighting Robots, Big White Medical Robots, T-Virus Potion, Predator, Transformers… Yes it is MTL....

    ray_ray_8433 · Movies
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  • Naruto: Uchiha Survivor with Tech

    I reincarnated as an Uchiha, who was even able to awaken her Mangekyo Sharingan in the later days. But the time of Uchiha Massacre was nearing, and I wasn't very interested in saving them. So, I did what any sane person would do. Run away while faking death.

    SuperDemonWriter · Anime & Comics
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  • God Of Tech And Magic

    Im bad at synopsis so just read the first few chapters and see if you're a fan.

    FallenEclipse · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • One piece: Tech Genius

    “This? What, It’s The one piece world??” I almost didn’t recognize it all, Watch our protagonist makes his path in this crazy world!! ————- one piece but it’s gonna be in hard mode, it’s basically cannon but in steroids.

    M_Loe · Anime & Comics
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  • Travels With My Tech System

    A/N: Just a random work Note: Don't expect stable updates (1 to 2 chapters per week)

    Lazy_Author69 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • [ENG] Marvel: A Tech Prodigy Making His Own Wife at the beginning

    !!!! This is not an original fan-fic, I'm just bringing it to webnovel and making it less... Chinese? -Support the original author- Locke, who obtained the [Big Bang of the World of Science and Technology], traveled to the world of Meiman. Start the game to unlock the world of Nier and get all the technical knowledge of it. As the so-called technology changes life, it is not too much to create an obedient and well-behaved wife for yourself at the beginning! The first rule of robotics: A robot must never harm the Creator, nor disobey any order of the Creator. The second rule of robotics: observe the words, discover the needs of the creator, and actively meet the needs of the creator. The precondition is that the first rule must be followed. 2b: "Master, am I right?" Locke: "That's right!" 2b: "Then you can ask for it now!"

    RE_AuRT · Video Games
  • Douluo's Mad Tech Maestro

    In the fantastical realm of Douluo, Chen Fu introduces groundbreaking technology, sparking a cultural revolution. Ancient traditions clash with futuristic marvels like advanced energy cores, captivating the populace. As Chen Fu navigates this enchanted journey, Douluo is thrust into a mesmerizing fusion of magic and machinery, challenging the very fabric of its existence. Embark on an epic tale of fantasy, cultural upheaval, and technological wonder with Chen Fu at the helm. Note: This is a translation of the work by the author 陈登馥

    Ok_Guy · Anime & Comics
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  • In Colonial Age With Marvel Tech's System

    In 1873, the Aceh Sultanate was a small but proud kingdom in Southeast Asia, known for its rich culture and fierce independence. But when the Dutch East India Company launched a full-scale invasion, the kingdom was pushed to the brink of destruction. In the midst of this chaos, a young boy named Budi Santoso suddenly finds himself transmigrated into the body of Prince Muhammad Daud Syah, the only heir to the throne of Aceh. With him comes a powerful Marvel Tech's System that can produce any technology from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in order to save his kingdom, Budi must keep his origins and his powers secret. This Fanfic is Generated by ChatGPT

    Arca_Bhayangkara · Anime & Comics
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  • Genshin Impact: Black Tech Workshop

    On the streets of Mondstadt, a strange new shop has opened its doors to the public. As simple as the place looked, never judge a book by its cover, the real miracles were what was shown inside. Vehicles that can run on their own and even fly. Weapons that amplify elemental energy. And even large mechanical battle suits. These miraculous inventions, all of them seemed to trace back to this one place. However, the most miraculous of all was no doubt the young man who runs the workshop. What were his origins? . PAIRING: Amber/Keqing/Furina x OC

    Kryostar · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • RWBY : black tech internet cafe

    after a terrible fight with Grimm, Jaune Arc find himself in an unknown place,now he want to find a way home, but first he may need to understand what langage these weird people are talking with.

    DrunkCandy · Others
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