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    The Employed Empress

    "An empress is employed! While the Imperial noble consort is the true love, ah!" What's so bad being a subordinate? As long as you do your work properly, you'll be paid and still have time to play. Responsibilities? we have our boss for that! if things go wrong they'll hold the sky for you. Don't want to? Ayaya, point your fingers to them and people will hold them responsible for you. If there's something, just say you don't know while redirecting the problem to them. When bad things come, you hold their thighs. Be a good underling and boss will shield you from the rain! Such simple logic! "Luckily the emperor is a good and powerful boss!" Wei Yi Yi happily plans how to make him take all responsibility to her ploys. ----- Tags #femalelead #slowprogression #slowromance #sliceoflife #flawedcharacters #GLpairing #BLpairing #ShounenAI #ShoujoAI ^because I like people guessing multiple shippable chara (evil laugh)

    Xiao_yue · History
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    Reincarnators vs. Mcs

    I, Artemis Phoenix, the proud Duke daughter and this book villainess had it all, heaven defying talent, wealth, power, a loving family, and the most successful man in the Luna kingdom for a fiancée. But he, because of that, transmigrate poisonous protagonist, he didn't hesitate to order for my death and extermination of my clan. He forgot; it was thanks to us that he was a winner in life. Now, back from the dead, I will see to it that everything he holds dear is destroyed, starting with that woman. GENRES: Late Romance, Slight Comedy, Slice of Life, Rebirths ******** AUTHOR here. to the Gentlemen and Ladies, please give this story a try. if you like it, hit that vote button. if you don't like it, tell me so I can improve as my story progresses. All rights reserved. I hate copiers, so I will never purposely write events in the story exactly to an event in another story or history event. If there were to be one, it's only a coincidence. I absolutely don't intend to have problems with copyrights.

    ASURA2000 · Urban
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