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    Isekai : I Can Control Time At Will

    How would you feel if when you woke up from your sleep you saw a sight that was foreign to you? George who was tired because he had just come home from overtime work went straight to his bed to sleep. But strange things happened when George woke up, he saw a strange sight for him the moon which was bigger than he usually saw, around him he saw a creature as big as a mountain, and suddenly the creature saw it and approached him. What did George do next? A. Surrender to be swallowed alive B. Escape from the creature Noted : 1. English is not my main language, to be honest, I'm still in the phase of learning English so I'm sorry if there are wrong words because I translate through Google Translate and the dictionary at my house 2. This is my first novel, so if you have any criticism or suggestions, please let me know so I can be better at writing novels 3. It is forbidden to read for those aged 17 years and under because there is spicy content I hope you enjoy my first novel so much and thank you for reading :) Update if I'm not busy with college, but I try to update often :) Tags : #Advanture #Timetraveler #Action #Isekai #System #Overpower #Superpower #Magic #Kingdombuilding #Handsomemalelead #Easygoinglife #Luckyprotagonist #Calmprotagonist #Beatifulheroine #First-timeintercourse #Harem #Netori #Polygamy #Threesome

    LordAmogus · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    The Eldritch Mage of House Frost

    "Sophia Frostford, herald as the hope of the Frostford Clan and a one-in-a-thousand years genius." "She has excellent control over the ice element and the blade, surpassing even that of the Head of the Knights who— subsequently— fell head over heels for her." "...That's right, this is the story of my sister..." A young man said. [The Constellation of Earthern Desire has liked this introduction.] "Is that so? Then, can you consider sending me the Bloodroot herb for my potion?" [The Constellation of Earthern Desire scoffed at what you said and demanded more stories if you want something from it.] "Hah... how greedy you are." [The Constellation of Dream Weaving laughed at your boldness.] [The constellation of Sealed HellFire sighed at your negotiating tactics.] That's right. Sophia Frostford is— without a doubt— the protagonist of the world. Being the reincarnation of the Northern Star Constellation, this is only natural... "Hah, really..." But behind her— where no one sets their eyes on and just lurks in her shadow— lies a great liar. Her very own brother...or rather... a transmigrator from another world... Blake Frostford. While his sister gets praise from everywhere, he silently hid his secret from everyone— He can talk to sealed eldritch Gods. "Stay tuned, everybody! I'll be back soon!" As Blake left, hundreds of sealed Gods quietly waited for his return for more stories. * * * Cover not mine— I found it on Pinterest. If you're the artist and you want me to take it down, please just say so. Tags: #Academy#AgeProgression#Alchemy#ApatheticProtagonist#Aristocracy#Artifacts#Assassins#Bloodlines#CalmProtagonist#CarefreeProtagonist#CautiousProtagonist#CaringProtagonist#CharismaticProtagonist#Contracts#CunningProtagonist#Demons#Dragons#Dwarfs#Elves#Empires#EvilGods#EvilOrganizations

    Unusual_ · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Star God Legacy

    Tang Mu was reborn in the distant future when Earth had already advanced into the intergalactic age. Everything had already changed beyond measure, with humans having already extended their tentacles towards the other star systems in the Milky Way galaxy. There were also powerful metaphysical humans called psionics dominating the whole era with their awakened superpowers and similarly mighty alien races threatening Earth's survival. But at first, all this had nothing to do with Tang Mu as he could only live a mundane life for seventeen years without anything to show to his name. He even lost his parents during an alien invasion early on and went through all the hardships an ordinary orphan would often experience until he encountered a rare fate-changing opportunity that altered the trajectory of his new life. He picked up a strange orb from a crash site of an alien ship and soon discovered that it was a vessel for a mysterious dimension containing the enigmatic Star God Pagoda. The Star God Pagoda itself housed a celestial gallery of many esoteric paintings and murals. To Tang Mu's astonishment, he soon learned that those paintings also contained mystifying dimensions comparable to actual worlds, and he could enter them to hunt for rare training resources. There was also something else that Tang Mu couldn't have imagined when he acquired the star orb and the Star God Pagoda within. He could never dream that adventuring within the painting worlds and fighting the mighty beings within would eventually lead him to inherit a heritage left behind by one of the most powerful ancient beings ever to exist in the multiverse. This was the legacy of the Star God. ----- Follow Tang Mu's incredible journey as he overcomes various challenges while trying to inherit the powerful Star God Legacy. He will go against sinister human underworld organizations, ruthless alien races, and even the bizarre beings from the dark side of the multiverse as he struggles to enhance his powers with the goal of protecting everything dear to him. ----- More Specific Tags: #Academy #Aliens #ArtifactCrafting #ArtificialIntelligence #BeastCompanions #CalmProtagonist #CautiousProtagonist #Clones #FastLearner #FuturisticSetting #HardWorkingProtagonist #Harem #HidingTrueAbilities #HidingTrueIdentity #Intergalactic #MentiferySuperpowers #MoneyGrubber #Monsters #MultiverseSetting #MutatedCreatures #OuterSpace #OverPoweredProtagonist #PowerfulInheritance #Psionics #R18Scenes #SecretiveProtagonist #Slaves #SpecialAbilities #Superpowers #StrengthBasedSocialHierarchy #UniqueCultivationSystem, #Wars #WeakToStrong -----

    Mujunel_the_Mystic · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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