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  • altalt

    From the Ashes will Rise Again

    Betrayed and schemed by her best friend, she was dying under her aunt's torcher while wandering what went wrong in her life to get beaten to death and burnt by her so called Aunt her only blood relative she has.Her 21st Birthday becomes her Death day celebrated by her murderers. She has missed something..... However This tragidy leads her to clarity with a chance given by the nature as she transmigrates to a 16 year old teenager thousand years back to ancientchina in a medical tribe called Heavenly saint tribe an discovers the original hosts body has just like herself poisened and torchered to death and now was lying on a pile of new ashes. As she gets her second chance, like a pheonix,from the ashes she rises again.....this time with the determination of not to fall back, to fly high and reaveal the truth behind her tragic life......revenge!!no need.. The boomerang will come back around. why waste time!!!

    Kushani_Perera · Teen
    Not enough ratings
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