Reincarnators vs. Mcs Book

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Reincarnators vs. Mcs


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I, Artemis Phoenix, the proud Duke daughter and this book villainess had it all, heaven defying talent, wealth, power, a loving family, and the most successful man in the Luna kingdom for a fiancée. But he, because of that, transmigrate poisonous protagonist, he didn't hesitate to order for my death and extermination of my clan. He forgot; it was thanks to us that he was a winner in life. Now, back from the dead, I will see to it that everything he holds dear is destroyed, starting with that woman. GENRES: Late Romance, Slight Comedy, Slice of Life, Rebirths ******** AUTHOR here. to the Gentlemen and Ladies, please give this story a try. if you like it, hit that vote button. if you don't like it, tell me so I can improve as my story progresses. All rights reserved. I hate copiers, so I will never purposely write events in the story exactly to an event in another story or history event. If there were to be one, it's only a coincidence. I absolutely don't intend to have problems with copyrights.