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    Taming my Monster Girl Harem from Scratch

    A world where taming monsters is the mainstream to survive. Cloud, an orphan from the slums, suddenly recovered his memories of a previous life. A man living on modern Earth, and an avid fan of sexy monster girls. Running away from the constraints of his current life and starting anew, he decided to throw away his name and live as just "Will". Join Will on his journey to pursue strength that will not bow to anyone. With support from his army of sexy and dangerous monster girls!

    SeraphWedd · Fantasy
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    Demonic Dragon Reincarnation: I am contracted by a sexy lord

    # LORD Xu Yuan transmigrated to a parallel world where everyone became lords. Initially, he thought he would be a lord too. To his surprise, he became the Dark Demonic Dragon, a starter hero awaiting to be summoned by a lord. He also awakened the Dragon God Cultivation System. [Transformation of the Dark: You can level up quickly by staying in the dark.] [Slumber of the Dragon God: For the Dragon God, sleeping means residing in the dark.] [Rejuvenation of the Demonic Dragon: You can revive using the power of the dark. Your basic attribute points will increase every time you revive.] [The Blade of the Hidden Wings: This is a dark attribute AoE skill. It can annihilate all enemies within the area of effect.] [Unlimited Devouring: The skills of your enemy shall be yours now. Unleash this skill to devour your enemy and acquire their skills.] … Su Wan, a beautiful lord, had no doubt that she could easily become the most powerful lord in the universe. She felt her heart beating fast when she first saw her starter hero dazzle amidst the flashing summoning light. Unbeknownst to her, her nightmare was about to unfold. While other heroes devoted themselves to training day and night in order to level up, her hero goofed around and showed no effort to improve himself. While other heroes charged into the enemy’s base and valiantly killed off their foes, her hero hid in their base and slept soundly. ... As time passed, Su Wan slowly discovered that there was more to her hero than met the eye.

    Nefarian · Fantasy
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    My Trillion-Dollar Assets is Exposed by My Wife's Bragging!

    A woman with heavy makeup said, "My husband's net worth is over a hundred million, and all I need to do every day is go shopping for beauty treatments. I don't need to work at all!" Suri Drew said, "Hmph, my husband's liquid assets alone are a billion. Did I mention it?" A sexy lady said, "My husband is a master of judo and karate. I feel so safe with him!" Suri Drew said, "My husband can take down ten strong men with his bare hands. It's just a piece of cake." Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining one billion in funds. Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring top-notch combat skills. Wife's boasting all became a reality. Yigol Novak is a bit panicked as he said, "Honey, if you keep bragging, the entire blue star will be mine..."

    Rainbow Bubble Fish · Urban
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    Love Without Disappointment

    A meticulously planned conspiracy left An Ning’s reputation in tatters and her innocence gone. Four years later, she was entangled by a certain adorable child who insisted she marry his aloof father. Rumors had it that Jingchen, a man of high standing, was chaste and uninterested in women, yet his four-year-old son was clamoring for a mommy. One day, he led An Ning to his father. "Dad, I've taken a liking to this woman. Either you marry her, or I will. You decide," he said. With an expressionless face, Yu Jingchen said, "Since my son has gone to great lengths, how could I not marry her?" An Ning was dumbfounded. Could this father and son be any more presumptuous? They want to marry her, but does she not have the reason to refuse?

    Sexy Heiress · Urban
    Not enough ratings
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    Elegido por el Destino, Rechazado por el Alfa

    Trinidad, de dieciocho años, es diferente a cualquier otro hombre lobo en su manada. Para empezar, hubo circunstancias inusuales en torno a su nacimiento, y además, ella es el único miembro de la manada que nunca ha adoptado una forma de lobo. Así que ahora no encaja en ningún lado. No es completamente humana ni loba. Pensó que podría vivir su vida como quisiera cuando cumpliese dieciocho años. Ir a la universidad, hacer amigos, divertirse. Pero, ¿qué debe hacer cuando el peligrosamente sexy Alfa cae literalmente en su regazo? —No soy humana ni loba. No pertenezco a ningún lugar... —...ambos sabemos que nadie se emparejará conmigo, y aunque lo hicieran, me rechazarían de todos modos. —¿Qué hará el sexy y hosco Alfa? Los mayores lo obligan a realizar ridículas fiestas para buscar una pareja. No quiere una compañera, pero sabe que necesita una para completar el Círculo Alfa. Sin una compañera, una Luna para la manada, su gente sufriría. ¿Y qué va a hacer cuando se encuentre con la chica con la que el destino tiene ex esposa del Presidente Embarazada, Ex Esposa para él y descubra que no tiene lobo? —¡Esto no puede ser! —rugí—. No hay forma de que pueda emparejarme con una chica que ni siquiera tiene un lobo. Será demasiado débil. Será inferior. No será lo suficientemente fuerte para ser una Luna. —Simplemente no podía aceptarla como mi compañera. No completamente. No era seguro para ella. Se pondría en peligro. Y arrastraría a mi manada con ella. —Cuando estos dos se encuentren, seguro que saltarán chispas. ¿Pero serán de pasión, o de sus constantes luchas? Ninguno quería una pareja. Ninguno quiere la compañera que el destino eligió para ellos. Y ninguno puede hacer desaparecer ese vínculo de pareja. ¿Qué van a hacer ahora que están literalmente atrapados el uno con el otro?

    Deni_Chance · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Salaciously Sexy

    Hot and raunchy. Wild and wicked. Down and dirty. Salaciously sexy.<br><br>From the erotic mind of Eva Hore come 21 short stories about women who love other women and aren’t afraid to show it. There’s something in this collection for everyone, from wives to girlfriends, bosses to coworkers, old friends and new ones and everyone in between.

    Eva Hore · Urban
    Not enough ratings
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    Housemates: The Good, Bad and Sexy

    What happens when people live together? James and Mira have been friends since they were kids, so maybe they could live without killing each other, but what about Rachel and Noah? Having to live with her brother and his good-looking narcissistic best friend, Rachel wanted nothing more than to get rid of him. It was either he got rid of her or she got rid of him. There were no other options left for Rachel. But what if there were other options? ~~~ Mia has her life all figured out. She was able to rise to the top on her own. All she wanted was for her boyfriend to return so they could have their happily ever after, but what happens when a baby shows up from nowhere? ~~~ Chloe is the typical example of a cold CEO. She was always business-oriented and kept a straight face. A lot of men wanted her. But everyone knew she only had eyes for one boy.  How the very innocent Jeremy manage to steal her heart, no one knew.  They will all face problems. Will they overcome it? Add this book to your library. I assure you, you'll enjoy their individual stories.  The Good The Bad and the SEXY

    ThatAmazingGirl · Urban
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    Breaking His Walls [BL omegaverse]

    Exposing his abuser through a controversial book was the best thing that happened to Yoo Haneul’s childhood. But growing up being pestered by the public turned everything against him, and now, the young author becomes the cold-hearted, indifferent omega who uses alphas to escape his reality. But then he was rejected by the soft, over-thinking alpha – Jung Sangcheol. And a few bad encounters and a night of drinking later, the strong walls he built start to crack. How will the nonchalant alpha break the remaining walls complete? And will the detached omega finally let someone in? --- An original campus omegaverse AU, with none of the heavy alpha-dominating-omega storyline. [Warning] An angsty omegaverse with sensitive content. Not for the easily triggered. Proceed with caution! Also, contains Mature Contents later in the story. It’s a slow-burn, sexy time comes later ;)

    Tiffany_JC · LGBT+
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    Sexy Woman

    Tolong bijaksana dalam membaca cerita ini. Kalau tidak suka genre adult/mature/dewasa, lebih baik di-skip saja. Leony Baswari adalah seorang wanita yang bekerja sebagai pekerja seks komersial. Itu semua ia lakukan karena harus menyambung hidup, merasa putus asa dan telah kehilangan semua harta dalam hidupnya. Rumahnya terbakar, kedua orang tuanya juga telah tiada karena musibah kebakaran itu. Maka dari itu, Leony harus pintar-pintar untuk memenuhi hidupnya. Ia pun ikut seorang muncikari untuk bekerja. Apakah Leony berhasil ke luar dari dunia lembah hitam ini? Apakah dirinya juga berusaha bertobat atas semua yang ia lakukan? Ig: anggun_marimar1997

    AnggunMarimar1997 · Urban
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    Top Sexy Girl Group

    Lee Sian, the strongest person under the heavens in old china, was reborn as a very overweight woman. Now, behold as you watch the change that is about to occur!

    독거미sp · Urban
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    Sexy Teacher's Student Mate

    “Sir, the new student got into trouble in class ! They asked you to come !” I pulled a long face while my Lycan gritted out in my mind. “That’s our mate, punk !” * * * * * * * * Ever had the shock of your life that the man you hate the most on the first day of college is your foxy hot, male professor and surprise, surprise, surprise- your roommate too ?! Add to it that he does NOT belong to the human world ! Amidst bitter pasts and complicated relationships is the added fear of the Dark Overlord who is hell bent on destroying the entire supernatural world as well as the human world. Will the roommates get their act together and finally be one with one another ? Will human laws allow the student-teacher relationship to bloom into a satisfying romance ? Will the last surviving Lycan in the human world be able to avenge the death of its pure blood Lycan pack ? And finally will the Lycan race survive at all?

    Pixie Kain · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
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    My sexy greek god matchmaker

    I look up and see Daniel idiot Collins smirking down at me. “ you just purposely stepped into my way didn't you? ” I ask him glaring pointedly at him. “ uh huh ” he replies smiling that stupid smile of his that sometimes makes certain girls swoon. Even if I have to admit that his green eyes shining brightly as he smiles is cute, I have no plans of swooning. I intensify my glare and sigh, then step back. “ I simply do not have time to play your childish games with you Danny. So run along. ” I flip my hair and try pushing him out of the way but he grabs my hands and pulls me closer to him. I can't help but shiver when I feel his breathe caress my cheek as he leans in to whisper to me. “ don't you want me to pass on your kisses to Jonas? ” I push away from him as he laughs in that loud boisterous way that always attracts attention. I turn red both from what he said and the people staring at us with curiosity. I flee from him wanting to escape the scene when a thought registers in my mind. What if Daniel is the matchmaker I need? Veronica Saunders, brainy, beautiful, bold and rash. After a difficult childhood with a disinterested father and dead mother, she longs for someone to love her to fill in those missing gaps. And she's decided that the handsome playboy/school sweetheart Jonas Hendricks is the man for her. What happens when she has to go through her arch nemesis and the one guy who just won't bow down to her demands? But most importantly what if Daniel collins is more than the matchmaker she needs? #hot steamy romance on the way please note that the cover does not belong to me. *** Please support this author and check out my other books * Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies ( it's a fantasy romance which I'm using to compete in spirity awards 2021 ) please help me with your support *Twisted Secrets Comedy, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, t

    Myst3ryqueentory · Teen
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    Sexy SEALs

    I graduated from college with no job lined up nor prospects. We had to go into quarantine. The cases were rising once again with the new variant, and the vaccines were not helping at all. Could it get any worse? It did. Two hot, sexy SEALs turned up at my door. Two of them I'd been writing to for the last few months, and the other one...let's just say that he turned up for the ride. What ride? Me. Adonis loves to make me wet. David wants to strip me and put me into submission. Chaz sets my insides on fire every time he opens his dirty mouth. This was too much to handle. I didn't expect to see Adonis or Chaz, and now I have all three of them banging on my door asking me to choose. Why choose one...when I could have all three? Author's Note: Includes spanking and intense sexual scenes, 18+ age suggested. Sexy SEALs is created by Sarwah Creed, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

    Sarwah Creed · General
    Not enough ratings
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    Super Sexy Casanova

    {Tahap Revisi} WARNING! Mature content 19+ Sebuah papan kecil terpasang di bawah string lampu gantung yang sedikit redup cahaya kuningnya. Tertulis satu kalimat jelas yang menjadi identitas utama tempat yang hanya buka setelah senja memutuskan untuk purna dalam tugasnya. Di tempat ini, ada satu penawaran bagus yang menarik segelintir orang penyuka dunia malam. Gedung bertingkat yang didesain apik nan megah di salah satu sisi kota metropolitan ini menawarkan sebuah 'permainan' yang amat menyenangkan. Menguras tenaga, pikiran, dan jiwa juga uang tentunya. "Hanya dengan membayar beberapa lembar uang ratusan ribu, kau bisa minum sesukamu dan mendapatkan seks semaumu." Wow! Tawaran yang fantastis bukan? Tentu. Mungkin untuk, Anda—si orang awam tak suka dunia malam— akan terperangah mendengarnya. Namun, tidak untuk mereka si penyuka dunia malam. Sebab hanya di sinilah, para casanova tampan berkumpul bersama gadis-gadis cantik dan 'bermain' dalam satu 'permainan' yang menyenangkan. Mereka disebut sebagai Super Sexy Casanova.

    Lefkiilavanta · Fantasy
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    Reincarnation Sim Game

    This game has two choices: become a reincarnated hero in another world or receive a duty as a god who guides such people. A man chooses the latter and becomes Raymund, the god of hope. He was tasked to send heroes to grant people's prayers in the mortal world. After his heroes complete various missions, Raymund can choose a new one from the afterlife. That means he can make a harem of badass women! A gorgeous formidable warrior? A cute loli wizard? A sexy ninja, maybe? Or perhaps a lovely woman with a unique job class? The possibilities are endless. However, getting his heroines to complete missions is no easy feat. Raymund still had to think hard and make the right decisions. So, will Raymund and his women be able to answer those prayers?

    Gaasuja · Games
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    A Beautiful Luna After Rejection

    Cecily was a scrawny girl with no friends. However, like all other girls, she yearned for true love. She always had a crush on Robert, Alpha's son in their Pack. However, on her eighteenth birthday, she found out that Robert was her Mate! Before she could hug him in excitement, Robert had already flung her hand away like a piece of trash. "You will not become my Mate. Pretend that nothing happened today. Leave and watch your mouth. Do not say anything that you should not say!" Robert publicly ogled at the sexy, beautiful blonde Alison at their high school graduation. The graduation trip changed Cecily, making her stronger, more confident, more vibrant, and more beautiful and sexy. Furthermore, Robert, who met her on his college campus again, began to pursue her. "You should be my Luna. We will live together from now on. We will have lots of kids. They will be healthy and smart." Robert's eyes were filled with lust. Robert's pestering made Cecily feel disgusted and nauseated! As Cecily could not protect herself from Robert due to the difference in strength, Michael appeared. "Your actions make you unworthy as an Alpha." Michael looked at Robert with disdain. During Robert's inauguration as Alpha, Cecily could no longer tolerate his pestering. "I, Cecily Levin, reject Robert Paslo as my mate." When Robert was furious and in pain, wanting to hurt Cecily, Michael appeared again! "Cecily was the Mate arranged by the Moon Goddess for me." Michael looked at Cecily gently. "Whoever dares to touch her is disrespecting the royal family."

    Zhao Chaochao · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Pleasuring The Maid

    Let us touch you Ava, let us show you how good we can make you feel princess." It was Ray who spoke. His deep yet erotic voice sending shivers down my spine. "Goddess damn Ava, I want to feel your skin." Bray rasped, already tugging off sweats from my legs. "The Tee goes off too angel." Ray helped me off my Tee, throwing it somewhere on the floor, I couldn't care less. "So full and round, fucking sexy Ava."Ray unclasped my bra, wanting to access my boobs more. ****** Ava is living a life that is all a lie with no idea whatsoever. She ends up wanting two brothers who also realise that their life isn't all they've known. A damn lie.

    Hawtsaus · Teen
    Not enough ratings
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    The Sexy Futa Player

    A man dies and for some mysterious reason is given three wishes. The man, a pervert and even degenerate (just a little), asked to be sent to a world full of sex and lust, just for pure fun, unfortunately he was not very specific and ended up going to a world much bigger than he could imagine. His other wish was the System he read in one of the many stories he read, the System of [The Gamer], which due to various reasons, perhaps due to laziness of the person who created it, the System is not 100% identical. But this didn't affect our protagonist much, who had the opportunity to create his own appearance and decided for nothing less than a hot Futanari with a big dick! ====== If you are interested in chatting with me, please join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/4CdW8ygQQX If you are interested in additional chapters and would like to support me, please support me: https://www.pa-tre-on.com/Ero_Hacker (I don't have the rights to the image, if the creator sees it and wants me to take it down, contact me and I will.)

    Ero_Hacker · Fantasy
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    Reincarnated as the Son of Conglomerate

    A man who nearly destroyed the world is reborn as the son of a wealthy family. Klaus Mors, a man who had reached the peak of ultimate power, was punished by God. His soul was banished to a modern world. However, that world was also on the verge of destruction. Portals from other dimensions appeared, releasing monsters that ravaged cities and preyed on humans. Of course, Klaus had to take action if he didn't want his new world to be destroyed. [Fire element affinity: Extremely strong!] [Water element affinity: Extremely strong!] [Thunder element affinity: Extremely strong!] [Earth element affinity: Extremely strong!] [Battle power exceeds 1,000,000!] [You got a sexy girlfriend!] While protecting his new life, Klaus had to compete for power in his family, establish a company, continue his bloodline, and create a guild that defended the country. *Set in the USA, but I'm not a native, so the dialog is bit off. *The story takes place in the real world, but most of it is fiction.

    mozziexxxx · Fantasy
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    21+ Jangan dekat dengan pengawal Kamu. Itu peraturan yang harus dituruti. Maykel Haris adalah memiliki watak yang keras seperti Kapal yang tidak bisa dikendalikan. Keras kepala, ulet, dan sepenuhnya bertanggung jawab, miliarder alfin berusia dua puluh dua tahun dapat menangani kehidupannya yang tidak biasa. Jika menjelang makan siang, bisa saja berubah menjadi beberapa gerombolan penggemar yang berteriak tak henti-henti. Dengan wajahnya ada di seluruh internet. Terlahir dari salah satu keluarga paling terkenal di negeri ini, status selebritasnya dimulai sejak lahir. Ketika dia ditugaskan sebagai pengawal yang baru, dia berhadapan langsung dengan skenario terburuk, yang bertato, yang dikenal "menjadi nakal" di tim keamanan dan siapa yang mengisi dari fantasi seksual Maykel. Fero Kristian yang berusia dua puluh tujuh tahun memiliki satu pekerjaan, melindungi Maykel Haris. Menggoda, berkencan, dan seks panas, jauh dari batas tugas pengawalnya dan masuk ke wilayah pemutusan. Tetapi ketika perasaan muncul, melindungi selebriti yang seksi dan keras kepala menjadi semakin rumit. Bersama-sama, berusaha kabur, dan terekspos bisa saja berarti konsekuensi bencana bagi mereka berdua.

    Seven_Wan · LGBT+